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Getting Started

Profile by Sanford is a doctor-developed science-based nutrition program. Profile uses one-on-one health coaching and a personalized nutrition, activity and lifestyle plan to make weight loss simple, effective and long-lasting.

Profile is for people with a variety of different ages, backgrounds and health statuses. This ranges from teens to older adults, men and women, and we even have a special program for pregnant/breastfeeding moms! We work with individuals who are looking to get more active, want to lose a few pounds or want to make a larger lifestyle change.

Each Profile by Sanford member is paired with a health coach that works with them to put a custom nutrition plan together based on their goals and wants. Members attend weekly appointments where they work through Journey Mapping modules that help support sustainable lifestyle change. During coaching sessions members can discuss their progress, adjust their plan and get advice. Our phased approach to weight loss teaches members how to sustain their new lifestyle and adapt to eating more grocery foods.

We will start you off with a free one-hour appointment to find out your specific goals. We have either a monthly option or an annual option to get you started. As long as you are ready to make a lifestyle change, we have a plan for you!

The most effective comprehensive behavioral weight management programs target weight loss and behavior change by simplifying the early stage of nutrition to allow coaches and members to learn, develop, and reinforce skills and behaviors. To do this, our program uses a combination of nutritious grocery store foods complemented with Profile foods to provide a nutritionally complete meal plan. As you progress towards your goals, more grocery foods are built into your plan as Profile foods are removed.


At Profile, we measure success on and off the scale. You and your coach can focus on a variety of results from health to energy, or other “non-scale victories” or use weight as a way to monitor progress. When it comes to weight loss, typically our members will see approx. 1-2 lbs a week depending on their goals.

Our members start to see results right away! Our members will lose approximately 1-2 pounds a week depending on their goals.

At Profile by Sanford, your role is to stay positive and believe you can do this! Work with your coach to hold yourself accountable to your personal goals and give the program your best effort. We know there can be tough times. You and your coach will work together to learn from and overcome challenges through meeting weekly to stay on track.

Education, skill-building, reinforcement and behavior change are integral components of effective weight management programs. At Profile, we provide tools to help you not only lose the weight but to maintain the weight loss. There are a variety of different benefits our members see that happen off the scale, such as increased energy, confidence, mood improvements, and mental clarity. We celebrate these successes along your journey.

We have thousands of members that have seen success on Profile by Sanford and reached their goals to live a healthier lifestyle (with 2.5 million+ pounds lost to-date!). Studies have shown that using a health coach to lose weight results leads to 3x more weight loss/success than non-coaching programs and methods.* Members, on average, lose 1-2 pounds per week when following a Profile by Sanford nutrition plan.


Yes! We have a program called “Profile at Home” that personalizes a plan to you, no matter where you are. You will meet with a coach and have weekly conversations via video or over the phone. Your coach will also ship you the Profile foods you need for the weeks ahead. Profile foods are also available for purchase online. Food and coaching services are only available in the United States of America.

You and your coach will partner together to focus on knowledge, skills, and behaviors to help you be successful in the long-term. To start off, you will meet with a coach weekly where you will focus on your personalized nutrition plan, activity to fit your lifestyle, and education to support you along your journey. Your coach is your guide! You also have the option to try out different coaches and stick with the one that best fits or continue to meet with a variety of coaches! These coaching appointments are important as you navigate challenges and reinforce new skills. Each appointment will focus on your progress, needs, and challenges, and include an education topic along with goal setting for the week.

You’ll meet with a certified health coach weekly to help guide you and help you reach your goals. You and your coach can build an appointment schedule for days and times that fits your needs and lifestyle. Appointments are available on weekends and weeknights at most locations.

Profile Plans

Our nutrition plan combines nutritious grocery food with Profile meals to provide you a nutritionally complete meal plan. We’d love to meet with you for a complimentary consultation to see how we can help personalize a meal plan to help you reach your goals. Over time, you and your coach will add more grocery foods into your meal plan as your transition through our program phases.

Some of our nutrition plans are similar to “keto” but safer and our program includes coaching along the way. Most members start on a low-carb, low-fat, lean-protein nutrition plan that helps achieve ketosis. But keto can be taken to unsafe extremes, so your coach will tailor your plan based on your goals and current health and medical conditions to make sure it’s both safe and effective.

