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Based on 4717 reviews
Donna Fielding
I continue to appreciate the care and concern of all Profile coaches. They are empathic listeners that provide encouragement with concrete recommendations on how I can improve.
Sylvia Walker
I just found Profile by Sanford through word of mouth and signed up right away after meeting Tiffanie. I loved her right away and she’s also the most knowledgeable nutritionist I’ve ever met. I lost 5 lbs my first week!
Russ Herlein
I started this program three months ago and can’t imagine how helpful it has been to get me to my goals, the coach’s are all amazing and I can’t thank them enough for the new me that they have helped create! This experience is life changing and I’m so thankful I decided to do it along side my wife, all of the support from her and the profile team has been amazing!!
Kristen Goss
I would recommend Profile to all my friends and family. They are professional, personable, truly care, and hold you accountable to achieve your weight goals. I have had the pleasure and honor of working with them pre-pregnancy and now during pregnancy. I am looking forward to continuing with them post-pregnancy.
Alyssa Winston
So friendly, helpful, and positive. I’ve gone to multiple other weight loss places that I felt judged if I didn’t lose as much as they thought I should that week. At profile they focus on the future and how I can make the decision for myself to do better the next week. The food is great and not overly expensive! Everyone that works there comes out of their offices to great you the moment you walk in and they are all invested in your journey! Arturo has realistic conversations and expectations and keeps you positive throughout the week with midweek check-Ins!
Justin Hilton
I am flat out thrilled with every aspect of my Profile by Sanford, Stow experience.I chose to do everything they said exactly how they said, and I have had constant amazing results.Beyond the spectacular health benefits I’ve gained, the relationships with the coaches has transformed my life.I love love love everything about Profile and feel so fortunate to partner with them in my journey of living my best life!
Regina Youngblood
My health goals may finally become a reality with Profile. Changing behaviors and habits isn’t easy work, but the Profile coaches are there to support you every step of the way!
Jim Langlois
Love them! Kayla has been an awesome coach. Really have helped me stay healthy
Eric Nordquist
I’ve worked with the Maple Grove Profile location since July of 2019. I’ve encountered so many incredible people there, and it feels like they are as committed to my goals as I am. In particular, Lana has been an amazing coach and partner throughout my time with the program. Supportive, informative, keeps me accountable and, after nearly 2 years, she’s essentially become a friend. The way she and Profile connect with members is so unique in this industry. Thankful for my relationship with them!
deborah wade
I am very impressed with Profile Sanford. I highly recommend this company to help you to lose weigh with coaching to teach, educate and to rethink how you approach eating. I just finished a one year program with great success. Thanks to my coach Candice Pyum, who was there for me anytime I needed her. Please consider this company to help you lose weigh. There will be a cost and your dedication will be necessary. I found it not hard at all, but I was ready for a new me!
Judith McGillem
I lost more than 30 pounds with Profile plan of eating. That was 4 years ago. I keep it off by regularly keeping weekly coaching appointments with the great counselors here at the East side branch on Green River Road in Evansville.
Terri Gibbs
I started my journey mid January 2021 and I have lost 32 pounds. Almost halfway there! I never thought I could do this, but with the help, encouragement, and going above and beyond to motivate and educate me, Erin Murth, my Profile coach, has been a very big part of it! I meet with her weekly. She helps with my questions, suggestions, etc., and that is a huge help. The shakes and bars are amazing! And I am picky! There are so many options with their shakes, bars, fiber drinks, jello, etc., along with veggies and protein...this is an amazing plan and it WORKS!!!! I highly recommend this program, it does take determination, but the staff and the is awesome!!
Brent Engels
Cannot say enough about Profile by Sanford in Toledo! It’s not just another diet. You get a personalized meal plan and a coach that is truly invested in your journey. Not only will they make sure you reach all of your health and wellness goals, but they will equip you with all the tools to maintain them for the rest of your life. This program changed my life and I’m never going back to the old me!
They have been supportive from day one. Early on in the program around week 2, I suffered from covid, and then had subsequent health problems, and they were always caring and there for me when I needed guidance to get through it. Even with medication and weight gain, I’ve been able to quickly loose the extra 10 lbs of weight from covid. I’ve have gained strength, muscle, and toned my body, as well as lost 14 inches overall with the lifestyle changes profile offered me. I’ve been on it for 8 weeks, and I continue to loose inches and weight and am doing well with the program. The coaches help keep me motivated and accountable. Thank you for giving me the tools I need to live a healthier lifestyle.
Evan Denton
I cannot say enough good things about the team at profile. I started with my wife so we could change our lives and teach our five year old son about living a healthier lifestyle. We’ve been at it for a month and a half and we’re both down 20 pounds! The shakes, bars and alternative foods are really good. The program is helpful and designed for you individually. You meet with a personal coach who talks to you about your goals and works with you to modify your plan to maximize your results. Our time with profile has been brief but the things we are learning are timeless.
Carolyn Pastorek
Following the death of my husband, I found myself fearful of my ability to care for myself, because I am overweight and, therefore, the unhealthiest I’ve been in my 78 years. On the advice and referral of my physical therapist and my primary care physician, I contacted Profile by Sanford in the Bearden area of Knoxville. Both health professionals felt that, through Profile, I could lose weight in a healthy way. They were right.Erin Murtha, my health coach, immediately put me at ease, and worked with my doctor to advise me on the best way for me to achieve my goal. The protein shakes and protein bars are satisfying and very tasty. Avoiding unhealthy snacks and desserts is much easier because of them. Additionally, through Profile’s exercise program, I currently do 20 minutes of helpful exercises everyday. Workout routines that fit my issues, even how motivated I am on any given day, have improved my stamina and ability to get... through my day. My thanks to Christian, my Profile exercise coach. My journey has only begun, and I look forward to continued more
Lori dixon
I am so thankful I took the first step toward Profile by Sanford. Hormone issues hit me mid 40’s. My metabolism crashed and I ballooned to 75 pounds over my ideal weight. In the past 15+ years I have spent countless hours in physical trainings, tried probably every type of diet, weight loss fad, supplements, etc. I would lose 15-20 pounds, but never got over feeling “hangry” and would ultimately begin dreading the exercise. Not to mention the emotional distress and anxiety fighting through feeling like a failure every time I saw the weight creeping back on again. The number on the scale continued to rise, and so did my blood pressure in a very negative way!Late one night in early October 2020, I was clicking aimlessly and I saw an ad for the Profile by Sanford page, so I clicked on it to check it out and made a first consultation appointment. I walked away from that appointment with goals, but still had a thought in the back of... my mind that, like so many times in the past, I would fail. I am so glad to report that I was WRONG! The plan was very well laid out and included personal coaching. I love the shakes and nutrition bars, and have become more confident in my food choices as I strive to achieve the goals I had set for myself. My coach is knowledgeable and so supportive… a big key to my success so far. I am seven months into this lifestyle change and down nearly 40 pounds and three dress sizes! I had a doctor’s appointment this week, and my doctor was extremely pleased with my progress, not to mention that my blood pressure was exceptionally good at 114/72! He encouraged me to continue working with Profile by Sanford, and I am now confident I can reach my end goal to reach and maintain a healthy weight for life! This was the best investment I have made in 15+ years... an investment for my heart and health forever!read more
Sarah Mullen
I was so excited and so disappointed with my experience at Profile by Sanford. This is a calorie counting program. If you are familiar with the free app MyFitnessPal, this is the model of program I was put on. In addition, they ask to buy all of the very expensive products as you go in addition to your coaching fees. My coach encouraged me to stick to your 1200 calorie diet without any room for breaks. I found this system to be a sad scheme and I’m upset I wasn’t more aware of what I was getting into and lost tons of money in the process. I’d encourage you to ask a lot of questions prior to on boarding, make your current lifestyle clear, discuss attainable/manageable goals, and be sure to talk to the owner Schandler.
Mari Sanders
Great coaching, food really tastes good!
Jack Scalfani
I never heard of this place until a friend of mine was very successful with the program. They are very knowledgeable and they teach you everything you need to know about nutrition. Their counselors are very knowledgeable. You can always reach your counselor. Love this place.
Cynthia Cortesio
Candace Pyun has been an awesome coach at Profile by Sanford! She isn’t punitive when I’ve strayed from my eating plan but rather she works with me to help determine solutions to overcome the hurdles coming before me. Candace has been very patient with me throughout my journey never losing faith in me that I can make it to my goal!
Ronald Kooch
I want to thank Profile by Sanford and Candace Pyun for helping me on my journey to a healthier me. With their professional coaching, food plan and discipline I was able to reach my goals to lose weight and feel better. It was a long journey but with their encouragement and guidance a successful one. Thanks.
Shawna Ziegler
Hayden is a great coach. He balances encouragement and accountability in a way that keeps me on track. Chocolate brownie shakes, mmmmm!
Alex Luckey
One word: AMAZING. My health coach Clard is truly a joy, and has been incredibly supportive throught my entire journey. I’m down 67 lbs and am not looking back!
Sara Vanderbilt
Met with coach and was happy leaving. Gets you ready for your weight loss journey. Answered my questions and came up with a goal plan.
Brandy Myers
I am just starting my journey with profile and my coach has been awesome! She went out of her way to email me an answer to a question she didn’t hand answer to right away. They are very supportive and that is great. I’m glad I decided to joim’
Profile by Sanford really works! I have been a member for a couple years now and continue to maintain about a 50lb weight loss. The coaches here at the Westside location are all amazing and very knowledgeable.
Colleen Tankoos
Profile by Sanford is an effective program if you are looking to make a healthy change. The products are delicious, the app keeps you on track (and it’s easy!), but the coaching is really the key. The coaches, Patty and Jamie specifically, really give it their all and care about your well-being and success. They help you make non-scale goals too, which I love! Some weeks it’s 10 minutes of personal reading, other weeks it’s less screen time. I set my own goals with their guidance.
Mills Perry
Fantastic in all aspects. Best way I have ever found to lose weight. Great coaches!
Olivia Schenck
Great coaches and community to be apart of for your weight loss journey!
Kathy Walz
My coach is always there for me whether I've had a bad day or a good day. She is very positive and encouraging. Great product and program.
Allie Decker
I love love love profile! They realize the struggles of losing weight and keeping it off! The weekly coaching meetings really help you stay on track and hold you accountable! Not to mention, but the food is AMAAAZZZIIINGGG! Would highly recommend if you are looking for a lifestyle change and just excited to enjoy life and feel comfortable in your own skin! 😍🙏🏻
Elizabeth Diaz
My coach Vanessa has been amazing! Not only have I lost weight but I've maintained it as well. Highly recommend this program!
Todd Cyphers
So far my experience has been amazing. The plan works. It’s simple and easy and the coaches know their stuff. If you have been looking for a way to lose weight, come see them.
Bethany Kramer
I am extremely glad that I decided to join Profile. I was hesitant at first because I didn't think that it would work for me. After my first session with Tasha I had no doubt that this program was going to provide me the knowledge and support I needed to be successful in my weight loss journey! I look forward to my weekly check-ins with Tasha as it is evident she truly loves coaching others. I love that she addresses what my challenges have been over the past week and then together we create a smart goal to overcome the challenges. I love the autonomy that this program provides for me.
Kevin Russler
I have been at profile since March 1 2021 with coach Nic Main, he has been very helpful with advice and keeping me on track and sending me different meal ideals. I would suggest this program to anyone, it has worked great for me. The shakes and foods are yummy, the coaches know their stuff and respond to questions quickly and are on top of ideas to help with staying on track to get to the goal weight.
Ron S
Profile is Not a weight loss clinic. Sure if you want to lose 5 lbs or over 50 lbs, 27 lbs myself, they will do that for you. The “teachers” at the Profile in Brentwood will guide you in a way that you will not only lose weight you actually change your life style for the better. It is really amazing. All the teachers in Brentwood are nice, friendly and funny. My teacher Ms. Molly is awesome!
Melissa Whitney
Profile has completely changed my life- I’m not sure what I would do without it! So thankful for my coach who motivates me everyday to continue on my journey.
Paul Ramey
What a great bunch of folks! I finally decided that I could use some serious, professional help and this place has been such a blessing. I am now down 15 pounds (and counting) thanks to the caring, supportive encouragement I've received. If you're serious about wanting to lose weight, having someone coaching you through the process is the key, and the lifestyle changes have been amazing!
Amy Dietz
Nic Main is a great coach! He’s very knowledgeable and encouraging!
Paul Ramey
What a great bunch of folks! I finally decided that I could use some serious, professional help and this place has been such a blessing. I am now down 15 pounds (and counting) thanks to the caring, supportive encouragement I've received. If you're serious about wanting to lose weight, having someone coaching you through the process is the key, and the lifestyle changes have been amazing.
Rebecca Gilles
The BEST coaches that listen, truly care and want you to succeed! Banana shakes are my favorite!
Catie Bennett
Within 7 weeks of starting Profile I have lost 16 pounds and I am feeling amazing, physically and mentally! LaTunya is an amazing coach! From the beginning of this process LaTunya has done a great job of helping me maintain my lifestyle while still maintaining and implementing foundations of the program! All of the staff at Profile Dallas are very accommodating, helpful and kind. I can’t wait to see where the rest of my journey takes me!
Lottie Cook
They are great about reminders on your appointments and communication. The coach is supportive and easy to talk to.
Shawn Galusky
I reached out to Profile by Sanford in Morgantown WV a couple of weeks ago. Josie my coach got me right in for a free consultation. She was very nice and very knowledgeable about what I’m going through. The program and lifestyle plans are easy to follow and are taylor made to your goals. I would recommend this weight loss program and staff to anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to feeling better.Thanks Josie! You’re awesome!
Rick Ayala
Started 3/31/21 and today 4/16/21 I am 20lbs down!Great coaching by Latunya!Also have not had that out of breath feeling working out!
Karla Zozulia
Nicole is a great nutrition coach! Great program!
Barbara Potash
I have been a member at Profile for two months. I feel great and couldn't be happier with my results.The structure of this plan & choice of food items make it easy to follow. The weekly coaching along my journey has been invaluable. They genuinely care about my success.Four pounds to reach my goal weight, YIPEE!
Elizabeth Stoller
Sylvia Steinfeld has been my coach for 7 months and I have had 3 coach sessions with Debbie Keegan. These 2 women are exceptionally skilled coaches. They helped me set goals and develop specific behaviors to meet my goals. They are empathetic, compassionate and actively listened and answered all my questions. After each session they sent a message that summarized our meeting and reiterated my goals for the next week and how I was planning to accomplish them. All coaching was individualized and they will make you want to be successful. The diet plan was easy to follow. I met my goal and I am on sustain now and have lost 50 lb. I recommend this nutrition plan as a lifestyle change. I feel so much better and have more energy and am very happy I signed up with Profile.
Kathleen Capobianco IA-Council Bluffs
Chloe is a great coach! Wonderful program
Kathleen McCann
Best place to work, and this personalized weight loss program is what drew me to work here in the first place! I love the food and the staff and everything about this place! 12/10 would recommend to everyone!!
Kaley Dorsey
Profile has been one of the best decisions I have made to assist with my weight loss journey. The coaches are absolutely great and are with you every step of the way. The plan is very simple to follow and the food tastes great! Profile does a great job of helping you meet your goals and preparing you to live a long and healthy life! I would highly recommend partnering with profile for your weight loss journey!
Kristin Bradford
I joined profile over three years ago and then rejoined in February. I am so happy with my progress so far. The coaches are great and the products are delicious. The program is so easy to follow and with the support you get from the coaches results are a definite.
Sheala Powell
I’ve been with Profile for a month now, and am down 15.9lbs so far! The coaches are all so nice and educated, & can answer all of my questions. It’s a very clean and organized atmosphere when you walk in, & always greeted!
Teresa Hicks
I started with Profile early Fall of 2020 and I finally found a program that works for me. The coaches have all been so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I was ready to give up. Now I feel so much better about myself and my health. And the food and shakes are delicious.
Joleen Henrikson
Profile by Sanford has been a life changer! I have done many weight loss programs over the years and Profile has been the only program I have been successful with! As a recent breast cancer survivor, I needed help getting the extra weight off in a healthy, balanced way. With my doctor's approval, I decided to try Profile and was going to be happy if I lost 20lbs. With the help from the wonderful Profile coaches, I am down 45lbs and have been able to maintain the loss!! Special thanks to Coach Tequisha who has been helping me from day one!
Doreen DeRew
Profile has worked very well for me. Lost 30 lbs. in 4 months. The program is easy to follow, coaches are very helpful, love the bars and shakes. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Karen Cohen
I don’t know where to begin!I have always been a yo yo dieter, I would spend so much money trying every “diet” that came out next. I succeeded on some but always fell backwards. As it became extremely frustrating and to the point I was ready to give up. I saw some friends posting about profile, so yet again I thought why not try one more “diet” boy was I wrong! I am in my fourth week 10 pounds down, and many inches I’m sure ( haven’t remeasured yet). I feel great, look great have so much energy. I actually enjoy working out!!Profile has taught me so much, I can actually eat realFood and not feel deprived, taught me accountability and to have the one on one coaching is the best thing ever! When I feel discouraged or even have what I think is the dumbest question my coach Carlie never skips a beat and answers me almost immediately with all my answers.If you are contemplating trying Profile I highly recommend it. I am hooked!!!
David Ermish
Profile changed my life. At 46 years old I was overweight and unhealthy. I had been on blood pressure meds fo years. 50 pounds lost, and continuing my journey.Off all meds now and ran two half marathons, training for my third.
