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Journey Rewards

Learn how easy it is to earn rewards with Profile’s referral and loyalty program.

Start Earning Rewards

Journey Rewards is Profile’s referral and loyalty program for our members. Rewards can be earned on in-store purchases and for referring family or friends. Earn your rewards while supporting your weight loss.

How to Earn Rewards

Refer a Friend
Friends enjoying being on Profile by Sanford.
When you invite a friend or family member to join Profile, you'll get $25 and they'll get $25 off the Success Kit!*.
Buy in-store
Buy in-store
Every time you buy product at a Profile store, you will earn 1.5% back to use on your future purchases.
Become a Profile member
Become a Profile member
Start earning rewards as soon as you become a Profile member. In fact, we’ll automatically enroll you in our Journey Rewards program as soon as you join.

Journey Rewards FAQs

Q. What rewards do I earn per purchase?

A. You will earn 1.5 cash back on all in-store purchases

Q. What can the rewards I earn be used on?

A. Once you earn rewards, they can be redeemed on all non-discounted items.

Q. Can I still redeem my rewards if I am no longer a member?

A. No. All rewards earned must be redeemed when your Profile membership is active.

Q. Can I use my rewards towards the purchase of a membership?

A. No. Rewards can’t be redeemed on memberships.

Q. Can I use my rewards for part of my food bundle?

A. No. Rewards can’t be redeemed on food bundles or other discounted food items.

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