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How We Started and Built Our Weight Loss Plans

Profile is a weight loss and nutrition program that was developed in 2011 by top medical experts at Sanford Health, one of the world's largest healthcare providers.

The team designed Profile to make weight loss simple and sustainable by pairing a science-backed approach to weight loss with one-on-one health coaching. 

After the program was developed, the first Profile store was opened in 2012. Since then we have helped over 195,000+ members successfully lose 3+ million pounds.

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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Here is what Profile stands for and what motivates us to make healthy lifestyle change possible. 

To transform lives, one relationship at a time. 

To be the premier choice for healthy living. 

People – We value our team, our members, and the authentic relationships we develop.
Passion – Our passion drives us. We live for optimism, enthusiasm, and a desire to continually improve ourselves and empower those around us. 
Lifestyle – We strive for wellness and embrace those who are pursuing, attaining, and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Our Promise: You'll Lose 15% or More

We promise you will lose 15% of your body weight, or more, in the first year, guaranteed! Subject to our terms and conditions.* Join Profile members across all 50 states who are transforming their lives with this one-of-a-kind promise.

The Profile Difference

Profile was designed to be different and make an impact. Here's what sets us apart. 

Custom Plans
Coach Certification

Developed by Professional Doctors and Researchers

The medical experts at Sanford Health developed Profile because they saw a need for their patients to have access to a weight loss program rooted in science and research. In their research, they found that people lose 3X more weight working with a health coach. So, they created a 1-on-1 coaching model. Today, Profile coaches act as an extension of the doctor’s office, keeping in contact with members’ doctors to ensure they’re following a meal plan best suited for their health and goals.
precise kit

Condition-specific Weight Loss

The minds behind Profile understand there is not a one-size-fits-all diet. Certain medical conditions and different stages in life have specific nutritional needs for safe weight loss. That is why they created various meal plans that can be tailored to fit an individual's dietary needs. Profile has plans for those with diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, and kidney disease. We also have custom meal plans for men and women, such as our plan for expectant and breastfeeding mamas.

Providing the Best in Health Coaching

Studies have shown that you can lose 3x more weight working with a health coach*. And that is why we strive to provide first-class health coaching to all members. Our coaches are there to motivate and support, but, most importantly, they're there to education on healthy habits for long-term weight loss success. All of our coaches must receive and maintain Profile health coach certification to stay up to date on the latest dietary research, health trends, and protocols for sustainable weight loss.

Our Program & Food 

Here is a closer look at our program and food and how they help support successful, sustainable weight loss. 

A Day of Meals & Activity Following Reboot

Curious what a day following our most popular plan looks like?

Member Julie shared her typical day of meals and activity look like following Reboot. It's a low-carb, keto-based meal plan designed for weight loss.

“I like 99% of the Profile foods I have tried. And I’ve tried new vegetables I never thought I would."

Read the story to see more about what she said. 

Our Protein-Packed Foods

We understand that for weight loss success a person needs to enjoy what they're eating. That is why we have put so much effort into creating a diverse line of protein-packed bars, shakes, entrees, snacks, and more that are delicious.

We are proud to say that our members love our food and rave about the taste! From pizza crusts to ice cream, we continue to find ways to make our food options exciting for our members.

Here is a closer look at our program and food and how they help support successful, sustainable weight loss. 

Get a Closer Look At Our Plans & ow Profile can help you lose weight. 

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