Malenda Hoelscher
Just everything about Profile I love- the foods/drinks are simply delicious, the coaches are engaging and positive, location is great for easy access, the app is helpful and easy to navigate and the store itself is bright and comfortable- always feel welcome! I have found this the easiest life style change yet and I am almost 60!
Alicia Gibson
The support is phenomenal! If you're struggling to lose weight and want to feel great, go see them today!
Nicole Ingram
Everyone is super supportive and helpful!! They make it easy to lose the weight and I am so happy I started their program. Lyssa is amazing!!
Susan Bruegge
The coaches are fabulous to work with, they apply pressure when needed but know that life sometimes happens.
Peggy Burns
I highly recommend Profile if you need help on your weight loss journey. This has been the most effective program for me that I have ever tried. The coaches are there to help you every step of the way and there are plenty of food options that taste great. The sign up process is easy.
leanne jacone
Have enjoyed the weight loss journey with the support of truly nice, caring people, good shakes and various meal options. Finding Profile has been a truly positive experience.
Jennifer Rosmondo
Shout out to profile! I was an instant fan of the program! Having one-on-one coaching is a big thing, coach Kathleen keeps me accountable and teaches me about healthier options and lifestyle changes to help keep the weight off permanently. You’re never deprived. The program is so easy to stick with. I just feel good, I have more energy than ever and I couldn’t have been happier. I’m so glad I have that meal plan and Profile products to keep me in check. It’s been going really great.
Sarah Allen
I was super skeptical, but I LOVE PROFILE! I am about a month into the program, and I am feeling fantastic. The personal (one-on-one) coaching is what has made this plan work for me. I’ve previously tried EVERY diet and EVERY program, but my coach’s support, encouragement, and direction has been a game changer for me! I wish I had found Profile years ago!!!
Krista Burks
I started over 2 years ago, now I am feeling the best I have ever felt in my adult life! I'm happy to have started this journey and look forward to learning how to maintain keeping my 75 plus pounds off! Thank you to the amazing coaches. The shakes are amazing too.
Nichole Sheets
The staff at the Pittsburgh office are so knowledgeable, helpful and supportive! I had a really great experience and would refer them to anyone who may be having difficulty losing any extra weight. They break everything down in easy to understand steps and provide encouragement all along the way! Emily and Lauren are fantastic coaches and I loved working with both of them along my journey.
Kayla Cole
I love the staff at Profile! They’re so nice and supportive while helping you reach your goals. I would definitely recommend anyone to join profile if not to lose weight than to have people hold you accountable and support you in your weight loss journey. The food is actually flavorful and has enough variety that you won’t get tired of it!
Wanda Hayes
Allison has really helped me with my weight loss program. She encourages me and does not get upset when I miss it. I am glad that she is my coach.Please let me know how I can get a new shaker.Thank you,Wanda Hayes
Marie Diaz
Unexpected Benefits!When joining Profile in Mobile, AL my intent was to lose weight and I did. However, I had no idea of the many Non Scale Victories, I would experience.After my first week my sleep improved and brain fog disappeared. I felt renewed and motivated.In my second week, the pain I suffered in my finger joints ceased, this was incredible.Throughout the next several weeks the clarity I gained throughout my journey has been remarkable. My outlook on everything has improved tremendously.I would also like to note the coaching aspect of this program has been a key component in my success. My coach, Ashley, has been a great support.If you’re ready to make an overall change with your mind, body, and spirit give Profile a try.
Stephanie Massey
I love working with the staff at this location; they are so caring & invested in me as an individual! They also are so kind & collaborative with one another to help their customers. It’s a fantastic location & their program works! Their coaching & guidance is setting me on a path to health that is impacting my entire lifestyle—eating habits, healthy activity & inner wellbeing. I would recommend this staff to any of my friends & family. Thanks for all you do Profile Frisco!
Jennifer Anderson
I have been following Profile Reboot program since November 2020. The food tastes great and makes the program so easy to follow. The one on one coaching is awesome! I love my coach, Jen Douglas. She is very knowledgeable, positive, and encouraging. I look forward to our visits each week. I also love the Styku Scans every 6 weeks. Even if the scale stalls, the scans show so much progress. I am not where I want to be, but I am 40 pounds closer to my goal. I am so glad I am investing in my health. I can't wait to see where I can be in the next few months.
Michelle Beets
I am going in to my 2nd week w/Profile and I am really enjoying it. I love my coach Stephanie she has really made me feel welcome right along with everyone else. I have tried other places and I have to say the food items I have tried so far have been awesome, usually I hesitate but I can just tell everyone I have been back in the last week to buy other things that are on my first 2 week plan to try and have not been disappointed. I am looking forward to what comes in week 3 and beyond. I have been told that at week 3 it starts getting better and better. It’s not just shakes and bars, you get to cook starting in you first week and they have other items in the store that I have never seen before in other places. SO PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!
Emily Campbell
Profile has done so much to teach me about portion sizes and what living a healthy lifestyle looks like. This has been about more than just weight loss for me, and Tiffany is great! 🙂
carol heintz
I love the Profile Meal Plans the shakes are delicious and the coaches are all so supportive on my Journey and help you work the program into your new life style
Lindsey Self
I had an excellent experience at Profile in Toledo. The coaches were kind and helpful, the program was flexible, and the results were fantastic!
Darlene Adams
The Olathe location is amazing. They have been working with me to achieve my individual goals for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle!!! Friendly helpful and they really go above and beyond to match my individual needs to the best plan for me!
Morgan Finley
Have had a wonderful experience during my first month at Profile Plan Southlake. My coach, Summer has been super supportive and knowledgeable. All staff have been very courteous, professional and welcoming. Would definitely recommend this location to anyone wanting to improve their health!!
Tanya Melvin
My husband and I absolutely love Profile by Sandford! We have learned so much about nutrition and portion control. The ladies who worked there are all so knowledgeable and personable! They made a scary hard step for us easy!!
Amanda Burley
The staff at this location are very helpful and encouraging, work hard to ensure you are well prepared to follow the plan well, and genuinely want to see you succeed. The food options are great and make losing weight and changing your mindset around food even easier. Definitely recommend!
Dara Mueller
Profile Southlake has been a game changer in my weight loss journey. The coaches are AMAZING, supportive, and very knowledgeable in nutrition and fitness. The Southlake store is always fully stocked with products. Best decision I ever made!!!
Danielle Southard
Profile in Carrollwood has been a life saver for me. I have tried other weight loss programs, but I have never had the success as I have had with Profile and I do think this is largely due to the support I get from the coaches at Profile. Weight loss isn't a one size fits all process, otherwise we wouldn't struggle so to do it, but with the support of a coach and the easy program to follow I have already lost 65+ lbs and I am over halfway to my goal. Give it a try, definitely worth the effort and cost.
Profile and the team in Southlake are amazing and have helped me in my weight loss journey! The food is delicious and the program makes it super simple to lose weight.
Staci Leonard
I have been working with my profile coach for 2 months and so far it has been a wonderful experience! All the coaches at this location are so friendly and helpful. I always feel encouraged and set up for success after every one of my coaching sessions. The profile food is great and I am on my way to reaching my goals. So thankful I joined profile!
Brady Stokes
Love this place and these people! They are helping many many folks lose weight easily through nutrition! So glad my wife helped convince us to do this!
Keely Lumby
I’ve tried a lot of different programs for weight loss. In my first week, I have lost 7 lbs. The Profile approach is perfect, you start out a bit more restricted for the first couple weeks but then start introducing other grocery foods. The Profile food tastes great and I’ve been trying new grocery foods I never have before. I have a ways to go to my goal weight (thanks, COVID) but thankful I took the leap to join and take back my life!
Meghan Haun
Luisa is an amazing coach so far. I just signed up today and I can’t wait to get started.
Deanna Singleton
Of course like everyone else I was apprehensive about trying something new. I mean it time and money right?The fact that they help you through every aspect of your weight goals but they teach you to keep it off. The reason I decided to take my time and go with profile is the science backing it. I never do anything without the research. And the proof is there. I eat a fraction of the calories I used to and am full all day. My first 2 months I’m down 21 lbs. It wasn’t easy but with guidance and the online community you join as well. It’s really easy to keep up with it. Also, the chocolate shakes are so good I couldn’t get anything else! But they have many flavors and foods. I even get pancakes. I feel like I’m getting dessert 5x a day!
Sandra Chadwick
I am well pleased with my decision to join Profile. My coach Summer is so supportive and easy to communicate with. The food is tasty! The coaching and support is like none other I have ever experienced. If you have struggled to lose weight like I have, I fully recommend you visit Summer and the team at Profile.
Lauri Sanford
I had been on many different weight loss programs. I would be on the diets but I wasn’t successful with them. Then I heard about Profile by Sanford I thought what do I have to lose by going and checking it out. Profile by Sanford was the best thing I did for myself. I started at 214 and I’m down 70lbs and at my goal weight of 145! 🥇 First time ever that I was able to stick with a program till the end and not starve. I needed the weekly one on one meetings. My coach helping me figure out what was keeping from losing weight and be able to work through it. And finding the food that works with my body. Profile by Sanford was the best thing I ever did for myself!! Thank you Profile by Sanford for my new life!! ♥️
Jessica Helms
I was reassigned a coach at this location due to my previous one closing. These ladies are sooo amazing!!! Being a single mom I have to bring my son to the in person coaching session and Hannah is so fantastic at keeping him entertained while I’m with coaching with Debbie. Debbie is an amazing coach who really helps identify and work thru your struggles to get to your goals. The food is amazing and tasty. Absolutely love this place and the women inside ... so supportive and focused on you as a person and not selling you products!
Jennifer Hughes
Victor is amazing at managing a welcoming and professional environment. He keeps his clients accountable in their weight loss journey. Great investment in yourself!
Keith Boxer
My name is Joanne Boxer and I have been on this program for about 5 months in the Marlboro NJ location and have been very happy with the results so far. My coach, Alyson Stevens, has been just unbelievable to work with. Alyson is supportive, motivating, patient, really listens to me and really cares about how I am feeling while giving great advice. She has been so important as I continue on my journey. I really recommend reaching out to Alyson if you need some additional help and support to lose weight. The entire staff at Profile is great, also I would like to thank Jessica for her support as well.
Erin Arndt
I have had a postive experience with Profile. They have helped me drop over 30lbs in a healthy way and helped me have a healthier relationship with eating. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to lose weight in a healthy way.
Wylie Osborne
I was going to wait until I was closer to my goal to write this review, but felt selfish to wait because maybe I could help someone get started to achieve their own goals. I am down almost 18 lbs in 3 1/2 weeks, my energy level is through the roof, I am talking I don't know what to do with my hands type energy. My wife and kids get to see a better version of me then what I had become. The plan is simple and the shakes and bars are delicious. The thing that sets this program apart is the accountability coach, mine is Allie and she is phenomenal. If you need a kick to get started, I highly suggest reaching out for a free consultation, you wont be disappointed.
Peter Pagano
I was looking for a diet that would stick and be effective. I have really enjoyed working with the coaches, setting tough but accomplishable goals and getting help strategizing for what are normally difficult eating situations for me. Their location is very clean, easy to shop at and all the coaches I have worked with were very knowledgeable and encouraging. Couldn't recommend them enough!
I love this program! It is medically based and makes sense. My coach is amazing!!!
Kim Martin
I am really impressed by the personal, as well as professional, coaches. My coach, Molly G. is AWESOME! She makes losing weight easy and realistically manageable. I'm so glad that I chose Profile by Sanford for my weight loss journey! The next year is looking UP!
Fabricio Lunardi
Great place to go if you are planning to loose weight. From the beginning the attention and professionalism were impressive. So far I lost over 20 pounds in three months; and the pounds are going away day by day. The diet plan is easy to follow and the supplements are delicious. Thank you Alexis for your great care and professionalism. I am a happy client and I strongly suggest Profile by Sanford Blossom Hill San Jose.
Josie Anderspm
Reached my goal in 5 months. a loss of 31lbs and have kept it off. The coaching and tips weekly help me alot. Best life style change ever.
Jennifer Ewers
I’m about a month into my journey with Profile. I really appreciate the support and professionalism by my coach, that I have received so far. My body is a tricky puzzle, but with patience and the great quality of products and services, I am seeing results! I love the personal trainer that makes workouts just for me, whether I’m at home, the gym, or a hotel. I also like the food choices that are available. So far my experience has been amazing!
Michael Lewis
The coaches are phenomenal! They truly care about your success and guide you along the way. I would give 10 stars of it were possible.
Tammy Jones
I have lost 6 pant sizes. But coaches help you not criticize you. Foods is good. You learn how to eat different. Best choice I made and I have tried everything.
Haley Lake
I came to profile in June of 2019 hoping to lose some baby weight before my wedding in September of 2019. I was in desperate need of accountability and motivation after having my son and trying to nurse. I have received nothing but that from this team. I highly recommend giving profile a try because they continue to motivate and encourage you to meet your goals, they also make your plan specific to your wants, needs, and goals. With nursing, I started out on the mom plan & I have lost 37 pounds to this day. I couldn’t be any happier with my experience. They don’t just expect you to buy their products and stay on the plan forever, they teach you how to live a healthier lifestyle completely and incorporate grocery store foods so that you can be successful once you’ve accomplished your goal weight. 10/10 recommend!
Deanna Menchaca
The entire staff is friendly and welcoming. Frida and Ciana’s coaching keep me going when I think I want to give up. They help me manage the challenges and see the success I’ve already accomplished.
Marla Buchanan
Really helpful and professional personnel. Also, it is the best way to relearn how to eat right and lose weight. I am loving the help I am receiving along my weight loss journey!!
Cheryl Nye
Love this group. They are just so encouraging and really genuinely want to see you succeed. As for the program, it works as long as you stick to it. I’ve been doing since December and lost 22lbs. Believe me I’ve tried every diet under the sun and I’ve stick to this program the longest. Having a coach helps tremendously and holds you accountable. The food is not bad too and my coach is so helpful with sharing lots of delicious recipes.
Nichelle Pegues
Im getting on the right track to keep my weight down and I’m ready for the summer to look good at 50.
Shira Rozgovich
I have been supported through my weight loss journey! I enjoy the shakes, bars and meal replacement options. I am seeing results that I know will last and continue! So grateful I found this program.
Jeni Seiler
The coaches are very knowledgeable and caring. They help you every step of the way. The shakes and bars taste great and make it easy to stay on track.
Kerri Hooge
Hope is the best coach you can ask for!!!
Kaley McNab
I have been working with coach Hope since she started at the store. She’s professional, positive, and encouraging making this lifestyle change an adventure instead of tedious. If you’re looking to improve your health and lose weight, I recommend Hope at the Ames store!
Emily Witte
Amazing, friendly and knowledgeable coaches! Highly recommend the OP location!
Chris Stevenson
I don't typically write reviews - but Profile is amazing and I losing weight. The food tastes great, my coach is always helpful and so are the other people who work there. Everyone is nice, helpful and they are always attentive to whatever it is I need.I ask tons of questions but they never seem to get annoyed. I wish there were more food options, but the food does taste amazing and its super easy to fit into my busy schedule. love this place!
Doreen Lee
Great support , understanding, and professional people. I have been doing virtual appointments for over a year now. I am down 50 lbs and Maintaining. Thanks to all my coaches at Profile. Especially Hope she is so Kind and professional. Take the leap, What have you been waiting for!!! Make that Phone call, They have so many different plans for all kinds of people, check it out!
Hannah Warren
The coaches are so caring and shakes/ bars are delicious!
Mari Damhof
I cannot say enough great things about Profile. I love the food and look forward to choosing which bar or shake flavor I’ll have next! I’ve tried several of the recipes that have been shared and love them! So does my husband! A couple favorites are the Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash and the Mashed Cauliflower. My coach Emily is so knowledgeable about nutrition. I look forward to our weekly coaching sessions. She’s so encouraging and supportive, and I appreciate the fact that she’s not only working with me on my current plan, but she’s preparing me for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making good choices AFTER I reach my goal. I have 9 lbs to go! I am so glad I made the choice to take care of myself by choosing Profile by Sanford in Waite Park and would encourage others to as well!
Lesa Burt
If you are looking for a successful weight loss program, then the Profile of Sanford, owned and operated by Joann in Princeton, New Jersey, is the way to go. It is not a program if you are looking for a quick weight loss but focusing on long-term goals is losing weight and sustaining it to keep it off throughout off the program. I am happy to say that I have lost 20 pounds and 15 inches with Melissa, the Profile nutritionist. She has educated me on identifying the unhealthy habits I have developed over the years and supporting learning healthy living emotions throughout the process.I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has struggled to lose weight and commit to a long-term goal of healthy eating habits. The staff is highly knowledgeable and always readily available should you have any questions.
Josh Dukelow
I've gotten incredible results from the Profile plan, but the best part isn't weight loss. It's the confidence I've gained, the comfort level I feel about my body, and the enjoyment I have while eating real food. If you follow this plan, you WILL lose weight, but you will gain far more at the same time!
Jasmine Koopman
Had such great results and the team is awesome! Victor was was my coach and was so patient with me as I had a busy schedule and was pregnant! The pregnancy plan was flexible and helped me stay in a healthy weight while growing a little human! Definitely worth it!
Cassi Dean
The Profile Food is out of this world - genuinely the best protein powder I've ever tasted. I use their Perform products on my plan and they are awesome for post-workout recovery! The staff is amazing and they are so kind. These coaches know their stuff.
