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About Profile

Profile is a weight loss program that was developed in 2011 by top medical experts at Sanford Health with the goal of creating a simple and sustainable way to lose weight.

The first Profile store opened in 2012. Since then we have helped over 195,000+members successfully lose 3+ million pounds.

Our services are available in-person at any of our Profile locations or virtually to all individuals who live in the United States.

Key Program Features:


Health Coaching Leads to 3X More Weight Loss

One of the cornerstones to losing weight successfully is having accountability and guidance. Profile's certified coaches work with Profile members weekly to track their progress, provide education and modify their meal plans for maximum success. 

It's proven that working with a health coach leads to 3x more weight loss. We're so confident that you will loss weight with Profile that we'll give you a free year of Profile if you do not lose at least 15% of your bodyweight in your first year.*

Personalized Weight Loss Plans

The minds behind Profile understand there is not a one-size-fits-all diet. Certain medical conditions and different stages in life have specific nutritional needs for safe weight loss. That is why they created various meal plans that can be tailored to fit an individual's dietary needs. Profile has plans for those with diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, and kidney disease. We also have custom meal plans for men and women, such as our plan for expectant and breastfeeding mamas.

Providing the Best in Health Coaching

Studies have shown that you can lose 3x more weight working with a health coach*. And that is why we strive to provide first-class health coaching to all members. Our coaches are there to motivate and support, but, most importantly, they're there to education on healthy habits for long-term weight loss success. All of our coaches must receive and maintain Profile health coach certification to stay up to date on the latest dietary research, health trends, and protocols for sustainable weight loss.

Profile Offers a Variety of Nutritious and Delicious Options

We've created dozens of nutritious meal replacements and ready-made meal options that members use throughout their Profile journeys. This makes losing weight convenient and tasty. Our single-pack shakes and bars have custom formulas that are delicious and help members achieve their goals.
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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Here is what Profile stands for and what motivates us to make healthy lifestyle change possible. 

To transform lives, one relationship at a time. 

To be the premier choice for healthy living. 

People – We value our team, our members, and the authentic relationships we develop.
Passion – Our passion drives us. We live for optimism, enthusiasm, and a desire to continually improve ourselves and empower those around us. 
Lifestyle – We strive for wellness and embrace those who are pursuing, attaining, and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Our Members Love Profile

We have helped over 190,000+ members lose more than 3 million pounds and get started living a healthy lifestyle!


It’s totally worth it. I can’t imagine having done it without Profile. It was so amazing to know what to eat to grow a healthy baby and gain weight in a healthy way so I could lose it in a healthy way.

Carole James
Premium Plan

I can go up and down stairs easier. My shirts fit. I’ve learned to be prepared for what I’m going to eat every day. I’ve learned how to adapt and eat healthy during things like Covid and holidays.

Che Wilkinson
Premium Plan
Che Wilkinson

I got out that six, and they slid on. You always keep smaller sizes and think you’ll get back into them. Putting on those pants and zipping them up was the best feeling ever.

Lauren Monroe
Premium Plan
Braden and Laura

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