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Lincoln, NE

Your Health Journey Starts Here

Profile is here to help you lose weight, obtain a healthy lifestyle and get the support you need to succeed. Our nutrition and health coaching program helps you lose 3x more weight* and builds a custom meal plan for you that helps maximize your weight loss.

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Lincoln, NE
7121 Pioneers Blvd, Lincoln, NE 68506

(402) 858-9356


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Why You'll Love Profile

Love What You Eat

Our meal plans use both meal replacement, ready-made meals and whole food options to help maximize your weight loss. We have dozens of meal replacement options including bars, shakes, entrees, snacks and more that our members love. Our Profile foods are available online or at any of our Profile stores. Our Healthy Living blog and Profile cookbooks have hundreds of delicious recipes that fit into your meal plan. 
Explore Food

Follow a Personalized Nutrition Plan

All of our meal plans were developed by medical experts, researchers and nutritionists to help you safely and sustainably lose weight. Each member is given a step-by-step nutrition plan that is simple to follow and designed to give you flexibility in your food options. During your first coaching meeting you will be matched with your custom Profile food plan. 
Have a medical condition? No worries! We offer weight loss plans that are compatible with diabetes, PCOS, hypertension, hypothyroidism, food allergies and more. 
Profile Ratings and Reviews For Lincoln, NE
Based on 36 reviews
The coaches and staff are all very nice and relatable. It’s never a stressful trip.
So far I have had great results with working with Lauren and Profile. The weight is falling off if you stick to the plan. If you are in question about it just try it for a month and see what happens. Yes it cost a bit of money but your body will thank you. Also knowing that money has been spent you will follow the plan harder.
Friendly staff
They are always willing to answer questions on my health and weight loss
Alison is the best coach ever !! I love the profiles by Sanford program I have lost 82.4 lbs since Aug 3rd 2019. I swear by this program!!
This has been such a positive experience. Excellent coaches and good food has created the perfect combo for success.
this plan works. Staff is very helpful and supportive
It wasn’t until I joined ProfilebySanfordHealth and work with the coaches, that I was able to jumpstart my weight loss program. I have worked out almost daily for years and my weight kept gradually creeping up. The Protein shakes and bars and simple dietary guidelines from the Coaches helped me easily lose over 20 lbs and get me back on track. Thank you ProfilebySanfordHealth.
Very compassionate place to go to. They really know their stuff. Great products. 10/10.
My coach was very easy to work with, she helped me achieve short term goal, and work on long-term goals. She was very friendly and helpful
I’ve experienced fantastic results on Profile and I can’t wait to see this lifestyle change unfold. My coach, Prissylla, has been exceptionally supportive and I look forward to connecting with her each week. Thank You!!!
Awesome people! Especially Levi! They care about their members and it shows!
Very helpful coaches and staff! Lost more weight in this last month then I have in years. Super excited to be with profile.
I have had great success with this program. The coaches are friendly and helpful, and the results are real.
Getting helpful tips from staff is very helpful. The program works and is easy to follow.
They are always very helpful and professional
They are so supportive and give great ideas on exercise and recipes. The food is tasty and helps curb my cravings for the bad stuff.
Really enjoy the product choices and the staff are very friendly and helpful 😊
I am loving profile everyone is so encouraging and supportive
Everyone here is great! I'm officially loosing the weight after my first baby and couldn't be happier!
The coaches are caring and helpful! I like the meal replacements. The coaches helped me get started on my weight loss plan with signs of success in my first week! This is the place to drive to...In the last 8 months I have gotten off half my blood pressure, learned about nutrition value notifications of food in stores, increased my water intake, exercised more and lost 53# all with do-able small changes supported by my coach. I am not finished, but have no doubt I will reach my goal AND keep it off! Thanks, Profile!!
I've been with Profile for almost a year and love it! I recently reached my goal and now I'm working on maintaining for the first time in my life! I recommend this program to anyone looking to build a better lifestyle!!
It's helping me start the new year off healthier and happier and the coaches are great at giving you different things to try to make this program a success!
The Lincoln Profile location has a bunch of great coaches with different styles that mean you can almost surely find someone with a style that gels with your needs.
Great coaches, great plan!!
The staff are so helpful and they truly love to help and see you hit your goals! This is the first program that has worked for me!
Great place!
Was tought alot about this program. And I lost 5lbs in one week.
Just getting started but the plan is easy to follow ànd the staff is knowledgeable.
I have had a GREAT experience with the Lincoln Profile by Sanford Center. Wonderful teachers, motivators and people. The hours they are open and available for meetings and questions are great, no matter what your lifestyle may be.
Pleasantly surprised how easy this plan is!
18lbs in 2 months! Always feel full and minimal cravings.
I went in being very skeptical. I didn't see the whole 4 shakes a day working for me. I was going to be starving all day, right? Wrong! In one month I've lost almost 30 pounds & I'm lighter than when I ran a 10K. They want you to ask questions & alleviate any concerns you may have. I couldn't be more pleased.
They take the time to ask you alot of questions, so you can be successful on this life changing experience. Also the coaches can relate to what you are going through, so make easier to share your struggles as well. The scall is awesome it tells you more than a a weight number, i like to wait to see my graft at my appointment. The shake are pleasing to taste palette. Don't get me wrong it tough to lose weight, but this place makes it easier to battle those indulgences. Also it not that expensive, it cheaper than buying fast food all the time and grocery on top of that. So give it a try, what to got to lose...
It's awesome .
They are awesome with helping me relearn nutrition and how to fuel my body! They are completely in sync with my goals, not just to lose weight but to understand the labels also. They work at my pace and I've never been happier!

Get Ongoing Support and Guidance

Did you know that you can lose 3x more weight by teaming up with a health coach than on your own?*
That's why when you join Profile you get the support of a certified health coach. Your coach will meet with you weekly to make sure you are reaching health goals and will support you through your lifestyle change. Along the way, you will also get support from other Profile members like you in our exclusive online member group. 

A Day in the Life

Enjoy a variety of Profile and grocery foods throughout your health journey. 

Oatmeal Icon Breakfast: Profile Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal
Coffee Icons Snack 1: Profile Mocha Shake + Coffee
Asian Bowl Icon Lunch: Ground Turkey Zesty Asian Bowl + Profile Lemony Iced Tea
Protein Bar Icon Snack 2: Profile Zesty Lemon Bar + Mixed Fruit Drink
Spaghetti Icon Dinner: Spaghetti Squash + Lean Protein
Pudding Icon Snack 3: Profile Chocolate Pudding

Why Our Members Love Profile:

The plan is easy to follow. Simplicity with my busy lifestyle is why Profile Plan works for me.
SON02200 (1)-1
It fits my lifestyle. With other things, I’d get 30 days in and be sick of it. There’s still freshness with this.
I really like how easy it was for me. The Plan is there.You don't have to think about it.
149 + LBS LOST


How To Get Started

1. Schedule a Free Consultation

Discuss your health and weight loss goals and determine if Profile is a good fit for you. 

2. Get a Personalized Meal Plan

Meet with a certified health coach to get matched with a custom meal plan and order your food. 

3. Start Losing Weight

You're all set! Your coach will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are reaching your goals.

We'd Love to Meet You!

Making the decision to pursue a lifestyle change can be difficult. That's why we offer you the change to get a free consultation with one of our enrollment specialists. During this time, we will help you determine if Profile is a good fit for you based on your specific needs, conditions and lifestyle.

Schedule your free consultation online now or fill out the form and we will contact you to find a time for your consultation.

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