Emily Williams
My coach is fantastic and caring, I am down 25 in 7 weeks, I feel healthier and stronger, and the shakes are tasty and flexible with preparation.
Libby Burney
My coach, Candace Pyun is so knowledgeable and helpful in my weight loss journey. She encourages me and understands the challenges I encounter along the way. Thank you, Candace!!
Karen Johnson
I am losing weight while learning about living a healthy lifestyle. My coach, Silva, is wonderful. She tries to give me the encouragement to take the weight off. Since I am a snowbird, I am able to keep my hourly meeting with my coach via zoom
Holly Heistand
Profile by Sanford has been life changing. In just one month I lost 10lbs and I feel like myself again. Because I’m a college student, I thought that this new way of life would be impossible for me... but it turns out that it’s so easy and now I WANT to live this healthy life style. My coach Peggy has been amazing in helping me get to where I am. I can’t wait to see where the rest of this journey takes me. If you have the chance to try Profile... DO IT!
Sydney Alexander
Love this place! Fantastic coaching and the food is amazing as well. 10/10 recommend Profile by Sanford!
Anne Rackley
Profile is THE only diet that has ever worked for me and lasted. I never get tired of the food. I have learned so much about eating healthy. My coach, Lyssa, has been an amazing support for me. Her cheerfulness, suggestions, and encouragement have kept me going. She is a terrific cheerleader. I lost my first 30 pounds so fast. My bloodwork and BMI improved immediately. This is a lifestyle change that may FINALLY be the one to last a lifetime.
carlie wisen
Profile, Princeton location...ILOVE YOU!! Profile has changed my life and made me appreciate myself and my life more than I ever had. This isn't some fancy diet or a gross detox tea. This is lifestyle. From start to finish this is about YOU and the things you dive into on your one on one coaching are such great tools to use!The shakes and food are hands down my favorite, I look forward to it!! But even better than that let's talk about the staff/coaches. Not only are they professional and so caring but they are also so comforting. They just seem to understand the good and the bad. You'll never question the fact that you are important and noticed.I loved it so much as a client I also became a coach. I am still on my own journey but I just had to join the contagious energy that place gave off. I was eager to help others and educate them on the amazing journey Profile takes you on. Every time I walk out those doors I feel motivated and... important. Nothing compares to my Profile family in Princeton!read more
Brian Westervelt
Not only the food is good but having the weekly accountability helps keep on track. The professionalism without judgement allows me to feel like I have a partner helping me through any challenges I have. It’s like having a counselor and a coach. Can’t speak for the other coaches but I think I got the best oneHighly recommend
Drew Mobley
The profile team is always going above and beyond to cater to your individual needs. The coaching sessions are a game changer and the motivation and encouragement they give to you is unmatched! Highly recommend!!!
Drew Mobley
The profile team is always going above and beyond to cater to your individual needs. The coaching sessions are a game changer and the motivation and encouragement they give to you is unmatched! Highly recommend!!!
Maxim Kremenetsky
The coaches at this location are awesome. I have been steadily reaching all of my weight and diet goals with their help, and the whole experience has been life changing to say the least. Not to mention, I actually really enjoy many of their consumables. Thank you Profile San Jose!
scott harris
I am having great success with my Profile plan. My doctor wants me to lose 35 lbs., so I joined on January 5th and have already lost 32 in 2 months!! I was surprised by how much I can eat on this plan, and I never feel hungry either. The food is pretty tasty too, and the bars and shakes help satisfy my unending sweet tooth!. The people at Profile are great too. I really appreciate my coach, Tyler!
Susie Smith
I cannot say enough good things about Profile. I like the idea of having a coach one on one to help in the weight loss journey. Every coach I have met has been very kind and very knowledgeable about everything weight loss. They are definitely in your corner and want only the best for you. If you're looking for a program that focuses on everything you need to be successful in your journey, you have come to the right place.
Teresa Braziel
Encouraging and helpful every visit. Helpful on picking better choices nutritionally.
Monica Cottrell
I appreciate the professionalism and positive coaching from Jessica and Cassandra. They always encourage me and give me good pointers to keep me motivated. They are the absolute best!
Linda B
I have lost 100+ pounds on Profile! It works because their shakes and protein bars are the best tasting. The coaching encourages and teaches you how to have nutritionally balanced meals. I can’t say enough good things about this program and the coaches at the Lexington location are the best.
Tom Stammberger
The Profile by Sanford program is the best weight management program that I have come across.I have struggled with weight all my life. I tried so many things, including Gastric Bypass surgery. At the end, I regained all the weight back and more. There was something missing in those programs. That is where Profile by Sanford stands out.I joined the program in January 2020, and have since lost over 150 lbs. In addition, and under my doctor's supervision, have been taken off different medications. I achieved my goal in December 2020, and I have now transitioned to the Adapt & Sustain phase.What I like about the program is the structure, accountability, and support throughout my journey. The program focuses on weight, activity, and lifestyle management to drive long-lasting results.It all starts with a personalized plan and weekly virtual or in-person coaching sessions. Their certified coaches make the difference. They are... knowledgeable, supportive, and very professional helping you advance one step at a time.Then there is accountability. Your personal Profile scale connects directly to your online account. All your weigh-ins are automatically recorded and tracked.When it comes to physical measurements, Profile by Sanford uses the latest state-of-the-art technology for body scans. It is amazing to also see how your body changes.Last there is the Profile by Sanford online Community. It is a great member-driven support group where you can share your success, get great tips and best practices, learn about healthy recipes, and/or get encouragement when facing challenges along the way. Eat healthy, live healthy, and be healthy.If you are struggling and/or considering taking action to managing your weight, no matter how small or how large the goal, I encourage you to check out the Profile by Sanford program. It just may be a good fit for more
Donna Jackson
Love the plan, coaches and the food is pretty good too! So far it works great for me and several others I know! Location is super clean, easy to get to, easy parking and the coaches are great! Glad I decided to check it out!
John Corrigan
No gimmicks, no hype, no “one plan fits all!" Competent health planning coaches that customize a plan specific to you and stay with you every step of the way!
The Manuels
When I walked into Profile in September 2020, I was very nervous. I was greeted by Jonathan who is a ray of Sunshine and has such great energy. He signed me up to the program and off I went! Through my time at Profile I have had wonderful counselors like Lauren and Lisa. They all treat me like family. If you follow the program it truly works. I sometimes sabotage my weight loss journey due to my food choices. However the Profile Family helps to get you through these ebbs and flows. The shakes and bars are yummy! I recommend this wonderful family who is always in your corner!Brandi
Jensyn Mains
If y’all have been debating on whether or not to join profile , just do it!! I’m down nearly 15lbs in 3 weeks. I absolutely LOVE this program. I could never stay on a diet or nutrition program before- I always caved, cheated on the diets, or just gave up. 4th week going strong all because of profile! Anthony and Kate at the Lexington location are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! They sit down with you and go over your goals and they help you make a game plan on what you’re going to do the upcoming week to help yourself succeed. Week 4, of many times come and I cannot wait for the journey ahead!
Dan Andrews
I have been with Profile by Sanford (Ames, IA) and specifically Bryce for just over 2 months. I have received continued support and encouragement towards my weight loss goals. While I'm not there yet, I have made significant progress (down 30 pounds) and been coached that there is more to this journey than just the number on the scale, which is something that has been lacking in my past attempts.If you are looking for a program that will work to understand your needs and support you towards your goals, this is one you should consider.
Anand Ajgaonkar
I’ve been on this program for three months and am down 26 pounds. The longer I go the easier it gets. My coaches are fantastic and have been extremely helpful getting me through some rough spots. They are always quick to respond when I send messages as well.
Helen Isola
I love profile , my coach kait is outstanding ! Very helpful and adaptable to my crazy needs. I have and am continuing to learn so much!
Martha Laura
Great program! Great coaches! Trust this process and your life will change for the good. 100% recommended 🙏🏻
Amanda Miller
Coaches take the time to invest and get to know you in order to help you succeed with this program. This has been the best weight loss endeavor that I have pursued and would highly recommend it to anyone.
Marie Davidson
My doctor recommended Profile to me in 2019, and I started the program on January 13, 2020. I could write a book on all the things I love about this program.When I started the program I made a goal to lose 100 lbs in 2020. I didn't have the mental energy to figure out points or anything like that. When I first looked at the Profile page I'll admit, I didn't think it would be a fit. I wasn't a fan of protein shakes because in the past they didn't satisfy me, and they frequently caused my stomach to hurt. Despite this doubt I wanted to be a compliant patient so I told myself, "Try it for a month so that when you see Dr X again you can tell him, 'Thank you for the suggestion. I tried it, but it wasn't a fit.'"Just a few weeks in to that first month I knew that this program WAS a fit. Their shakes are delicious! They ARE satisfying, and I haven't had any stomach issues with them. The food program is structured but provides plenty of... opportunities to eat the lean proteins and non-starchy vegetables that you like. And, most importantly, the coaching.The coaching is the differentiator for this program. I reached my goal weight in November, 2020, and I still meet weekly with my coach. I plan to do so indefinitely. He is such an important member of my support system as I try to navigate this new lifestyle I learned in 2020. Also, nearly every week since joining, my coach has assigned a lesson from the Profile library for me to complete for the following session. I have learned so much through these lessons. It's about so much more than losing weight!See?? I told you I could write a book!! I highly recommend Profile by Sanford. They have helped me get my health back, and it's such a wonderful feeling. Thank you, thank you, thank you Profile by Sanford more
Millcreek Townhomes HOA Admin
I started Profile prior to COVID and was doing great; lost almost 20 lbs before quarantines started. I plateaued due to boredom eating while quarantined, but my coach was so encouraging and helped me not gain anything back until we could meet in person again. Now I’m back on plan and working toward my goal weight again! What’s great about this location is the energy and enthusiasm of the staff every time I walk into this store! They truly want the best for me and are helping me reach my goals in not only weight loss, but mentally, physically and emotionally as well.
C Kunze
I am so thankful for the coaches at Profile! They truly make the difference. I enjoy the foods and simple plan to follow but having someone to encourage you along this journey is priceless!
Janette Capaci
Great one on one coaching to meet personal goals.
Jessica Seel
This program is life changing. Kait is a great coach who I feel like is always available to talk or provide support on a difficult day! The foods taste great and always satisfy my cravings. I am 47 and have tried all types of diets and NOTHING has ever really worked. Profile works because it isn't a diet but a new way of thinking about eating which is sustainable! So glad my physician referred me!
Beth Harris
Love this product and program! It is the only thing that is working for me! I am very thankful for starting this! No regrets!!!!❤ I am a breast cancer survivor and have faced many challenges. Due to surgery and medication it has been impossible to lose weight. But, with profile I am down almost 30 pounds now and feel great! Can't speak highly enough about it!
Amy Williamson
I was in desperate need of an effective and sustainable weight loss program when I heard about Profile by Sanford. I have some family members who had wonderful, long lasting results that they’ve been able to maintain long term from this program. I’ve been on it for a few months now and I’m so happy with it! The food is great and the coaching is even better! Brent is the best coach and I’ve learned so many good habits both in food and exercise through my work with him. I wouldn’t change a thing about this program and highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to make a life change for the better!
Christi Pirkle
Anthony Keech has been an amazing inspiration in my weight loss journey! I have lost 65 lbs and am more than half way to my goal. Most of all, I am learning to love myself and truly be happy with the body I have been given. I highly recommend Profile for your weight loss and body/mind growth experience.
Julie Coker
Great coaches and company.
Julie Coker
Great coaches and products.
Kristin Lowe
I have had the best experience at Profile! All of the reps are super knowledgeable and are motivated to help their clients to get to their goal weight. I would highly suggest Profile to anyone wanting to loose a significant amount of weight or also to just get in check and lose a little. Great program!!!!
Katie Smith
This is by far the best program that I have found to work for me, and my lifestyles. In the past, I had nothing to hold me accountable, and this is just what Profile has done for me. I first began my Profile journey in February 2020, and in my first 2 months I went down 20 pounds! The weekly coaching is the key to keeping/staying on track, and it also helps that they are all friendly, and very encouraging.
Heyward Bonyata
I am so thankful for Profile Columbia and its coaches!
Mary Chandler Black
Love profile and their team!! Sarah has not only been a coach to me, but she’s become a true friend!!!
Kelly Lawicki
Profile has been THE game changer in my health journey. If you could lose weight from exercise alone I would have been a poster child for that plan. But it doesn’t work that way. I came into Profile after it was recommended to me by my doctor. I’ve lost 25lbs in 2 months and am halfway to my goal. The weekly coaching keeps me accountable, the bars and shakes are delicious and the plan is easy to follow! Anyone on the fence should take that leap of faith and hop on over, you won’t regret it!
Katherine Lockwood
My daughter & I have been going to Profile and absolutely love our experience! Everyone that we have met there is positive, encouraging and sincerely supportive of our goals to lose weight, eat better and make better choices for an overall healthier lifestyle. I have tried many different diets, fads and exercise techniques but can never seem to maintain. I like Profile because although ultimately it is about losing weight and keeping it off, the focus doesn’t seem to harp on weight. Most of my meetings with my marvelous Coach Lauren focus on how I’m doing, great meal options and I never feel that I have to walk in having lost a certain amount or she would be disappointed in me. Focusing on just eating healthy without counting every gram of carbs, fat, sodium, etc... which can be exhausting. Instead the food choices are many and simple and the shakes, bars and all the meal supplements are delicious. Lauren also helps me to think about... best options when eating out because no one wants to cook every meal and feel they can never enjoy eating out. I highly encourage you to give Profile a chance if you’ve struggled with your weight. You will feel no judgement, surrounded by a staff that truly wants you to succeed and encourages you in just the right more
C Kunze
Couldn’t do it without Profile! Great foods and program to follow. The coaching is what sets this apart from any other program. Their encouragement pushes you through.
Debbie Andrews
Tracy and Jonathan have done a fantastic job spreading the word about this fabulous weight loss company! They and their staff are professional, coaching is phenomenal and the products are the best we have ever used!! Thank you Profile by Sanford in Columbia and Lexington!!!!
R. Keith McAdams
Profile By Sanford changed my life. After a lifetime of weight issues, including binge eating, I was able to lose weight and keep it off for the last 18 months! It wasn't easy, and there have been ups and downs, but their coaches (very well trained!) help you work through it every step of the way. This program works, it's a game changer!
Ross Kellis
I need help losing weight because I cannot on my on! They have helped so much!
Deborah Ruff
It's place that take care of you not only in your weight loss Journey But also spiritual too. For me that's the best food every especially when I get loss sometimes on my journey. I'm down 22 pounds and 8.8 inch and counting.
Tanvi Patel
Great coaches that really care about you and your goals! I highly recommend. Also the food and snacks are amazing which makes the process that much better!
Krista DeLong
The staff at Profile Columbia are so friendly and welcoming! I was nervous to walk in and try something new but I’m so glad I did! The program is easy to follow, with lots of support and encouragement from your coach and the whole Profile team. I feel like they really care about me and are invested in helping me learn more about nutrition and exercise to become my healthiest, best self! Don’t put it off....go ahead and call for a consultation! You’ll be so glad you did!!
Emily Merritt
The coaching staff is so helpful and dedicated. I have been struggling to stick to a diet and they have so many good food and snack options for me. They took their time with me and genuinely cared about my weight loss journey.
Chris Petty
I’ve been with Profile for about 5 months and have already lost 28 lbs. The food is amazing and the intentionality of the coaching sessions is just what I needed to jumpstart my weight loss efforts. I’ve been able to stick with the program thanks to these coaching sessions. I would highly recommend Profile for anyone who is looking to start their weight loss journey.
Merry Powell
I highly recommend the Profile program! I've been frustrated for years with my own start and stop process. The one-to-one coaching really makes a difference. I'm almost down 40 lbs and really glad I made this choice!
Charlotte Thompson
We are so fortunate to have Profile in the Augusta area. It is an excellent all-inclusive weight loss/management plan. What sets Profile apart from other weight loss plans is the personal coaching aspect! My coach is phenomenal! I am amazed every week with her depth of knowledge regarding weight loss, healthy supplements, recipes, etc. Our weekly sessions are so interesting and she always finds topics that are fascinating, yet customized for me and my journey. I feel as if I am visiting with an old friend who definitely has my best interests at heart. She encourages and motivates me and holds me accountable...a fine balance that she masters with professionalism and compassion!
Amazing place and the staff and owner are incredible. So supportive and encouraging - they are with me every step of the way as I work towards my goals. The food is delicious and the plan is so easy to follow. I highly recommend Profile by Sanford for anyone who has struggled with weight loss!
Richard Sanchez
Although we have had 3 different coaches, we have enjoyed working with all three. They are very helpful and have been a very significant factor in both my wife and I for losing weight. They are a great bunch of people and the program really works.
Robin Blue
I have been trying to lose weight for years! This is the first place that has helped me to change my outlook on weight loss and embrace the journey. Joann is fabulous. I have almost lost 40 pounds in 4 months. I love this place and can’t recommend it enough!!
Mary Weber
We are extremely happy with Profile, especially the office at 148th & Evans Plaza. The coaching is excellent and really helps one stay motivated and on track!
