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Your plan will be tailored to fit your personal goals and health history. We take the time to learn about you, your lifestyle, your preferences, and your metabolism to create a healthy weight loss plan for lasting results.

Plan Features

We create a personalized nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching program designed to help members lose weight – and keep it off! We team you up
with your own health coach who has the skills that best match your needs.

Nutritious, Delicious Food
Delicious Profile Foods
Our meal plans include shakes, bars, chips, and other Profile foods. We offer a variety of options to ensure you’ll get the nutrition you need through meals you enjoy eating.
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Precise DNA** Test
Profile Precise DNA Kit
With a quick, simple DNA* swab, we can test how your body metabolizes carbs. With this information, we are able to create an evidence-based weight loss plan built just for you.
Member Journey
Profile Member Journey
Your coach will provide a path of planned, meaningful education to help you learn, grow, and stay engaged on your weight loss journey.
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1-on-1 Coaching
1-on-1 Coaching
We see more success with Profile members who take advantage of our one-on-one coaching. Work with a coach in-person or virtually to learn, be challenged, and held accountable on your journey. They’ll be there to support you every step of the way!
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Personalized Nutrition Plan
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We want your plan to fit your lifestyle, health, and wellness goals. We learn about you at your first consultation to select the plan best for you and tailor it to your needs. All of our personalized plans are rooted in science. Our quick quiz can match you with a nutrition plan in seconds.
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