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Get access to all of the tools and resources you need to get healthy from anywhere.

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Get a Custom Meal Plan

Meet with a certified health coach to get matched with a custom meal plan and order your food.

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Start Losing Weight

It’s as easy as that! Your health coach will be with you every step of the way to make sure your are staying on track and reaching both your on and off-scale goals!

Weight Loss with Profile at Home

Expert weight loss solutions, from the comfort of your home! Sign up for a FREE Consultation.


Plan Features

  • A custom nutrition plan based on your goals
  • Unlimited virtual 1-on-1 health coaching & support
  • Delicious food auto-shipped directly to your doorstep
  • Exclusive access to the Profile Member Group
  • Access to the Profile Journey App
  • Variety of educational lifestyle lessons
  • Sustainable weight loss guaranteed*

Members Who Have Found Success with Profile at Home



Lost 45 lbs

“It was so important to focus on those non-scale victories. I might not hit a certain goal, but then I focused on what I did accomplish. That’s what kept me going.”

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Lost 60 lbs

My shirts fit. I’ve learned to be prepared for what I’m going to eat every day. I’ve learned how to adapt and eat healthy during things like Covid and holidays.”

Success Looks
Like This:

Julie Whitsell


Lost 47 lbs and got off her blood pressure medication and CPAP machine.


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Adam and kids


Lost 110 lbs and gained a new, healthy lifestyle and time with his kids.


Read His Story
Member Jazmine


Lost 45 lbs and feels stronger and mentally tougher than ever before.


Read Her Story
Sarah Success Story Image


Lost 65 lbs, found more confidence in herself and improved her mental health.


Read Her Story

Still Have Questions?

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Worried about the
financial commitment?

Consider it an investment in yourself

Your health is priceless, and we’re here to help you make the most of it.


Struggling with a
busy schedule?

Options tailored for your schedule.

Profile Plan at Home offers extremely flexible options. We tailor to your schedule, making your wellness journey fit seamlessly into your life.

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Afraid of giving up?

Our certified health coaches provide the guidance, motivation, and accountability you need to stay on track, even when it gets tough.

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Feeling overwhelmed?

We work with you to make gradual, sustainable adjustments.

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So I have to share my success and excitement. In 11 weeks I have lost 30 pounds. I FEEL GREAT!!!! I have so much more energy and am developing a healthy relationship with food. I have tried other things previously, but nothing worked like this program has!


Profile Member

I have lost 100+ pounds on Profile! It works because their shakes and protein bars are the best tasting. The coaching encourages and teaches you how to have nutritionally balanced meals. I can’t say enough good things about this program and the coaches are the best.


Profile Member

I lost consistently week after week with fabulous coaching!  The program is easy, simple to follow and is altered with progress.  I would recommend Profile highly to anyone! I feel like a different person than when I started! Actually, I finally feel like me! That says it all!!        


Profile Member

Profile has definitely changed my life. I share my experience weekly with friends and family. The shakes and bars are awesome and the coach's have taught me so much and I continue to learn something new every time I meet with them. It has truly been an incredible experience.


Profile Member
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