Alicia Jewell
If we could, we would give JoAnn and Melissa (and Profile) more than 5 stars! Not only have my boyfriend and I lost over 55 pounds combined (during quarantine!!) we have learned how to live a healthier lifestyle that does not feel like a “diet” at all! JoAnn is always such a smiling face to see in the store when we are picking out our food for the week and an added wealth of knowledge of tips on how to make our healthier lifestyle not so routine and boring! Our weekly meetings with Melissa have not only turned us into being accountable for our week but turned into chat with a friend that knows a lot about nutrition.
Deb Lucash
I love the Profile program. It’s easy to follow and the food tastes great! The Princeton team is great and my coach Tina is very knowledgeable and only wants the best for me. During COVID Joann made sure we got our food and our coaching was on schedule so we were able to continue uninterrupted. I would highly recommend the Princeton team and the Profile program.
Vanessa Driscoll
Tracey is amazing and a great coach!!
Bobbie Ann Armstong
This place will help you get on track with your weight so come on over and talk to Tracey
Lauren Stanfield
Profile has helped me had such great success! The one on one health coaching has helped me stay the path and hit my goals. Everyone here is so friendly and inviting. Can not thank them enough for everything they have done for me. If you are looking for a weight loss program this is the program for you!
Jenna Hill
I have visited many of the Profile stores in the Omaha, NE & Des Moines, IA area & absolutely every team member I have encountered is amazing! They are always willing to share new products, tell you about sales or promotions going on or give you a recommendation if you are struggling with a product. I have personally worked with coach, Sara K. & she is great! Always willing to go above and beyond. At the end of the day she wants to see her clients succeed & meet their goals. From the vey beginning, it felt like Sara and I had been friends for years! I can confidently say she is one of the reasons I have not given up on this journey!
Lynne Carroll
Jamie is an outstanding coach and so knowledgeable! So glad I did swab test see where I stand with Carbs..The office is clean..inviting..and they truly care about clients reaching their goals. The shakes and bars are tasty..and they teach you everything! Love this location.
Robert Walden
Using my husband's google account since I don't have one myself, so the face you see is his not mine.I've tried many different programs to lose AND maintain weight loss, but this is the first one which has worked! I've lost weight before, felt deprived and as soon as I reached my goal, slowly put it back on. With this program it took a little longer, but the weight loss was steady. Why this works is because of the great coaching, support, encouragement and education you get. From the beginning you learn the tools day to day to lose the weight but also how to keep it off (while not depriving yourself). The structure is easy to follow and JoAnn (the owner) and Tina my coach are phenomenal! Great customer service, no judging, no preaching, just sincerity and success! I recommend this Program and this office if you want to reach your goals and make good friends while following it!
jason brunson
I own a couple of gyms here locally in Columbia. We want to do our best at delivering a fitness product. We also want our members to get the best advice on nutrition and weight loss. If a client has questions on this, I immediately connect them with the professionals at Profile. When it comes to losing weight and learning to live a healthy lifestyle, we have the utmost trust in Profile. Thankful to have them in Columbia.
Myra Hall
In 3 months I have almost reached my goal which was to lose between 30 and 40 lbs . Of all the weight loss programs I have used throughout my adult life this one has been the easiest to follow and produced the quickest results. Every consultant has been super friendly, interested in my success, and knowledgeable about the program. I recommend it highly!
Beth Kalkman
The coaching is so motivating at Profile. If you're someone like me and you need that person to be accountable to when you're making a lifestyle change, Profile could be for you as well. Chris is my cheerleader and I owe he and Lindsey so much for their dedication to making me successful. I've yo-yo dieted more times than I can count but there's just something about having to sit in front of someone and go through any challenges of the past week or the week to come that gives me that extra push I need to keep moving forward.I'm already down more than 30 pounds in 5 weeks (yes, LOTS more to lose) and seeing not only that scale moving in the right direction but the non-scale successes as well that tell me that this program works. They focus as much on those non-scale victories as they do on the number on the scale. So much so that I in-turn focus on how I'm FEELING, not just how I'm looking.What appealed to me most is that the... food is all nutritionally dense and I know everything I am now putting in my body are the GOOD kind of calories that my body needs to work at optimum functionality. If you follow the plan and the advice of your coach, you literally cannot go wrong. Oh, and the App they have works great with not only tracking food and weight (that is automatically uploaded from the scale they give you) but is a great communication tool and lifeline to my coach and the center, should I ever need more
Jodee Denklau
I have been a member of Profile for 3 years now and still love it. The food items taste amazing, the plans are clear, and the coaches are knowledgeable and motivating.
Cynthia Delp
This place is really great losing weight and help you prepare when you have an event like vacation
Lauren Brand
I can’t thank the coaches at Profile - Princeton enough. Their positive attitude and desire to help you succeed helped motivate me on my journey . They listen and truly care for their clients. The food tastes great and it’s easy to stay on plan . The support I get from the coaches plus the easy of staying on plan is exactly what I need ! If you are looking for a place to start your weight loss journey and/or motivate you to becoming a healthier version of yourself - look no further than Profile By Sanford - Princeton .
Raleigh Avery
I love Profile! My health coach is amazing! Such a blessing for me! The way that Profile teaches you to relate to your food and how to manage your eating has been life changing for me! I love my body and enjoy life more fully with the tools that they have helped me develop here.
Lauren Stanfield
Profile has helped me so much! Having a coach to help guide me through my weight loss journey has been an amazing experience. So thankful for them
Cindy Smith
The coaches are extremely supportive and the food is delicious! When struggling, my coach helped devise a plan that helped me get back on track. Highly recommend.
Loreto V
The only reason why I go to Profile by Sanford is for the opportunity to work with Tiffanie. I have known Tiffanie for many years and been working with her for a few months on changing my habits towards healthy habits, conscientious nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. Tiffanie's integrative approach to health and wellness, and her caring nature have helped steer me towards a healthier lifestyle. I would absolutely recommend Tiffanie as a health and wellness coach. She is a guiding light; she is an unstoppable force of support that never gives up and never lets you give up.She is willing to stand by your side as you learn to implement new things, new habits while providing guidance to generate the best results. Every recommendation she makes is based on experience, science, and my specific nutritional needs. For every question I have thrown her way, she has been able to provide an answer, an alternative just in case I am incapable of... following her first recommendation, and she always follows through to monitor changes in results.Let's face it, healthy habits and clean living is no small endeavor. If you have struggled all your life (like me) to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, making a change into a healthy lifestyle seems like an impossible challenge. It seems like a never-ending battle marked by defeat after defeat. One of the things I love most about working with Tiffanie is that at no point does she ever belittles or trivializes the magnitude of the challenges one must take on the journey to transform your life. She puts herself in your place, acknowledges the difficulties, the struggle and she stands by your side, fighting them as if they were her own. Her level of empathy and her golden heart give you more motivation that you ever thought you had. It is truly a privilege to work with Tiffanie and have her in my more
Dawn Jensen
Very helpful and easy to follow program. I have had good success with Profile. Love the staff and coaches! Wish I would have joined sooner!!!
Douglas Weaver
Profile by Sanford = Amazing 🤩 I am in the Army and have been struggling with height weight standards for years. Profile by Sanford is the complete package: exercise, nutrition, and education that brings about lifestyle changes. I am especially fond of the staff and feel like they are truly interested in long term success! Thanks team and God bless you all!
mom 3rboys
I started Profile in November of 2019 and met my goal of losing 75 pounds in November of 2020. Currently I am working to sustain my weight loss and develop a long term healthy life style. I found the actual weight loss program to be very convenient for my busy life. Having done multiple weight loss programs in the past, the weekly coaching and Profile foods helped me learn how cook healthy foods and limit my intake of unhealthy foods. I am eating new vegetables I never even knew existed. I am eating more fish and cooking with less fats. The weekly pick up pizza for dinner has stopped. Previous weight loss programs with packaged foods and points for candy bars allowed me to lose the weight but never taught me how to maintain the weight loss. Now my weekly coaching with K'Cee is essential to my keeping the weight off. Thanks for teaching me how to eat healthy and live a healthy life style. If you are struggling to lose weight and keep... it off I would highly recommend you give Profile a more
Beverly Volz
I came to Profile in desperation. I had tried several different plans over the years only to gain the weight back and have to start all over again. K'Cee is my personal coach and she is on journey with me. She is teaching me lifestyle changes while holding me accountable at our weekly meetings. I have learned so much and have taken positive steps to regaining my health. The food tastes good and there are many resources to keep you from getting bored with the program. Give K'Cee a call and start your journey today!
Tom Winterstein
"I'm 56 and over the years I have tried many different methods to lose weight but always hit a plateau and could not get below a magical number for me of 200 pounds...So during my annual physical with my primary physician Dr. J. Frank Martin, Jr. I asked him for suggestions and he encouraged me to try Profile.  Since starting my science based customized nutrition plan four months ago and working closely with my Profile coach I've lost almost 20 pounds and I'm now below 200 pounds for the first time in 30 years!I strongly believe in the Profile program and would encourage anyone who is serious about making healthy lifestyle changes to try it because this is the best and most energetic I've felt since my mid 30s!!"~ Tom W. - Columbia, SC
Donna Kay Koon
I started with Profile in 11/2019 as a way to lose weight. I had tried everything else with minimal results. All the coaches were extremely patient with me and worked with me to work around the constraints I had to make this work. They truly wanted me to succeed. They encouraged me along the way, gave constructive feedback when needed and cheered me on even when I didn’t feel like cheering myself on. I lost 40 lbs during the time I was with Profile and even today continue to use their products (the salted caramel protein shake in my coffee is amazing!).
Kim Olson
The Profile plan is the most comprehensive plan out there. Not only will you lose weight, but you will learn the behaviors needed to keep the weight off. Definitely THE plan for long-term weight loss!
Patti Smith
I joined Profile 4 months south of my 60th birthday. My son’s wedding was coming up and I had been working out since Jan. I had improved tone, strength, and balance but no change in weight. Even though I wouldn’t have called myself fat, I was! I had extra weight in my middle and was heading down the rabbit hole of the metabolic syndrome body type! I was afraid to start Profile, thinking it would be too hard. Two of my kids were on it as well as my awesome son in love and I thought I couldn’t do it. Tracy met me where I was and I thrived! By Dec 30, I had lost 12 lbs and I’m so happy. My clothes fit better, I feel better. Now to conquer my dislike of drinking water!😂. I highly recommend Profile!
Stephanie Hall
Tracy and the coaches care about you during your journey. The education and encouragement make the biggest difference and the coaching keeps you accountable!
Judy Woodard
This is a great program that works. The coaches are top notch, caring individuals who are really interested in you and your weight loss goals. The program foods are delicious. If you are considering a weight loss program that is easy and fun with caring people - look no further than Profile in Lexington!!
Angel Tipsword
Profile by Sanford offers a reasonable, realistic, healthy option for losing weight and learning a healthier eating lifestyle. I'm pleased with the gradual results and the support I receive from my coach Stacey. I highly recommend Profile for anyone who's on the fence about it!
Anne Nozzolio
I began with Profile of Augusta to prepare for surgery and my weight loss journey. I have been very successful due to the coaching and overall ideology of Profile. The staff fits the program to your individual needs and plans are flexible as you achieve success. I like the idea that Profile is a medically sound and scientific approach to weight loss.
Debbie Keegan
If you are looking to lose weight permanently I highly suggest Profile. The coaches are great! They really understand and help you get to where you want to be!
Trudy Minor
So my first day was 02/04/2021 and today is 02/10/2021 and I am down 5lbs (average is 1-2lbs per week). I am very happy with this program and the staff at this location is very friendly. I know as I get further in the program, I will need more support...but I have no doubts that the coaches and staff will continue to be supportive. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to make a lifestyle change.
Laura Safarik
Profile coaches and food make losing weight much simpler than other plans I've tried. There is enough variety to not get bored. I appreciate their flexibility.
Salty Dog
Profile Las Vegas has been so helpful and understanding during my weight loss journey! The coaches are great and I have learned so much about my past habits and how i can make myself a better ME!
jessica graham
Love the coaches and food!
jessica graham
Love the coaches and food!
Laurie Morra
Thanks to Profile, I’ve lost about 50 lbs! I was able to do it at my pace and with the support and encouragement of the coaching staff. One of the things I love about Profile is that there is no guilt or shame involved! This was a huge departure from other programs I have tried through the years. The emphasis is on learning and discovering what will work to address your total health, not just weight loss. I happily encourage others to try Profile and approach your health in a new way!
Anthony Keech
Such an amazing atmosphere!! The coaches are amazing and really care for all the members! Very professional!! Would give 10 stars if I could!
Anthony Keech
Such an amazing atmosphere!! The coaches are amazing and really care for all the members! Very professional!! Would give 10 stars if I could!
Laura Cavanaugh
This plan is amazing...feeling very empowered and supported by the amazing coaches!!! Lost 20 pounds and getting close to goal. Learning so many new skills. Love the mocha latte shake!!!
Micaela Duffy
I love that not only have they helped me lose weight, but they are teaching me healthy nutrition and how to live my best life!!!
Jamie Pelton
If you are looking for results, then Profile Nashville is the place to go! The coaches are very knowledgeable and they will help you every step of the way! The structured meal plan is easy to follow and it takes the guess work out.
Laura Cavanaugh
Love these coaches!!! They make me and my journey top priority!!! Down 20 pounds and continuing to lose!!! Thank you for the motivation and support!!! Love the mocha Latte Shakes!!!
austin brooks
When you have had it, and you are ready to lose weight, Profile is the way to go! All the coaches are knowledgeable and caring about your individual journey. The food is great also!
Krystie Minahan
Profile has delicious food, an easy plan to follow and one on one coaching that keep me on the path to my goals.
Krystie Minahan
Profile has delicious food, an easy plan to follow and one on one coaching that keep me on the path to my goals.
Leighton Lunger
Profile by Sanford Alpharetta is made up of such an awesome team of coaches, leaders, and friends!! They truly truly care about their clients and are committed to ensuring that members see success. This plan is easy to follow and filling. The food tastes great and it just WORKS! So thankful for them!!
Leighton Lunger
Profile by Sanford Alpharetta is made up of such an awesome team of coaches, leaders, and friends!! They truly truly care about their clients and are committed to ensuring that members see success. This plan is easy to follow and filling. The food tastes great and it just WORKS! So thankful for them!!
dawn johnson
The Health Coaching was what got me in to Profile. There coaches are outstanding, hear me and help/push me through my journey to a healthier me. The facility is gorgeous and the Program really works. I highly recommend it.
Kelly Haynes
The coaches at South Charlotte Profile by Sanford are awesome! Katie and Katrina have helped me plan meals, understand nutrition and help me keep a positive attitude and focus. The daily affirmations and text messages help me to take one day at a time.While my journey is slow, I’m learning about serving sizes, getting in proper exercise and also about self care!If you need direction on a weight loss/healthy eating plan Profle by Sanford at South Charlotte is definitely worth looking into!
patty tomlinson
Profile by Sanford Brentwood has been instrumental in helping me “find myself” as I worked through all the feelings and emotions that come with major life changes.I have tried to get my weight under control most of my adult life, and like most, I would go through periods of being somewhat successful only to regain the weight.About 6 months after my husband passed, I happened upon Profile by Sanford Brentwood and finally found the missing part to my weight loss journey. I had tried so many different things, that I was a little skeptical of the success I might have but wanted to give it another try. Profile has made a huge difference in my weight loss success but also has helped me to work through some of the mental and emotional blocks/beliefs that I had and some that I am still working on. The biggest attribute that Profile has that other programs do not are the one-on-one meetings with a coach and learning (yes still learning) how... to set goals that build on each other so the end goal is more attainable. I’m lucky to have Kaylee as my coach, she keeps me accountable while also helping me learn to give grace to myself when I don’t quite meet my goals. I’m not at the end of my journey but I am 50 lbs closer than I was before joining Profile.With Profile,I have no doubt that I will get to my goal and that the support is available to me to help keep me on track until I do.##trusttheprocess ##livewithintentionProfile by Sanfordread more
Susannah Parrish
Excellent program! Easy to follow, plenty to eat. I'm 50. I've been an athlete most of my life, but I have more aches and pains and experienced a real set back with mobility a few years ago. I used to joke that "I'm a big girl and I need to eat"! Not because I was overweight, I was super active and I could eat anything I wanted. And believe you me, I wanted - I LOVE food! But with my metabolism and activity level slowing down the lbs came out of the woodwork. Super bummer. I needed a reset. Profile was exactly what I needed. I learned to eat a bar or a shake before I ate something bad (and for me that would mean a LOT of something bad). Guess what - if you stay ahead of your hunger, and if you fuel your body with healthy food, you don't miss the sugar or the carbs! I worked the program hard for a few months and then I moved to a transition plan. The coaching was invaluable! I've been on my own for quite a while now and... am happy to say that I'm down 15lbs from last year. No yo-yo effect! I feel empowered to make eating and exercise decisions to keep me on the right trajectory. And I have a fall back plan if the wheels come off the bus. Cuz let's be real, I still love to eat and drink and there are still parties and vacations and every temptation that was here before. If you are ready for a reset too, I highly recommend it!read more
noella tamufor
I love the weight loss program by Profile and the coaches are amazing. It is so personalized and it fits my busy work schedule. I was not certain I could get through it, but I am. I am down 11 pounds in 2 months and counting. I would recommend it to anyone.
Lisa Weaver
Great coaches! The support and education they provide has made my journey of health and wellness a wonderful experience.
David Cavanaugh
Working with the team at Springboro Profile has helped me lose 55 lbs and on my way to loosing more. The coaches are awesome and inspiring. Thank you for all the help.
