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Curt and Deattia MacDonald

Curt & Deattia's Journey: Leaning On Each Other

Curt and Deattia MacDonalds’ path to a healthier life has been paved with the support of family. The couple, who reside in Celina, Texas, began their journey after their daughter and her husband started the Profile Plan and experienced amazing results. The family went on a weekend vacation and their daughter shared their story in hopes of convincing Curt and Deattia to join them in their journey. “It was an easy decision,” Curt said. “It’s really been a family journey. We wouldn’t have done it without them.”

A Healthy Change

Curt and Deattia knew they needed to make a change when they started to look at their health from a medical standpoint. The couple married in 2007, and they had both been overweight for their adult lives. “My goal was to get off my cholesterol and blood pressure medications and do something that would be good to live a long, healthy life,” Curt remarked. Deattia agreed, adding that they “wanted to be healthy and more active.”

Curt had a doctor’s appointment partway through his journey. Curt had lost over 50 pounds* since his last appointment and, needless to say, his doctor was pleasantly surprised. “He just stood there and stared at me and said, ‘Wow, what happened?’” Curt recalled. “There was shock on his face.” By the time they ran tests and Curt had shared his Profile journey with the doctor, he had been taken off his cholesterol and blood pressure medication.

Deattia, who has lost 32 pounds* or more than 16 percent of her body weight, saw a life changing improvement in her health when she went to her doctor and was told that the plaque in the carotid arteries in both sides of her neck was gone. “This was unexpected news,” she said. “The doctor said that doesn’t happen very often.”

A New Reality

In the beginning, overcoming cravings took self-control and a vision of the future. Curt and Deattia leaned on each other when times got tough. “There’s a lot of power in doing this together,” Deattia said. “We’re there to support each other. When we were having cravings, we would sit and talk about it and identify what was triggering it.”

Because they were both on the same page, it was easier to not have pizza delivered or stop for ice cream because they were stressed and tired. “We could talk through it,” she said. Sometimes it was simply being patient enough to let their taste buds adjust to their new menus. “As the cravings subsided, we started to enjoy food,” she said. “We love cauliflower and broccoli, or cabbage. We have never noticed how good that food tasted.” Curt agreed. “Once you get the sugar out of your system, you can actually taste the flavors and the variety in food,” he said. “Sugar was the killer for us.”

For Curt, the most extreme physical change was readjusting his balance. “It’s a good problem to have,” he said. “I haven’t weighed this since high school. At first, my body would move faster than my feet and I had a hard time walking. It took me six months before I could start controlling my body.”

A Different Perspective

Their health journey has also changed their outlook on other aspects of life. Deattia works with the visually impaired, and it has given her insight into the strength and focus people are capable of when they put their minds to something. “I’ve always been sensitive to other peoples’ journeys and limitations,” she said. “When you’re in the service field, you concentrate on other people. I knew I was in the obese range, but it didn’t register with me as a problem. I wasn’t even trying to address it. Now I can see, I did overcome something.”

Cleaning out closets of clothes that will never fit again has been refreshing and the prospects of living a life full of travel and adventure is exciting. They took a dream vacation to Scotland last summer and were pleasantly surprised at how much of their trip was spent outside, hiking, walking and climbing. “We were both amazed,” she said. “We had a perfect trip.”

Curt and Deattia’s transformation, however, has been as important for their mental health as it has been for their physical well-being. “It affects our self-esteem, our stress levels,” he said. “We don’t look at this as a diet. It’s a commitment to yourself. It’s a life change. If we can lose this weight, we can accomplish other things. When things improve this dramatically, it affects everything.” Deattia agreed and said she is amazed at the transformation she’s seen in Curt and in their lives. “I’m extremely proud of what he’s done,” she said. “We’ve learned a new way of how to treat our bodies and we will never weigh what we used to again. We’re happy, and that’s what’s important.”