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Harness The Power Of GLp-1: Coaching, Community, And Weight Loss For Success!

Pair weight loss medication with best-in-class personalized health coaching for lasting outcomes!


Personalized Weight Loss Support

Schedule a free health consultation to discover how our personalized behavior modification program and expert weight loss coaching can support you in achieving and sustaining your goals.

A Complementary Approach to Weight Loss

Lifestyle changes are key in obesity care, but they may not be sufficient for long-term benefits. Weight loss medications, like GLP-1 receptor agonists, have emerged as revolutionary pharmaceutical tools for weight loss, yet they aren't a standalone solution for lasting change.

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At Profile, we recognize that pairing weight loss medication with a behavior modification program and personalized experience will not only enhance your results, but you’re much more likely to maintain them. If you are currently taking weight loss medication or have been interested in starting, we are here to help!

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A Long-Term Sustainable Weight loss Program

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Over the past year, my doctor incorporated Wegovy into my journey. I am grateful that I used the Profile program to start my weight loss, because this has taught me how to eat and not to use a weight loss drug as a crutch, but rather as a tool to help to push past plateaus and to keep me motivated. The Profile program and the added benefit of a weight loss drug has been a winning combination for me. I am lucky that I have had no significant side effects from either part of my plan, Profile, or Wegovy, and with regular check-ins weekly with my Profile coach and monthly with my doctor I feel like I am approaching weight loss safely and effectively.


Profile Plan & GLP-1RA Medication Use

Discover how Profile supports weight loss with GLP-1RA medication. Learn about it's effectiveness, side effects, personalized nutrition plans for sustainable results and more.

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How Profile Works

Our custom-designed set of plans provides those taking weight loss medications with a simple, satisfying, and more sustainable approach to weight loss and improved overall health. We will meet your unique needs while empowering and supporting you in reaching and maintaining your goals. 

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Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Profile is committed to personalized, science-based weight loss solutions to create sustainable outcomes. We are here to arm and support you with the tools you need to live out your best life.

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Asked Questions

Lifestyle modifications like healthy eating and physical activity are foundational in obesity management. However, for some individuals, these lifestyle modifications are not enough to achieve long-term health benefits, and an anti-obesity medication is needed. Anti-obesity medications, or weight loss medications, specifically a class of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists have emerged as FDA-approved pharmaceutical tools for weight loss.

GLP-1 stands for glucagon-like peptide-1, which is a hormone produced in our gut. It is secreted by the intestinal cells in response to meals, and then travels in the blood and enters the brain. It exerts its main effects by releasing insulin, slowing gastric emptying, increasing feelings of fullness, and reducing appetite.

Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonists (GLP-1RAs) are a type of medication originally developed to treat type 2 diabetes but are now being used for the treatment of obesity. In obesity care, GLP-1RAs work by reducing appetite and feelings of hunger, slowing the release of food from the stomach, and increasing the feelings of fullness after eating.

The weight loss results for GLP-1RAs can vary depending on the individual, their response to side effects, and other factors such as diet and exercise. However, clinical studies have shown that these medications can lead to significant weight loss in many people, ranging from 5-15% weight loss.

The most common side effects associated with GLP-1RAs are gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea) which are usually mild and occur in the first few weeks of treatment.

Similar to hypertension, long-term treatment with this medication is necessary to maintain weight loss outcomes, although the long-term effects of GLP-1RAs are not yet available.

GLP-1RAs approved for weight loss may be prescribed to adults with obesity (BMI ≥30) or to some adults who are overweight (BMI ≥ 27) who also have weight-related medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure. We encourage you to talk with your primary care provider to discuss your eligibility and access to these medications.

No. Profile Plan does not prescribe medication nor provide treatment of medical conditions. All members are advised to discuss medication use with a primary care provider. Profile Plan believes it is vital that members maintain continual medical monitoring for the safety, efficacy, appropriateness, and tolerance of these medications as prescribed.

Profile Plan understands how critical it is to pair these medications with a comprehensive behavioral modification program along with a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity. By pairing GLP-1RA use in conjunction with the Profile program, people looking to lose weight can enhance outcomes, work toward achieving long-term weight management, and improve overall health.

Yes! Consuming a diet rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals complements and benefits those taking these medications while on a reduced-calorie diet. Profile Plan offers a custom-designed set of plans that uniquely meet the needs of those who are taking anti-obesity medications.

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So I have to share my success and excitement. In 11 weeks I have lost 30 pounds. I FEEL GREAT!!!! I have so much more energy and am developing a healthy relationship with food. I have tried other things previously, but nothing worked like this program has!


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I have lost 100+ pounds on Profile! It works because their shakes and protein bars are the best tasting. The coaching encourages and teaches you how to have nutritionally balanced meals. I can’t say enough good things about this program and the coaches are the best.


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I lost consistently week after week with fabulous coaching!  The program is easy, simple to follow and is altered with progress.  I would recommend Profile highly to anyone! I feel like a different person than when I started! Actually, I finally feel like me! That says it all!!        


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Profile has definitely changed my life. I share my experience weekly with friends and family. The shakes and bars are awesome and the coach's have taught me so much and I continue to learn something new every time I meet with them. It has truly been an incredible experience.


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