Brian Stamps
I was a over weight middle age man with low self esteem. Since I got on profile it changed my life healthier more energized and confidence through the roof!! The staff was so great and so helpful!! Kaylee was so awesome to help me get started and keep me going!Feel good look goodLook good work goodWork good pay goodPay good play good
Karyee Gonder
The coaches are knowledgeable and truly care about me! This program really has helped me in so many aspects of my life. Kaylee pushed and encouraged me every week to get me where I am today! THANK YOU!
Dedra Buch
I have the experience with Profile - meet my goal now with profile keeping my goal!!! I love the coaches and knowledge they provide to help me keep on track with my weight loss.Thank you profile team !!!!
Becky Jones
Profile by Sanford has been a real life saving/life changing program, for finally helping me loose -65lbs and -25" since beginning June 2020.With life long struggles with Hypothyroidism and Hashimotos, loosing weight has been extremely hard!!! This program truly works unlike other programs on the market. Let's be real, who can continue to count points forever!!!Weekly coaching meetings help encourage you on your journey and keeps you accountable. The one on one meetings also help educate you on various health topics to assist in choosing better food options to keep you on track.Profile shakes and bars are my favorite of the products and keep you feeling full and not hungry.When I started the program, it was like forcing myself to find some energy to exercise. Now I feel so energetic, that I am at the gym 3 days week plus work with a personal trainer 1 day a week.Healthy feels amazing!!!! Thank you Profile and the Wentzville MO... coaches (Peyton) for helping make these healthy changes in my life!!!!!read more
Adam T.
Working with Macy at profile has been the encouragement and motivation I needed to set myself on the right path for a healthier lifestyle. I recommend Profile to anyone who is looking for a real lifestyle change and the support for weight loss
Ginger Schnapp
I highly recommend Profile if getting your health back is important to you. This plan works if you trust it. The coaches are fantastic and are with you each step of way. Can't say enough good things about Kaylee Buch and team.Profile worked when all other programs failed me. Takes the guess work out of meal planning. Variety of foods to choose from.
Catherine Miller
Profile coaches are awesome. They help you make sustainable lifestyle changes. Clean place too!
Melissa Jones
If you are looking for accountability, great food, and a lifestyle change, look no further! The coaches are great and the weight loss results are better than anything I have tried in the past. Try Profile, you won't be disappointed!
Jarin Jaffee
Profile is awesome, and the Nashville team rocks! The plan is simple, the coaching is amazing, and the products are delicious (and top quality). They take the guesswork out of healthy lifestyle change. They are supportive, positive, fun - and the plan works!
Hannah Warren
This program has helped change my relationship with food and keep my weight off. The coaches are incredible, too!
Amy Axline
My experience with the coaches at this location has been wonderful! They really know what they're doing. So grateful for the lasting relationship that has developed.
Michele Brown
I have tried other programs with marginal success, but this one is so easy to follow. My coach is very encouraging and helps me plan each week. Baby steps! I have been amazed at how easy it is to follow. I love the chocolate shakes, the trail mix bars and the fudge cake ! It hasn't really been a sacrifice!
Michele Brown
I have loved meeting with my coach each week! She has really made this experience easy and stress free. The chocolate shakes are delicious and the convenience is exactly what I need now.
Michele Brown
I have loved meeting with my coach each week! She has really made this experience easy and stress free. The chocolate shakes are delicious and the convenience is exactly what I need now.
Tyler Bennett
Profile is great no matter your starting point or how much you are looking to lose because this truthfully works! I would suggest these programs for anyone looking to lose weight.
Lauren Hensley
If you are looking for great weight loss and amazing people to help you along the way! Profile is the way to go.The staff is so professional and friendly I can not thank them enough for all that they have done for me.
Silvia Steinfeld
Love Lexington team and all coaches there. They are so knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you for everything you do.
Tyler Bernet
Profile was the first weight loss program I've ever tried. Like most people, I was a bit apprehensive at first but decided to give it a shot... After meeting with my coach I realized this was a fit for me. The plan was so simple to follow and I loved all of the food options (especially the Protein Chips)!! The accountability in the coach room was exactly what I needed. Would highly recommend.
Payton Sanders
The coaches really know their stuff! Easy plan, and good foods too
Randall Pace
Delicious food. Awesome staff. Great coaching. Great success!
Karolann Cathey
Profile has helped hold me accountable through the weekly coaching sessions! I look forward to them every week
Karolann Cathey
Profile has helped hold me accountable through the weekly coaching sessions! I look forward to them every week
Melissa Jones
I cannot say enough about Profile! From the coaches to the food, everything is excellent. This is the first time that I have found a program that I can stick to and one that helped me to reach my goal weight. If you want to join a program that will actually produce results--look no further--Profile is it!
Elina Bass
The team at Hendersonville is amazing! I have made incredible progress on my weight loss journey and my coach is an incredible support system. Not to mention she knows her stuff! The food is good and it’s awesome that I don’t have to be on the food to keep the weight off. Shakes are great and the trail mix bars are everything! Profile has been a life changer for me and I am getting my husband to sign up as well.
I love the Tyler Profile team! The coaches are supportive, understanding, and just all around great at what they do - couldn't recommend them enough!!
Kayla Wilkins
The coaches here in Alpharetta are amazing! They have done an amazing job helping me achieve small goals to get to my big goal of sustainable weight loss! Not to mention the shakes and bars are amazing!! Thanks to this amazing team!
Kayla Wilkins
The coaches here in Alpharetta are amazing! They have done an amazing job helping me achieve small goals to get to my big goal of sustainable weight loss! Not to mention the shakes and bars are amazing!! Thanks to this amazing team!
Bryaunna Barrera
Been going for a year now, will continue getting the chocolate brownie shakes and PB wafer bars while checking up on my favorite coach/friend Casey Rhodes. 💜
Jamie Pelton
Profile provides an easy to follow structured meal plan and guarantees results. The coaches listen and always keep the appointments positive. Profile will help you lose weight while creating a healthy lifestyle.
dawn johnson
I was looking for a way to lose 20 pounds but more important keep them off. The coaching was the key for me to learn how to sustain my weight through education and support. Highly Recommended.
Ron O
On January 18, 2020 I started my journey with Profile by Sanford with a weight lose goal of 100 ponds. I hit a point in my life where I physically felt ill and also did not feel good about myself. I have tried many different programs and lost weight only to gain it all back plus more. Working with the coaches and being accountable for everything I ate helped me to achieve my goal. Over three months I noticed changes in my physical appearance and outlook on life that inspired me to continue to work at improving my health. Coaching and encouragement helped my stay on track. The greatest feeling was flying on an airplane and not having to struggle with the seatbelt or the embarrassment of having to ask for a belt expander. I actually had excess seatbelt! This lifted my confidence and inspired me to continue toward my goal.I meet my goal in the summer and have since kept a total of 112 pounds off my body. I had to replace all of my... clothing and feel so much better about myself and life. I still use Profile products, but I have learnt to incorporate grocery store items along with them to create enjoyable, healthy meals. Variety is another key. I use the Profile face book page to learn what others are doing to maintain their weight and find new recipes.Profile by Sanford worked for me and has saved my life! I have a whole new outlook and a goal to eat healthy to stay healthy!read more
Lisa Lynn
I have tried other program weight loss programs before, and I can honestly say that Profile by Sanford is the best. My coach, Katie, is helpful and informative without being overly critical. If you happen to faulty on the program, she encourages you and gets you right back on track. Other programs I have tried seem to belittle and criticize you for not being perfect every single week. We all are human and therefore we are not flawless. My coach understands that and talks with you to see why this or that happened and helps steer you back on course. I feel like I’m NOT a failure with this program, even when my human side stumbles a little. I genuinely want to be successful and make my coach proud of of me!
InSeason Habits
They are amazing I needed someone who can explain Nutrition to me and they really broke it down to a science thanks Profile. Let's lose weight baby
austin brooks
If you are looking for weight loss solution, Profile is the place! The plan is simple, affordable, and most of all it works!
Caitlin Vinson
Can’t say enough good things about Profile! I went through the program last year with my mom and I was very reserved and skeptical at first. It was the first time that I worked with a coach and had weekly accountability and check ins. It was the first time that I actually lost weight, was super motivated, saw results, and had more energy! Leighton is amazing!! She feels more like a friend than a coach. I still go to Profile because I genuinely enjoy the shakes, bars, meals, and other snacks. I love getting to visit and catch up with everyone when I go. They love what they do and truly care. Their approach is a life style change that makes sense!
Tracy S
This program is truly amazing! I have tried everything and this is the first program that has worked for me. I have maintained my goal weight for two years now. The accountability of having my own coach was exactly what I needed. Try this program! You won't regret it!
Christine Tomes
Awesome service, great food, AMAZING results, motivating coaches. Profile Lexington would get 10 stars for me if I could give them!
Christine Tomes
Yes... Yes... YES! If you want to change your life, call this great group. The coaches at Columbia are extremely knowledgeable and FUN!
Mary Ann Creel
Everyone I have dealt with has been very professional. Check ins are easily scheduled. I have tried lots of plans and Profile food and shakes are by far the BEST! The plan is easy to follow and Profile provides everything needed to be successful in your weight loss and healthy living journey. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Julie Ryan
If you want to lose weight and feel confident about eating again, this is the place for you
Leighton Lunger
Profile in Carrollwood truly cares for their clients and the people they serve. I feel like it's rare to find such great customer service these days, but Silvia and her team do a phenomenal job and I'm so impressed by this program. The food tastes so good unlike other meal replacements I've tried, and the way that they coach here is well thought out and very helpful. Highly recommend!
The coaches are wonderful and help you set achievable goals. The main focus isn't just about loosing the weight but making healthier choices and celebrating the non scale victories.
Krystie Minahan
The food is delicious! The plan is super easy to follow and the one on one weekly coaching sessions are worth their weight in gold! The app is amazing to help me track daily and on days I can't make it in, I've still be able to coach by phone or a zoom chat.
Nancy Brown
Profile has saved my life. The best weight loss program ever. The coaching is awesome. Profile is easy to follow and completely satisfying. I have increased energy and feel great. 100 pounds lost in 10 months. No other program compares. Profile has been a positive life changing experience.
Kaylee Buch
The team and coaches are amazing!!! Profile values my journey to lose weight and meet my goals. I love the caramel pecan bar and the H2 energy drinks!
Kaylee Buch
The team and coaches are amazing!!! Profile values my journey to lose weight and meet my goals. I love the caramel pecan bar and the H2 energy drinks!
Patricia Morales
My father and I joined Profile when it was recommended to help him lose the weight he needs to lose before he can have surgery on a hernia. In two months we have lost 60Lbs together. We are on the same plan, use different coaches, and compete with each other to see who will lose the most weight first. It helps so much when the coaches are encouraging, helpful, and the food is great. I thought it would be tough on me since teach. However, it actually made thinks so much easier for me to follow through and prepare for snacks and food each day. It is great to know that I have lost this much in such a short amount of time. Something, I didn't think I would be able to do.
Robin Williams
This program is GREAT!!!!!! I started in March 2020 and have lost 62 pounds (38 more until I hit goal) and have shed over 30 inches. (clothing size was a 26 now in a 12) My coach (Alyssa M) is so caring and knowledgeable, she has been with me every step of my weight loss journey. My health has improved less medications and my diabetic markers have all but disappeared, no more joint or knee pain and tons of energy. Please if you want to lose weight and start living your life again give this program a try.
Sarah Luther
Such amazing staff! Profile provide such an easy plan to follow that yields great results. I love my coach & the food!
Alyssa Mercado
I absolutely LOVE Profile! I cannot say enough great things. What really sets them apart is the one-on-one coaching. Having a coach who can guide you and motivate you through it ALL is the only reason I have lost weight and have kept it off!
Catherine Miller
Profile is a comprehensive program focused on changing your health behaviors. I have found that the coaches are great and really care about their members! They’ll help you meet your goals and achieve a healthy, active lifestyle for the long-term.
Kaitlyn Corrigan
I absolutely love all the coaches here! I can’t imagine a better group of people to help me on my journey! My coach always knows how to make me feel better and more motivated and the program in general has changed my life for the better. I am so thankful for this company.
Sarah Luther
Profile has changed my life! The food is delicious & the program is so easy to follow. If you want to lose weight in a way that will make you feel empowered, join Profile!
Arturo Heinsen
The profile team at Hendersonville is fantastic. I tried other programs and Profile not only help me lose the weight but more important taught me how to maintain it off. The coaches are warm and listen to me. It helps that the food is really good!!!
They are very pleasant and helpful. I went from being a couch potato to finding the inspiration to join races and finally get the needle on the scale moving. They are also very accommodating. When I had issues figuring out how to plan meals around my schedule, the coaches volunteered time to go shopping and plan meals with me.
Tyler Bernet
The coaches here are amazing and the program in general as been a life-changer. You always feel "heard" and they are truly there to help you succeed. I would highly recommend.
Julie Mueller
The start was slow but with continuous support weight loss continues. The shakes taste great and so do the bars. The program is starting to pay off.
Lauren Hensley
So thankful for the community here! The coaches have always made me feel like family. They are so professional and welcoming all at the same time. I can not say enough kind words about them. Thank you so much for helping me on my weight loss journey.
Profile Toledo has been instrumental in helping me make some major health and lifestyle changes! The coaches are amazing and the food is great! The coaches have a kind way of pushing me and holding me accountable while also being encouraging and supportive. I have lost weight in the past but have never truly addressed the underlying habits, patterns, and mindsets that have been deeply rooted for many years. The weekly coaching continues to be key in helping me to uncover and work through those things.In addition to the coaches, the owner, Jarin, always takes the time to check in, ask how things are going, and provide encouragement.  His knowledge of each of his clients and my individual journey truly gives Profile a family feel. I am confident that with Profile my journey to sustained lifelong health is one that is finally attainable!
Lillian Greenhalgh
Couldn’t say enough positive things about this company and coaches! Lauren helps me stay on track with a super busy schedule. I love all the products, best protein powder and healthy options! I love being a member here!!!
M Wilson
I am a member. I enjoy their program. I feel confident with my coach, Katie. She knows my lifestyle, when I'm having issues, makes me feel good when I know my body has issues with being old. Lol. They have made things easier during the pandemic. Thanks Katie.
Tiffany Boyce Heitzman
They are all super helpful and so encouraging coaches Laughton and Krystie are amazing! The whole team is awesome!
Kacy B
I started at Profile in October of 2020 and I can honestly say it’s not what I expected it to be. Even with my mom joining before me, I went in for consultation expecting it to be so strict and overwhelming, but it’s just the opposite. The coaches are happy to help fit your plan to your daily life and they don’t scold you for eating something off plan or tell you how big of a mistake you made by eating something different. Everyone at Profile is like a big happy family and you couldn’t ask for a nicer group of people. You don’t ever get the sense that they feel like they HAVE to be there. They WANT to be there and help and do any and everything they can for you, whether it’s pertaining to weight loss, or if you just want to talk about how stressful your week has been. The food is wayyyyyy better than I ever thought it would be. My #1 fear going into the program was that the shakes would be chalky but they’re soooooo good!!! 10/10 would... recommend the chocolate brownie. I would recommend this program to anyone. You won’t regret it. Profile is giving me a life I never thought I would have because I’ve always struggled with self image and confidence. They’re helping me get my confidence back. You meet so many new people through events and create new relationships through the program. My coach is my bestie now😂 This is your sign to join. It’ll change your life for the betterread more
Sarah Lambert
Highly recommended! I've only been with Profile for a few weeks, but have already lost weight, increased activity and have a lot more energy to do the things I love. The team is amazing and supportive, and I look forward to my weekly check-ins. Thank you to Krystie for helping me get started! Profile was exactly what I needed to get started on a healthier path for the new year!
Amy Danner
My husband and I joined profile just before Thanksgiving, after I had watched a friend of mine at work have tremendous success for several months. To be honest, I felt like I was ready, but I wasn't sure if my husband would be able to handle it. I knew more about the program than he did, and I was afraid he wouldn't be able to make the transition. Boy was I wrong! Over 50 lbs later (32 lbs for him, and 20 for me), we are thriving doing it the Profile way. He thanked me and told me to thank my friend Elaine Brower (who introduced me to the program) for telling me about it. He went from drinking three 20 oz full sugar cokes a day to none! We eat so much healthier, and our kids are too. At first I balked at the price tag--but to be totally honest, we are saving money. We are eating less and not going out as much. I feel like Profile is a plan we can follow for the rest of our lives. The support is amazing too--the coaching is one on one,... and they are available to you at anytime, not just during your coaching session. Join Profile today--you won't regret it!read more
Sandy D
The coach is always late sending the meeting link. Last week she told us she would send it earlier but didn’t. She seems pretty nice otherwise.
Lindsay Robinson
My coach Brittany and all of the staff at Profile are so helpful and nice. I have been a member since May 2020 and have had a great experience.
Lauren Smith
I can’t possibly say enough good things about Profile! I’m absolutely blown away by the amount of care and effort the staff at Profile put into to each interaction and communication I have with them. My weekly check-in’s with my coach are certainly among the highlights of my week! It’s refreshing to know that my struggles with food, nutrition in general, and even a little bit of self-esteem are all things that other people face as well. Profile is helping me build the tools to tackle my struggles around living a healthier life all while providing amazing shakes and bars and recipes to help keep me on track. I can’t thank Profile enough for helping me take back control of my health.