Profile by Sanford uses a low-carb, low-fat, lean-protein nutrition plan that includes eating about 6 times a day.

Profile by Sanford is a doctor-developed, science-based program. We utilize one-on-one coaching and a personalized nutrition, activity and lifestyle plan to make weight loss simple, effective and long-lasting.


Our membership and cost vary by location and your specific goals. We’d love to meet with you for a complimentary consultation to better understand your goals and determine if Profile can help you.

Before joining Profile, we first make sure it will be a good fit for you. Memberships are generally non-refundable.

We have partnerships with different insurance companies that help reduce or cover the cost of the membership. Give your local store a call or your plan administrator to check your eligibility.

If you have a FSA or HSA, you may be able to cover the cost of your membership using those designated funds. Contact your plan administrator to learn more.

You may be eligible to use your Flex Spending Account or Health Savings Account (FSA or HSA) for your Profile membership/coaching plan. Check with your insurance provider for details on if you qualify or check out our FSA/HSA info page.

You can give us a call, stop in or fill out a form! We’d love to meet with you for a complimentary consultation. You’ll learn about Profile and, likewise, we’ll learn about you and your goals to see how we can help you.

Profile for Moms

You sure can! We have a program created by doctors and dietitians designed for women at all stages of pregnancy (from preparing for pregnancy to after pregnancy) to optimize nutrition, focus on healthy weight targets, guide safe physical activity, and manage lifestyle factors.

Many OB/GYNs recommend that women preparing for pregnancy supplement their diet with a prenatal vitamin at least 3 months prior to becoming pregnant. When used as part of your Profile nutrition plan, two Nurture shakes per day offer the right amounts of vitamins, minerals, folic acid, and DHA that is needed to support fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

Profile Nurture Shakes were created by Sanford Health OB/GYNs and Profile Registered Dietitians to support women’s nutritional needs before, during and after pregnancy. Along with the guidance of a Certified Profile Coach, the Nurture shakes can be incorporated into Profile nutrition plans for women with goals of weight loss before or after pregnancy. During pregnancy, they will be utilized to help fuel your body to guide weight gain according to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology guidelines and your OB/GYN’s recommendations.

Profile Nurture Prenatal Shakes help optimize nutrition for you and baby and are designed for women at all stages of pregnancy – including women preparing for pregnancy, expecting moms and nursing moms! Two Profile Nurture Shakes, along with your Profile meal plan, can support milk supply and provide your daily post-natal vitamin and mineral needs.

When consuming two servings of Profile Nurture Shakes per day, you may not need additional prenatal supplementation. Questions on supplements should be directed to your physician or OB/GYN.

General Health Questions

At Profile we aim to help members create life-long healthy habits and cultivate a health relationship with food. Intermittent fasting is an emerging trend that you may have wondered about. First, what is Intermittent fasting (IF)? IF is a format of cycling between caloric intake and time periods of abstaining from food and beverage consumption or periods of significant caloric reduction. Advocates for this trend in eating tout its efficacy in improving body composition and general health. However, scientific evidence for the health benefits of IF in humans is often extrapolated from animal studies, based on observational data on religious fasting, or derived from experimental studies with small sample sizes.

Get the whole family involved- have a dance party, do a scavenger hunt that has you running around the house trying to find things. Add things to help you be active into your routine, like a morning walk, or an evening walk with the kids before bedtime.

Set a timer and have a race- who can pick up the most toys in 10 minutes, or who can clean their room the fastest!  Make those every day activities fun!

Medical Conditions

We’d love to meet with you for a free one-hour appointment so we can learn all about your specific medications and medical and lifestyle history to find out if Profile is a good fit.

We’d love to meet with you for a free one-hour appointment so we can learn all about your medical and lifestyle history to find out if Profile is a good fit.

At Profile, we have a team of Sanford Health physicians and researchers that support our program development and oversight. Dr. Allison Suttle is the chief medical officer for Sanford Health and acts in that same role for Profile. Our Profile program development team also includes several individuals with backgrounds in nutrition, behavioral health, weight management, health promotion, and research that work daily to support Profile coaches and members.

Let's Get Started!

Interested in joining Profile? We’d love to meet with you! Schedule your free, no obligation health consultation. We’ll match you with a nutrition plan, introduce you to one of our coaches, and help you determine if Profile is a good fit for you.