Ronalee Meier
Profile is the first action I’ve taken in My life that I’ve actually been able to change my eating habits and in general the way I live. I’m a type 2 diabetic and before starting this program my A1c was at a 14. My coaches have been terrific encouraging and enormously helpful in helping keeping me accountable. You have to want to change to make the change. Thank you coaches Jen, Jackie and Kayla and Profile Louisville for being so supportive and encouraging.
Lisa Kallman
I have learned so much about healthy nutrition from Profile! It has been very successful for me! My coach, Sara, is amazing and patient and I can’t wait to continue learning and progressing!
Karen Schwartz
I absolutely love this Profile by Sanford location!! All of the staff are super-friendly and knowledgeable. The food tastes fabulous-so much better than others you can get at the grocery store. The weekly coaching helps keep me accountable and helps me with upcoming challenges I might be facing. My coach Brittney is super supportive and positive. Oh, and best of all, THE PROGRAM WORKS!!! I have lost 45 pounds so far and am still going strong. Thank you, Papillion Sanford!
jeanna reusink
I really like that the shakes taste GREAT....most protein shakes are tolerable at best. Profile's shakes are yummy! There are great food recipes and the coaches are all wonderful.
At 286 pounds I weighed the most in my life and was on the verge of purchasing a cart for my mobility when I decided I had to deal with my physical deterioration. February 2020 I was introduced to the Profile Program. While others have gained weight during the pandemic I have shed 60 pounds. It’s just the beginning! Still a long way to go! Thanks Profile coaches it’s not over yet!
Debi Smith
The coaches at Profile have been very helpful with ideas and encouragement to stay on the path to good health and weight loss. Meeting with them every week keeps me focused on my goals. They are also very friendly and assist me with setting realistic goals. I highly recommend them.
Mary McGown
I have been using Profile since the summer and they are the BEST! The food is good, the plan is easy to follow, and the counseling is so helpful. I plan to stick with it until I reach my goal weight!
Danny Barillas
The coaches and staff here are amazing!
JoAnne S.
My experience at Profile Pittsburgh has been great! Their staff is friendly, supportive, and accomodating, and the program works! I am reaching my weight loss goals and following the plan couldn't be easier. The app makes it super easy to do daily tracking and see all your results as well. Highly recommended!
Rhonda Parker
The Profile by Sanford program has been an answer to prayer! My Profile Coaches have been so wonderful guiding me through this healthy weight- loss journey. I have learned so much and have a new attitude toward food, exercise, hydration, and rest. I have thoroughly enjoyed the many delicious Profile food products, too! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about changing their life for the better.
Rebecca Bryant
The staff here has been amazing and their program has been life changing! I can not recommend a better program or location. The program was individualized based on my wants, needs and health. The weekly coaching/check ins are the best accountability and if your looking to make a change and really commit to a program the results are incredible! I feel like a completely different person inside and out!!! Thank you so much Profile by Sanford and Jodie and Tricia!!!
Leslie Rorebeck
Such an easy program to follow! One-on-one coaching for accountability, an individualized meal plan and not to mention the food tastes fantastic. Coach Jeni has taught me so much in terms of nutrition! I am confident I will be able to make it to my goal weight 145 lbs. and KEEP it off. Thank you Profile and Coach Jeni!
Leslie Rorebeck
I had struggled with my weight for years then I found Profile. 35 pounds down and only 15 more to go! I feel like a new woman and wish I would have taken this step years ago. It's such an easy program to follow, the coaching holds me accountable and the food tastes GREAT! Couldn't have done it without Coach Luisa & Alexis! Thank you Profile!
Cheryl Nichol
Tricia and Jodie are two of the best coaches. Under their guidance my husband and I have lost close to 65 pounds. We have been so lucky to have them in our lives.The location could be a little better.
Alli Cormier
I am totally impressed with this program and the coaches.The program has been great for me, the food is great and I have been very successful with this program. The coaching that goes along with this food plan is top notch!!!! I would recommend this program and the coaching to anyone who wants to try and change and live a healthier life.
I love profile the people are personal and really WANT TO help. This program works the food is good and this program isn't hard to follow. The coaches are there for you and if you need them during the week you can text or call them for help. I have lost 40 pounds. I love these people they are awesome
Rosemarie Lewis
Haley, Edina, MN, has taught me so much about my self. No shaming during a weight loss plateau. This location is the very best!
SamanthaL B
I've now been on this journey for a year, and wow. I'm 31 lbs down. I've been through multiple coach changes and every single one of them were just as supportive as the last.
Graham Shaw
In just 3 months on Profile, I am down over 35 lbs. The products are delicious and there is so much variety to choose from. The coaches are all friendly, knowledgeable and supportive!
Julia Stout
Very friendly staff, great food and best of all I am seeing results! Thank you Profile Las Vegas for helping me work toward my weight-loss goals.
Achilles C
I came in here after feeling like 2020 was so out of control and so was my eating. I met with Marissa and it was just the answer to all my struggles. I got confused with keto vs clean eating vs low cal and low carb. Luckily they help you with not only losing weight but keeping it off. I’m not there yet but I’m down almost 25 pounds and loving it everyday. All of the staff are amazing and supportive with eating, activity and making it through holidays, pandemics and everyday life without feeling overwhelmed. You should only come here if you want to stop worrying and start succeeding (oh and the food is delicious!!!!)
Shelley Dragoo
I have been with Profile for 3 years and absolutely love the program. I lost 50 pounds before my 50th birthday, which was my goal, and felt amazing for my son's wedding too.My coaches have been nothing but encouraging and helpful. I will miss Mikayla, as she has always been a positive influence on my journey.I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to learn about how to eat for health. Thank you Profile!!
happy marge
The Profile Plan definitely works. I think my weight loss is probably slower than most but underlying conditions could be a factor. I know that Katy is the best coach I could ask for. She is supportive & encouraging to the nth degree! I strongly recommend the Profile Plan - but ask for #1coach Katy!
Tanna Holzer
Profile by Sanford is the real deal. Your success ultimately depends on you, but the tools are all there for you in an easy to follow plan. Meetings with the coaches are helpful, I like that I never feel judged but am given support and suggestions for things I can try or that may help, but ultimately it is my journey and it is up to me to do the work. The new app is AMAZING, especially for anyone that is used to MyFitnessPal, it is so much easier to keep track of progress or have access to resources on the go. If you want to lose weight and set yourself up for a healthy lifestyle, not a temporary fix; I highly recommend setting up a consult.
Chelsea Rogers
The level of one on one support / coaching that Profile by Sanford provides is such a unique feature. The coaches are really invested in making sure each person is successful in their own way. It takes determination and desire to stay on track, but during the hardest times, the coaches will be there to help you re-focus.The shakes and bars taste great and if you truly follow your personalized plan, you really will meet your goals. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Greg Howard
They are always willing to answer questions on my health and weight loss
debra kuhn
Love Profile. If you listen to your coach. Peyton is great. Follow the program. You will be eating all the time. No cravings. Eating regular food for dinner. Best part you loss weight. I have tried lots of diets. This one is by far the best. Take advantage of the coaching and track. You will be pleased.
Sue Lundequam
The coaches here are great. Everyone is very helpful and the food is good. I've gotten many helpful ideas also. I would definitely recommend.
Melissa Burchill
This is an impressive place. Everyone was so friendly and professional. My customized weight loss plan makes me feel like all my needs are being considered for me to achieve success. I feel I can really reach my weight loss goals with this detail oriented coaching program. It's the one on one coaching I really need to delve into changing my self-sabotaging behavior. I am so excited to get started on my journey with Profile. ; )
Jessica Gibbons
Absolutely love the coaches there at profile. Along with the food!
Kristi McClellan
I made the best decision in January of 2020 and joined Profile! I reached my goal 7 months later and have lost 60#!. I am so glad I joined. The program is easy to follow and the ongoing support is very helpful to stay with the program long term. This is truly a lifestyle change and I'm so glad I did it. I recommend Profile for anyone who wants to lose weight and get healthy!
Marco F
Ive struggled for years to find a program that works for me and ive found it here at peachtree corners. My coach Neva is the absolute best. Full of great advice and helps me understand the why's behind my struggle with food. Ive lost 15 pounds since I started a month ago and ive never felt better. I have a culinary arts degree so believe me when I say the food is AMAZING and I never feel hungry. If you're looking for a program thats truly interested in helping you live a healthier lifestyle try this program out. Not only are the coaches great It also comes with a massive support team that will have your back every hour of the day or night. This was a blessing that literally fell into my lap and I appreciate everything this program has done for me. It has changed my life forever.
stephen swanstrom
I love Profile by Sanford! The coaches in Duluth are amazing. Their fun, energetic, outgoing, kind, and caring. They are truly there to help push you to loose the weight. I really enjoy my one on one meetings with my coach. I can tell they love their job and love helping people succeed. Thank you all! By the way I’ve lost 85+ pounds in less than a year!! Crazy!
Jessica J Wheeler
I love profile. All of the coaches are very kind, knowledgeable and helpful and for the first time in years, I am beginning to get healthy. I could not have done it without their support! I highly recommend that any one who is struggling with their weight contact them and begin your Profile Journey. It is not a diet center, it is a place to learn a new way to look at food so you can go through life healthy, happy, and knowledgeable about nutrition!
Kelley Wertin
I have been going to Profile by Sanford since last February and have lost about 55 lbs! This program is amazing and the coaches are AWESOME!!!! Not one time have I felt judged, only encouraged and motivated with great instruction!!! I have shared with many as to how I have lost my weight and how they instruct you to transition to regular food....simply AMAZING!!! Thank you ALL for what you have done for me and continue to do! Your support is like no other!!!!!
Jenna Hilb
Great coaches who truly care about helping people! I would highly recommend Profile to anyone who is looking to change their life and get healthy!
Steph Hespe
This program really works and the coaches are awesome to work with (esp. Diana)! I live out of town so we meet virtually each week and they are very accommodating. People say that accountability and coaching are important in weight loss and I didn't believe it until I tried Profile. The coaches help set up your lifestyle for success in all areas and are supportive and listen to your concerns and help you work through your challenges. Also the Profile food is excellent. The ladies I work with are always sharing and trying different protein bars, but Profile bars are the favorite every time!
Melanie Van Vleet
Exceptional customer service. The wellness coaches truly care about your success!!
pam blankenfeld
I feel good when I do the Profile plan. The coaches are knowledgeable. Get started today letting them help you. I totally recommend!
Linda Garrity
I cannot say enough about Profile. I am 1.8 pounds from my goal of losing the 20 pounds I have been trying to shed for 12 years. I decided that since with Covid I wasn't traveling, I would use my trip fund to do something for myself. I have lost close to 19 pounds and 19 inches in not quite 4 months. I feel great. I have changed my eating habits. Janice and Jackie have been SO very supportive and helpful in my journey. It doesn't hurt that there is a Home Goods/Marshalls across the plaza from them for the times that I go in person.:-)I have done South Bech, Diet Workshop, WW, and my own plans over my 65+years. What used to work just didn't any more.It has all been very easy. Meetings/ appointments are by phone or Teams unless you need measurements done. If you need your products, they will mail them to you and they arrive quickly.I am just so thrilled with this whole experience. You might think it is a lot of money, but when you... break it down, in the early phases, you are just buying protein and veggies at the store. You are weighing your food, so you do not over eat. I found it kind of comes out in the wash so to speak.The shakes are delicious and the bars and soups are good, too. There is something for every taste.The coaches are helpful in sending/giving you samples of things that you might want to try. I could move to the next level of things, but with the holidays have decided to stay right where I am since it is working.I could go on and on, but if you are thinking about it, take a chance and book a consultation.Just DO IT!!read more
With the support of my coach, I was able to drop 20 pounds in about 2 months. And two years later it’s still off. The profile program helped change the way I look at food and what food I put on my plate! So happy to have found them.
With the support of my coach, I was able to drop 20 pounds in about 2 months. And two years later it’s still off. The profile program helped change the way I look at food and what food I put on my plate! So happy to have found them.
Nicole Kelly
This program really works! All the coaches are awesome, supportive and encouraging. Profile by Sanford is the best choice I ever made. I am the healthiest i have ever been.
Misti Childers
Leighton and the whole staff was amazing! I was able to get to my goal weight in no time. The food and shakes are so yummy and will continue to buy them. Thanks again!!!
Joe Reidling
I am so impressed by the coaches and staff at this location. They have truly gone above and beyond with their service and have played an integral role in my weight loss. I have learned a lot about myself and grown in ways that I wasn't expecting from the educational resources they walk you through. I now enjoy physical activity and look forward to it throughout the week. Not to mention the shakes and bars taste incredible and make it easy to follow the program. Thank you so much Profile.
Joe Reidling
I am so impressed by the coaches and staff at this location. They have truly gone above and beyond with their service and have played an integral role in my weight loss. I have learned a lot about myself and grown in ways that I wasn't expecting from the educational resources they walk you through. I now enjoy physical activity and look forward to it throughout the week. Not to mention the shakes and bars taste incredible and make it easy to follow the program. Thank you so much Profile.
Joe Reidling
I couldn't recommend this program more! I had tried other programs and was never able to keep the weight off but I lost 45 pounds with Profile. 5 months later it's still off and I'm off my blood pressure medication. The coaches make you feel comfortable and confident in your abilities by providing education and support. Also, the food is incredible. Try it! You will not regret it.
Laura Cavanaugh
Love this program!!! Finally an education on nutrition that works for me now and always! Coaches are supportive, positive, and keep me accountable! Great Team and love all the foods! Wafer bars are the best!!!
Kelli Jo Olson
The Profile program serves up exactly what I need to be successful and countable in my weightless and healthy lifestyle habits. The weekly coaching sessions are tailored to the obstacles and activities I face each week. Since staring this program in February, I have lost over 20 pounds and am now ready to being the maintenance and sustain phase. After doing other programs, Profile (and the coaches at Clive) have me feeling more confident in my ability to keep the old habits from creeping back in and the my habits becoming more natural.
Lori Patton
Amazing coaches, I have been that person to try many different ways to loose weight and get healthy. This is a fabulous program, it is a life changer forever!!!!
Lori Patton
Amazing coaches, I have been that person to try many different ways to loose weight and get healthy. This is a fabulous program, it is a life changer forever!!!!
Angie Cornwell
Profile has been the catalyst for so much growth and change in my life. Their program is a safe, educational, and sustainable way to change your body and your mindset. Their one on one coaching method gives you the knowledge you need to feel empowered in your choices about food. The coaches are so encouraging and empowering- shout out to Jessa who is the BEST coach ever and has become a friend as well. I would highly recommend profile to anyone looking to make a life change- it starts with losing weight but has also inspired so much other positive change in my life.
Shannon Mroz
After struggling with losing weight for years and trying many different programs that, although they worked, never took. My weight has been up and down, each time I ended up heavier than I was before I’d started a program because I never really felt like I made a mental change. After having twins I climbed to my highest weight ever and didn’t know what to do because I could barely move due to a bad back. Then I heard about Profile from a friend and saw their results. I looked into the program and it felt easy enough but also like I’d get the mental change/education I needed. Now, less than 8 weeks in I’m down 20lbs and on my way to a goal weight that never felt achievable to me before and a life after where I’ll know how to eat and live a healthy life.
Jean Corwin
I like Profile’s holistic nutrition and exercise plans based on research by doctors as well as their personal assistance by trained professionals.
Kaylee Buch
Everyone at Profile Lexington is welcoming and knowledgeable. The coaching holds you accountable and supports you through your health journey - couldn't recommend more if you're looking for a solution that lasts!
Amy Sabel
Profile is the WHOLE PACKAGE! I love having a coach to help hold me accountable and encourages me each week. The food options are great, tastes amazing and I now have a new love for veggies! I highly recommend to anyone, no matter your weight...its much more about getting healthy and making good decisions!
Jacqueline Conley
I had some initial weight loss success on my own, but once I hit a plateau I sought out the expertise of Profile by Sanford. The Clive store professionals are exactly that - professional, caring, sincere, and truly interested in helping me achieve my goals. The shake flavors are amazing, I absolutely love the bars, and the program still affords me the opportunity to incorporate my passion for cooking in my daily meal planning. Best of all, the program is so simple yet works! If you need to jump start your weight loss, get back on track, move past a roadblock, please give this program a try! Before you know it you'll be putting on jeans again for the first time in over 5 years like I recently did!
Arturo Heinsen
The Profile by Sanford Toledo team makes you feel like family. They have made weight loss simple and there coaching is outstanding. The shakes, Banana my favorite, are out of this word. This program is like no other. So happy they are with me throughout my weight loss Journey.
Boo & Cindy
I feel like Norm from Cheers every time I come in as I've only been coming for 3.5 months and all the coaches and managers know me by name. The coaches/nutritionists are wonderful to work with and the setup inside is very nice. The program really works and unlike other weight-loss places, they don't shove their product down your throat as they want to eventually get you away from their products and just eating healthy. Their shakes, bars and other products taste incredible and lots of variety to choose from!! Please stop by and see them for your free consultation!
Everyone at Profile Columbia is welcoming and knowledgeable. The coaching holds you accountable and supports you through your health journey - couldn't recommend more if you're looking for a solution that lasts!
Andries Van Pletzen
So far I lost 30 pounds with the help of Tony’s Profile Team. My councilor Sandy works with me to keep me motivated and creating new healthier habits. My health also improved, cholesterol score is normal and for the first time in years I have my type 2 diabetes under control. I recommend Profile to anyone who wants to lose weight and be healthier.
Andries Van Pletzen
So far I lost 30 pounds with the help of Tony’s Profile Team. My councilor Sandy works with me to keep me motivated and creating new healthier habits. My health also improved, cholesterol score is normal and for the first time in years I have my type 2 diabetes under control. I recommend Profile to anyone who wants to lose weight and be healthier.
Mark Patton
The coaching from the staff have given my wife, daughter, and myself reassurance, kindness, and sincere concern for helping us through the struggles of dieting.The Profile foods are tasty and helped us with our goals of losing weigth. I lost over 40 lbs. on their plan! It works!!Highly recommend Profile by Sanford at this location. The owners are wonderful people who will help and guide you to success with weigth loss!
Mark Patton
The coaching from the staff have given my wife, daughter, and myself reassurance, kindness, and sincere concern for helping us through the struggles of dieting.The Profile foods are tasty and helped us with our goals of losing weigth. I lost over 40 lbs. on their plan! It works!!Highly recommend Profile by Sanford at this location. The owners are wonderful people who will help and guide you to success with weigth loss!
Jonathan Kunze
Love the program and the coaches. I am so thankful I found Profile!!!
Lauren Hensley
I have felt like family since joining this Profile! They are so welcoming and always make me feel like I am at home when I am there. They have taught me so much about nutrition and have truly helped me live a better life. I can not thank them enough for helping me change my life style for the better.
Pamela Johnson
I have tried numerous diets before so when my Doctor suggested Profile in Highlands Ranch Colorado I was excited, but dubious. First impressions mean a lot and this office is beautiful. Clean, bright and well spaced out. My coach is so supportive and cheers me on every week. I love the easy to use tracking on the app and the food selection is impressive. I have been following the program for 6 weeks and down 18 pounds. Highly recommend that you try Profile.
Elina Bass
What an incredible program! The coaches a really knowledgeable and help you all the way through weight loss and after! This is the only program I have done that guides you out of eating for weight loss to eating for maintenance. They don't make you stay on their foods (which are delicious by the way) to keep the weight off. I have reached my goal and only eating my grocery foods and I am keeping it off! The coaches and management team are professional and know what they are doing. If you care about your health and want to lose weight the right way, JOIN!
Dylan Smith
All the staff at Profile Edina are rockstars. As a hotelier, customer service is really important to me. They hit all the keys here. They’re not the overly pushy coaches either. They are very supportive throughout the entire journey. They also get to know you as a person. Another trait that gets missed sometimes. I’m forever grateful to them in helping me make a positive lifestyle change to become a healthier person. Thank you Profile Edina!!
Hannah Warren
I couldn't recommend this place enough! The coaches are so knowledgeable and supportive. I have been able to keep my weight off, and they have also helped me have a better relationship with food and exercise.
Deb Hogan
I discovered Profile by Sanford due to the weight loss success of another client. I have been so pleased since I joined (only 6 weeks in!). I am pretty strong willed, but I'm surprised at how much the coaching is helping me stay on track and not get overwhelmed. It has been easy to weave the program into my every day life! I recommend Profile to anyone needing a well structured, well supported weight loss program!!
Create Success
I have tried so many weight loss options and have not been able to find anything that worked. The coaches at profile finally gave me the understanding and tools that I needed to lose this nagging weight that I've been carrying for years. Thanks!
Michelle Cronin
I am at the beginning of my third week and I lost 6 pounds. It’s a great concept! I tried for years to loose weight and it’s been a struggle. I need to be held accountable and that’s what they do at Profile.I look forward to my journey with this great company.I highly recommend Profile.
Angie Martin
Over the years, I've worked with nutritionists to manage a medical condition and my overall health, and I *thought* that I knew the value one could bring to my life--until I worked with Tiffanie.Tiffanie taught me about the science of nutrition and how to manage my condition and health for sure. Her expertise here is extensive and especially evident when contrasted with my previous experiences. There was no nutritional challenge for which she didn't have a number of recommendations (bonus: my lab results are the best they've ever been & I lost weight).However, the experience itself of working with Tiffanie is truly different, for she has taught me something fundamentally deeper. Through an amazing partnership, I have learned that food is fuel, food is self-love, and good, healthy food nourishes not only my body, but also my mind.Tiffanie's approach to nutrition is unique, and it truly has changed my life. It's because of her that... I now have the tools and support to directly influence how I feel through food. Consequently, I feel better, I think more clearly, and I am more resilient (and who doesn't need that right now?).read more
Kristin Hagan
I have had a wonderful experience with Profile! 6 weeks into the program and I am down 15lbs! After gaining weight during Covid, as much as I tried the weight was just not coming off....until I tried Profile. The app on my phone makes it easy to keep track of all the right foods I have had during the day. Jackie and the team are always so positive and motivating!
Renee Garcia
When exercise or diet alone doesn’t help with weight loss, profile by Sanford does. After trying multiple exercise and diet programs with no progress Profile got me where I wanted and needed to be, even while pregnant.Thank you Profile!!
Always warm and friendly. Always supportive for those seeking to lose extra weight. My experience has been totally positive as I’ve lost nearly 40 lbs.
Melissa Jones
Profile is the best! After trying many weight loss programs I have finally found one that works for me. Not only am I losing weight, I am changing my lifestyle. The coaches are encouraging and the food is great. I never feel that I am on a diet with all of the recipes that they provide. I know I can continue this for the long run! Anyone looking for a weight loss program or a healthy lifestyle should give Profile a try.
Leighton Lunger
So pleased with Profile Savannah's customer service and compassion for helping their community as well. This program is not a diet, but a way to change your lifestyle long term for the better and the team at this location is wonderful at walking you through that journey. I'm super impressed by the quality of coaches and management and understand why they are such a successful program. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!!!
Darcey Horejsh
The program is really easy and not too hard to follow! And isn’t super restrictive like some programs can be. Monica is my coach at Chandler and she is awesome! I have also had contact with Hayley and she seems wonderful as well! Monica is really easy to talk to and very understanding that life happens, you may slip up, or have events that make it hard to stick to your meal plan, but with education and knowledge from the program, it is not the end of the world. Monica also understands my limitations as a result of my ankle surgeries as it pertains to getting activity. Many times I have given up when I didn’t see a change in the scale numbers, but having the weekly coaching has helped me keep up with everything and continue on losing weight. I cannot wait to reach my goal with the support of the Chandler location!!!The coaches are the best! They truly care about you and your success!
Jenna Hilb
I can not speak highly enough about Profile by Sanford and their team of caring coaches! Weight loss is always a challenge but they have found a way to make is easy and achievable so that you can not only lose weight but also keep it off. The best part is they offer virtual coaching so you can stay on track even in quarantine!
April Zesbaugh
During this crazy Covid year I knew it was going to be hard to lose weight by myself. I tried a few times and just couldn’t make any lasting changes. So I started my weight loss journey at Profile by Sanford in Highlands Ranch, Colorado less than six weeks ago and I’m already down 21 pounds and more than 6 inches of body fat. I credit the delicious food and my awesome coach Bobbi! She’s a great cheerleader and has a ton of knowledge about the program. She has really seen it all so I can’t throw any curveball at her that she can’t handle. 😉 Another thing I like about Profile is how I can weigh daily/weekly at my own leisure and privacy at home. When you start out they give you a scale that links to the Internet and uploads your body fat and weight. The weight loss is steady enough that it helps keep you inspired and motivated.If you’ve tried everything else and you just can’t stick with a program or have trouble with motivation,... you’ve got to try more
Tyler Bernet
The customer service at Profile-Carmel is phenomenal! The coaches are knowledgeable and always there to help... The plan is easy to follow and the food is tasty! Love it.
Dana Gjermo
Kim& Carissa are truly inspiring at helping me see I can and I will make my goals. Great program! So many tools to help achieve my goal weight. Thanks for your endless support!!
Julie Ryan
Great place, Great coaches, Great weight loss ! 10/10
Laura Cavanaugh
The team and coaches are amazing!!! Profile values my journey to lose weight and meet my goals. Love the wafer bars!!!
Laura Cavanaugh
Staff is amazing!!! They always make me and my journey top priority!!!The unconditional support from my coach and the Mocha Latte shakes make my day.
Macy Axline
10/10 recommend for healthy and sustainable weight loss! Very friendly staff!
Kathy Burge
This is a great Profile by Sanford location. The staff is very accommodating and friendly. Sara my coach is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend anybody who wants to get on a healthier path.
Michael McAllister
Not a gimmick. But somehow it does work quick! Follow the plan designed by the they say "stay on plan" and you lose the weight. Shockingly simple and effective.
Elina Bass
What an incredible staff and coaches! They are true professionals and have done an amazing job guiding me in my journey. The food tastes great and there is a big variety. I love the fact that I don't have to stay on the food to keep the weight off. My coach helped me exit and sustain after the weight loss was done, which most other companies I have tried do not do. Honestly, this healthcare organization is the best in weight loss. I recommend them to all of my family and friends.
Cherri Simmons
I’ve been with Profile by Sanford since July 2019 working with a few different coaches (Erica, Brennan, Chris, David and Alec) They have helped me to lose 45 pounds. I’ve been able to quit taking my diabetes medicine and have been maintaining for a few months now. They have wonderful coaches to help inspire and encourage me! The products are wonderful tasting and really help you to change those bad habits. I am so grateful for Profile and have a much better future because of them!
Amanda Rosa Plombon
I'm so happy with my results so far!!! The staff is amazing, very professional and caring. Their system works! It's not just about the weight loss. I've learned a lot about health and wellness on my coaching sessions and I will carry that knowledge for the rest of my life. Highly recommended!!!
Quinn Buckingham
This is the only weight loss program that has made me successful. I have tried Weight Watchers and have done self-tracking with MyFitnessPal. Currently, I am 15 lbs away from my goal of 50 lbs and it has only been four months. As long as you follow the plan it will work. No doubt. I have learned to change my lifestyle and be accountable. My coaches, Sarah and Jackie have been very helpful in my progression to a healthier life.
William Meringolo
What an AMAZING place...the only place that has "taught" me how to eat properly...the coaches are absolutely stellar and the food taste great... highly recommend would give 10 stars if I could!
Ryan Kalinowski
Great overall experience! The health coaches do a great job teaching lifestyle changing behaviors and the food tastes great. The meal plans are super easy to follow and their app made tracking simplistic.
Ryan Kalinowski
Great overall experience! The health coaches do a great job teaching lifestyle changing behaviors and the food tastes great. The meal plans are super easy to follow and their app made tracking simplistic.
Kayla Sigette
Love the Profile foods that fit into the simple and effective meal plans. The coaches will help you hit your goals and keep the weight off!
Kayla Sigette
Simple and easy meal plan to help lose weight! Great coaching to provide accountability and focus on making a healthy lifestyle change!!
DJ Swype
Great overall experience! The health coaches do a great job teaching lifestyle changing behaviors and the food tastes great. The meal plans are super easy to follow and their app made tracking simplistic.
DJ Swype
Great overall experience! The health coaches do a great job teaching lifestyle changing behaviors and the food tastes great. The meal plans are super easy to follow and their app made tracking simplistic.
This program has been great for me! I have tried for many years to lose weight on my own and I haven't been successful until I found Profile. The plan is easy to follow and very manageable. The membership includes a scale to weigh-in at home which syncs to the app and regular body scans are provided. Seeing the amazing progress in the numbers along the way has been very motivating for me. And my coaches, Sydney and Hannah, have been extremely helpful, supportive and encouraging. This plan works - I wish I would have found it sooner!
Leighton Lunger
I can't speak more highly about this team and how much they care for their clients. It's not just about losing weight to the coaches there, but really finding out YOUR needs and focusing on how they can help you specifically. Elina is just wonderful but I'm sure everyone there is great- food tastes great (best shakes I've had) and you really don't get hungry on this plan. Give it a try!!!
Jarin Jaffee
Profile works! And the Profile Alpharetta team is awesome. I lost 35lbs and have had an amazing healthy lifestyle journey. Beautiful store, quality coaches, great products. It's the complete solution!
Jarin Jaffee
Profile works! And the Profile Alpharetta team is awesome. I lost 35lbs and have had an amazing healthy lifestyle journey. Beautiful store, quality coaches, great products. It's the complete solution!
dawn johnson
The weekly coaching makes all difference.Each coaching session is personalized to help me reach my goals, manage my nutritional plan and give me techniques that will change bad habits so I can learn to keep my weight off.
Melissa Jones
The coaches are great and the food is amazing! I can't thank Profile enough for helping me meet my weight loss goals. After trying many programs, I have finally reached my goal by working with Profile.
Leia Barrett
The staff is AMAZING and are always so helpful. I have finally found a program that is teaching me to live a healthy lifestyle and not just lose the weight. Highly recommend Profile 🙂
Leia Barrett
I am so happy with my results so far. The coaching staff is so helpful and are always there to hold me accountable. I have finally found a program that is teaching me how to sustain my weight loss long term!
Kelly Phelps
Profile has really helped me make lifestyle changes towards reaching my weight loss goals. The health coaches are very supportive and so informative! Not only are the shakes so good, but I get to enjoy my favorite grocery foods in healthier new ways at the same time! This is the place to go to reach your health and wellness goals!
Wray Jean Fincher
I love Profile. It's been a game changer in my life. I'm repeatedly told it's not a diet. It's a lifestyle. They helped me regain my confidence back and make life changes that have helped me since I reached my weight loss goals.
Arturo Heinsen
The Staff and are amazing, the products are delicious and I lost 30 pounds during my weigh loss journey. The coaching is what make Profile different from other programs. Highly recommended!!!
Profile Palm Beach is amazing - the coaching + plan not only help you lose the weight, but they educate you on how to keep it off. Couldn't recommend them enough!!
Molly Gilles
I had a wonderful experience here! I have lost 50 pounds, and have reached my goal weight! I could not have done it without the help of the coaches. They have also taught me things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life so that I do not ever get back to where I was. Highly recommend!!!!
Samantha Stroud
Brian is an amazing coach. He really helped me understand not just how to use the product, but how to make this a life style change. My kids aren't request cakes and burgers anymore. We also meal prep and cook as a family now. Profile a product focused experience. Its about giving you the tools to be successful in life.
Lynn Erstad
I have had a great experience with Profile. My coach, Hailey, has been very encouraging and supportive. I appreciate her fun, positive personality. She has made me feel so comfortable with questions and concerns. I have especially liked the great taste of the bars and shakes. I have learned so much about healthy living through the modules and tips from Hailey.😀
Addy K
I've been working with Kim for about 2 months and it has been great! She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and is always encouraging. I highly recommend checking out Profile if you are in need of a lifestyle change and want a strong support system!
Charlotte Farnworth
I started my Profile journey to lose some weight I had gained from medications. It was amazing!! Their plan was easy to follow and the support of the coaches was just what I needed when I struggled with motivation. Hannah and Rebecca are amazing and knowledgeable and will help support you to whatever goal you are looking to achieve.
ctina der
This program changed my life in terms of how I look at food. The coaches teach you all about how food should be used to balance out how you fuel your body throughout the day. I’ve tried every weight loss program around through the years, and I’ve never been successful. After a health scare my cardiologist, you read that right, my doctor suggested I try this program. I was told it wasn’t a fad diet , it is a program designed to retrain your body. She was right, imagine that! 🙂 Growing up in the south, my body was trained to run on sugar and fat. Our bodies are genetically designed to process healthy food, and this program teaches you that. Healthy food can taste good, and you will learn to crave it over foods with poor nutrition. If you have struggled with weight all of your life, give this program a chance. Many thanks to the coaching staff at the Lexington location who have been amazing throughout this new way of life for me!
Tanya Lawrence
Best coaches, they have walked me through my 50 pound weight loss. Very friendly, professional and very supportive. I’m so glad I found them. Food is so good even my husband loves it.
Wray Jean Fincher
Profile is the best. I look forward to each and every coaching session. They give me the compassion, support and accountability that I need each week.
Jennifer Rath
If you want a solid, structured plan to lose weight, and also gain the knowledge, tools, habits, and support to keep it off, look no further. Wonderful people work here as coaches to help you set and achieve your goals.
Karen Holton
This is a great program that works! The coaches are very helpful and teach you to be successful and learn new skills. Food tastes great too.
Brandon Steele
Profile Alpharetta is changing lives everyday!! Tony and his team are so passionate about helping people lose weight and want to be there for all of your needs. Not only have they helped so many hit their goal weight, but they teach them how to keep the weight off for a life time. Thank you Tony and Alpharetta for all that you do to keep your community healthy.
Brandon Steele
Profile Alpharetta is changing lives everyday!! Tony and his team are so passionate about helping people lose weight and want to be there for all of your needs. Not only have they helped so many hit their goal weight, but they teach them how to keep the weight off for a life time. Thank you Tony and Alpharetta for all that you do to keep your community healthy.
Melissa Jones
The coaches at Profile have helped me to reach my weight loss goal. They provide valuable information every week at my appointment that is tailored to my needs. The food is great and there is so much variety. I am so glad that I chose Profile to help me reach my goals!
Sarah Luft
The staff here is friendly and very helpful. Sue Nowatzke is a superb coach! She walks the walk not just the talk👍
Jonathan Kunze
Love Profile Alpharetta. A great team of coaches who care about you. They will help you reach your health goals!
Jonathan Kunze
Love Profile Alpharetta. A great team of coaches who care about you. They will help you reach your health goals!
Hannah Warren
I would absolutely recommend Profile! They have the best coaches and are helping me on my weight loss journey. They will work with you to help you keep the weight off and they really care about your health.
Hannah Warren
Profile is incredible. The staff here is so knowledgeable and has helped me get to my weight loss goal. The coaches are supportive and help me navigate whatever I'm struggling with that week. I'm excited because I'm confident I can keep this weight off. The program has not only helped me lose weight but changed my relationship with food and has overall improved my physical and mental health. Would absolutely recommend!
Kaylee Buch
The best program I have ever done. It's easy, convenient and most importantly sustainable. All the coaches were friendly, encouraging, motivating, and very passionate about helping me achieve my goals!
Joanna Arroyo
Profile by Sanford is the best health plan for weight loss that I have ever tried. I tried so many before, but they failed to help me stay healthy and lose weight. Their meal plans are both healthy and delicious, which is very rare in other health plans. I recommend Profile by Sanford to anyone trying to achieve great health and significant weight loss.
Jarin Jaffee
The Profile Augusta team is amazing. It's a compassionate, personal, successful program that has changed the lives of many, including me! Weight loss is not easy, and sustaining is even harder - having Profile health coaches alongside you in that journey is awesome and I would highly recommend to anyone.
Silvia Steinfeld
Staff at this location is so knowledgeable and caring. They helped me change my lifestyle and loose 50 pounds . Great place and I think final solution to weight problem . Thank you Hendersonville Profile team.
Elaine Brower
I joined Profile 16 weeks ago. At 40y/o, overweight ever since I can remember, having tried multiple diets & other programs, I was skeptical but because my doctor recommended it, I figured why not, what did I have to lose except weight! (Pun intended)As soon as I walked in the door of Profile, I felt comfortable, at peace, at home. I went in with high expectations thinking they wouldn’t meet them, they proved me wrong. Not only have they met them but they’ve surpassed them. The coaches are fantastic, supportive, encouraging, will laugh with you and cry with you. The shakes, proteins bars and all the food I’ve had from Profile is incredible and I’m a very picky southern girl who likes to eat. I’ve lost 65.5lbs in my 16 weeks but I have gained so much more! I’ve gained confidence, friendships, I’ve been educated, have been able to encourage and inspire others not only in losing weight but emotionally in general and most important and my... biggest non-scale victory has been relationships with my family & friends. You can’t put a price on more
Leia Barrett
I absolutely LOVE all of the coaches here. I am so thankful to have found Profile!
Leia Barrett
The coaches are GREAT! I am so thankful for their guidance as I become a healthier version of myself!
Julie Ryan
Profile by Sanford changes lives! The coaches and environment here is wonderful. You certainly feel like family walking into this place.. warm, vibrant, and inviting. I would totally recommend 10/10
April Brown
This is the easiest and most effective program I've ever tried to lose weight. Not only is the plan easy and healthy, the 1 on 1 coaching really takes this program to the next level. The coaches really care and are so helpful. I can't recommend this enough. This is where everyone should start theirr weight loss journey.
Alyssa Mercado
I cannot say enough great things about Profile. My advice; if you have tried over and over again to lose weight. If you have given up on trying to get healthier. Try one more time and let the coaches of Profile help you. You won't regret it!
Leighton Lunger
I love everything about Profile, and the team in Toledo is just as great as the rest of "Profile Nation" in every way. They truly put their heart into their coaching and make nutrition simple to understand. They have so many reviews because they deserve each and every one. If you have tried other programs and then join Profile, you'll understand why it is "top notch!" Highly recommend Profile Toledo!
Molly Gilles
I love this place! Such a great atmosphere and the people there made me feel so comfortable in my own skin!!! They helped me regain my confidence back and make life changes that have helped me since I reached my weight loss goal. I am never going back to the old me thanks to this team!!!!
Leighton Lunger
I can't say enough about this team and their passion. They CARE about their members and really want to see everyone succeed. It's better than going to a therapist because you can talk about how rough your week was and why it made you eat a double scoop of ice cream, but then you also learn how to read nutrition labels in the same appointment. All-around support and encouragement found here. YOU GUYS ROCK!
Leighton Lunger
QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY. This place is the real deal for weight loss but more importantly, the staff is top-notch. When I buy a service or invest in something, I expect the customer service to align with the value and I am never disappointed here. They actually CARE about their customers. I highly recommend Profile for weight loss, but also for all-around support.
Tyler Bernet
This is really a great program and a life changer! The coaching is really top notch and makes all of the difference... Everyone is very kind and knowledgeable.
Jonathan Kunze
The Augusta Profile team is wonderful. So thankful for all of the amazing coaches. Go see them!
Jonathan Kunze
What a great team! Love all of the coaches. Highly recommend!!!
Amy Stephens
Love the coaches here!
Amy Stephens
Love the coaches here!
Lauren Hensley
Profile by Sanford has helped me have a lot of success with my weight loss journey. Everyone is so professional and friendly. They are like a family to me. I can’t thank them enough for helping me on my journey. If you are looking for a great weight loss program this is the program for you!
Sabra Nebus
Profile continues to change my life on a daily basis. The coaches are supportive and knowledgeable. Their positivity rubs off on you on day one. I am so very grateful to the entire Profile family and all that they represent and do.
Karen Neneman
I really like this program and the store is great. Awesome staff and my coach Sara is so sweet and encouraging.
Leia Barrett
The coaches are GREAT! I have learned to live a healthy new lifestyle and am finally feeling back to myself. Highly recommend!
Jennifer Tuohy
If you are looking to have a partner and professional on your weight loss journey, then you need to reach out to anyone on the Profile team. They are amazing! No matter what your goals are, they will help you succeed. The food is delicious and their plans are easy to follow. They are here to help you lose weight and keep it off. I love the coaching sessions and the support they provide throughout your entire journey. They have an easy app to track your progress and message your coach for any questions. They are unlike any other nutrition plan or company I have used before. They have helped me become more confident in my body and mindset. They are here to help you succeed! Best decision I made this year was to sign up with Profile!
Jana Swenson
My coach is encouraging full of grace and helps me set achievable goals for the next week.
Krista Knowles
Profile by Sanford truly is a program that works, but just like anything else you have to put in the effort on your side. The coaches are awesome and help you work through tough situations. Wonderful program!
Lee Dollahan
Update a year and a half later.I am still going strong with 2 pounds to goal. 120 gone so far. I still go every week and cannot give the coaches here enough praise.They are all awesome in their own ways. If you are looking for a program for a true lifestyle change, this is one I can't recommend enough!!The personalization of this program really works for me. Sitting down with someone one-on-one and talking things through and creating plans gives me a solid direction and purpose. Everyone here is great, I've had sessions with many of the coaches (shout-out to Lori, Ali, and Abby!) and they are all very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive.Update now 2 years, reset my goal, and trying to figure out how to maintain a good balance. Coaching continues to be key.
Ellie Serrano
Great coaches, supportive and focused on helping you meet goals not pushing product
Neha Patel
I have been working with Profile by Sanford for 3 months now and the program has worked really well for me. As a type II diabetic I find the low carb program so easy to manage my diabetes, keep my blood sugars under control and advance my weight loss. I have increased energy and feel so much lighter. There are so many options of food items and the weekly coach meetings provides the support I need to continue on my weight loss journey. I am so grateful that I found something that works for me to not only lose weight but truly get healthier!
Marie Johnson
I love Profile and my coach Belinda and the others are great as well! I started Profile in 2018, 3 months later I was diagnosed with cancer and had to under go treatments for 6 months, they were wonderful even as I took a break from Profile. When I returned, we reassessed my goals to strength and health with less focus on the scale. We adjusted my plan and I am reaching my goals! Belinda is great to work with and very intelligent, especially when assessing my goals and making changes to reach those goals!
Jasmine Blocker
Very good program I have been losing weight and I am loving it. It’s a very good and easy program to follow! Get fit with Profile!
Erick Peterson
Hailey and the crew are AWESOME!! We have tried diets in the past and always gained the weight back. I can honestly say that this isnt a diet, its a lifestyle change. I have lost almost 40 lbs and havent gained it back like in other programs we have done. This is absolutely a game changer and I would HIGHLY recommend!!
Marsh Walzer
Some people share their success after reaching their goals. I just finished my first week on Profile by Sanford and so far I give it an A+.One week does not a total success make, but from what I’ve experienced with the program and coaching by the phenomenal Belinda, my path to long term and sustainable success is on the way. I’m learning more every day, and for a retiree guy, it really helps to move beyond just the pounds, shakes and foods. I’m learning about flexibility with goals that are sustainable in my physical and emotional well-being. There is a uniqueness about this program which brings about positivity and hope for my 66 year old mind and body because of the professionalism, empathy and compassion within the team at Profile by Sanford Minnetonka. Week 1: Done together for my initial progress. Thank you!
Karen Cushman
I’m a RN with some health and nutrition background and I really believe in this program!My coaches have college degrees in Wellness, Psychology, and Nutrition. I’m able to primarily schedule my weekly appointments with the coach that I feel fits my personality and lifestyle best, however, they are all incredibly kind and supportive as they guide you with positive lifestyle changes!Profile products are delicious but I still prepare some of my own food as well. As I am reaching my goals, moving through Profile’s stages, I’m gradually transitioning to preparing all of my meals and snacks as I set sustainable changes.My only disappointment, no fault of Profile, is that my healthcare plan does not assist with the cost.I highly recommend!!
PJ Moore
Paulina Alas is an exceptional coach!!! Helps my brother and me with knowledge, suggestions and great advice!
DeAnn Grimmius
I have tried several "diets" to get rid of the weight that has been creeping up for the past few years...nothing I could stick with. I have been on the plan for just 2 weeks and the weight is coming off. Its easy to follow and take with you on the road. I was out of town for 10 days and could easily pack what I needed to stay on plan and continue to lose weight while enjoying myself. Shakes and bars taste great!Still loving Profile after 2 years... Kalin keeps me on track to maintain my weight and follow through on goals.
traci wingerter
I was struggling with many aspects of my life, and saw a profile ad on. Facebook. I made an appointment and from day 1 I felt more in control. My coach Marissa is great, The program is easy to follow and the bars and shakes are great!
Don Ruzsa
I really enjoy the encouragement and coaching I receive in reaching my weight loss goals. My personal coach is a rockstar 😎
Dana Throngard
Let me tell you I haven't met a bad coach yet at the Woodbury location. They are all great and very knowledgeable. You get the feeling they want you to succeed and it feels great. Their willingness to help me work around my obstacles has been great and given me the hope I needed to press on. I'm going on my third week and couldn't be more excited about the weight I have lost so far. The bars and shakes all taste great too which I was a little shocked about.
Haley Moore
Mu husband and I started Profile and love it. It's easy, the coaches are encouraging and give you good accountability. We are learning a lot and getting closer to our goals as well as getting tools to make our family healthier. It's been great.
LC Claussen
Profile by Sanford is a great program! It has helped me get my life and health goals back on track. The plan works once you set your mind to following it. The shakes and bars taste great.The weekly coaching sessions are excellent. Brennan is a great coach! He keeps me motivated to eat healthy foods and stay active to be the best you can be. I highly recommend the program!!
LuAnn Ferguson
Best weight loss experience I have had. As long as you follow the plan, the weight comes off. Mindset, exercise, food intake, coaching all combine for a successful, personalized experience. Thanks to Coach Belinda and the team at Profile by Sanford Minnetonka!
Emily Kuhn
I love Profile! Profile helped me gain back my confidence in myself along with loving a healthy lifestyle. With the weekly coaching sessions it keeps you accountable and want to stay on track with your individual meal plan.
Jacquelyn Diedrich
Amazing coach that inspires and motivates to achieve a healthy lifestyle! The weekly check ins are great to stay on track and there is great communication between appointments when I have questions, always receive quick responses.
I have been with Profile almost since they opened several years ago. Yes, it is designed to help you lose weight, but if you embrace it, it is so much more. It’s about moving towards a better life. They start with food and then gracefully add getting your body moving. The 1:1 coaching is the most helpful as they work with the challenges of your unique life. I’ve lost weight. I’ve lost inches and I’ve improved my health - diabetic to pre-diabetic range. I keep going back because it helps me continue to keep on track and frankly Belinda at the Minnetonka store is an incredible, motivating, thoughtful and caring coach.
Don Ruzsa
I really enjoy the encouragement and coaching I receive in reaching my weight loss goals. My personal coach is a rockstar 😎
Aleena Thomas
I have lost 40 pounds with Profile by Sanford! All the coaches are so helpful and I am enjoying my experience with them!
Kelly O'Heron
I recently joined the staff of Profile in Madison! WOW! This is a stellar team committed to supporting and educating their members. The outcomes are so much more than weight loss. The entire member journey involves individualized coaching, delicious food, and working together through barriers for Lasting Change!
Natalie Ferland
I would recommend Profile to anyone looking to make a lifestyle change. The coaches are fantastic and the plan is broken out so simply that my only wish is that I had found out about it sooner! I met my weight loss goal in approximately 3 months and I owe it all to Profile.
Michelle Kiscaden
I love Profile! They helped me loose weight for my wedding and I’ve been going for a year and a half after that! They have helped me keep off the weight and incorporate healthy eating and workout habits. My Dad and Aunt have both been part of the system and both have also had very positive results! It barely even feels like a diet with the tasty protein bars and shakes! I would highly recommend Profile to anyone!
Libby L
Profile has definitely made a difference in my life. And while I have not been focused enough to finish my journey, YET, I know that the program works and I always find my way back. Profile does a GREAT job of providing their coaches with the necessary tools, and finding people with the passion for helping others. It is a journey, they don't deny that, but it's an encouraging journey. And Profile comes out with new foods and flavors often to keep things exciting. 🙂 Thank you!!
pam simanski
After seeing a friend succeed on Profile by Sanford, I decided to give it a go. I was following a low carb diet with little success. Meeting with either coach Lauren or Deb weekly, has helped me stay dedicated to my health goals. I love that this plan does not restrict you to their shakes and bars, unlike other weight loss plans I have tried in the past. They show you how and when to eat grocery food along with Profile foods too. The coaches at Woodbury are so supportive and have answers for ALL my questions. No one judges but rather encourages and realizes life happens. Thank you Profile!
Alejandra Ladron de Guevara
I joined Profile at the end of July, I have to say that I was a little hesitant to join but my coach Belinda explained everything so well that I decided to try this program. I have lost 16 pounds so far and I feel great.. Working with Belinda and planning the week and weekend ahead of time has made it very easy to stick to the program. The staff at Profile Minnetonka is amazing. The meals are good and the follow up and encouragement from my coach have made it a great experience for me. This program has been easy to follow and I would recommend it to anyone who is ready to make a change in their lifestyle.
Courtney Gehl
I am so grateful for finding Profile. It is so much more than a weight loss program! I have learned the importance of dealing with the mental health and emotional piece to help me be successful with losing weight and maintaining my goal weight. I cannot say enough amazing things about this plan and the amazing coaches at the Minnetonka location.
Jenny Khan
Profile and my coach, Kennedi have been a tremendous help on my weight loss journey! I have lost over 40 lbs and feel great. I have more to go but at this point it has become a lifestyle and not hard at all. Kennedi is very encouraging and has helped me every step of the way. It helps a lot to have someone to be accountable to! Kennedi is the BEST!!
Jodi Schinzing
I have been so pleased with everyone at the Woodbury location they have all been very helpful and made doing this program very easy. My main coach is Courtney and she is great! I have also met with Lauren and they both are very encouraging, supportive and really care about helping people. I have been on the program for about 3 months and I am already 40lb down and feel great! I was looking for something that would give me a guide on what and when to eat - all I had to do was follow it so If you want to get healthy, eat real food along with some great tasting shakes and bars then this plan will work for you. Don't wait - your health is well worth it!!
Lyn O'Shea
LOVE this program!!! Proves smart and sustainable weight loss is possible for anyone!! Biggest realization of my past failed attempts is that support and encouragement are keys to success. Profile by Sanford provides those essential elements with education, amazing coaches, mapped out meal programs and delicious food options. Owner Jarin, has assembled a positive and friendly team who are truly dedicated to helping clients achieve goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Mind and body enjoying benefits from the program's holistic approach! Highly recommend!!!❤💪
Gayle Eberhard
The coaches at Profile are wonderful. Very knowledgeable and help keep you on track. I like the variety of the food as well.
Found Profile during a health fair at work and it has helped me change my bad habits with food and get healthy! Belinda is a great coach! Couldn’t do this without her encouragement!
Alan Harrah
My wife and I have been working with Profile for 18 months now. We've had an exceptional experience! The tasty food, manageable plan, accountability through our coach Belinda, and overall results have made this sustainable and a great experience. I'm down 50+ lbs, feel way better, and have made serious life style changes!
The plan is going well. I love my coach Lana and would recommend using her to anyone if I were asked. She has seen me through some tough days; with Covid-19 and suddenly working from my home; I started to feel very alone. I participated in the phone calls and it helped; but as I became more depressed I eventually derailed from the plan. Once I was able to return to face to face visits it has helped; and I have nearly lost the weight I gained back in between. Lana is truly my inspiration and I am finding staying on the plan much easier this second time around. I enjoy some Profile food more than other items. I try to mix it up and keep an open mind. Lana keeps me motivated and reminds me there is "no looking back in the rear view mirror".
Tammy's Travel Tips and more McLain
Love this program. As a lady in my 50s nothing worked for my weight loss until I tried Profile. I have been successful and am healthier was taken off of cholesterol and blood pressure medication and I owe this to healthy eating and weight loss. My coach Hannah is amazing and very supportive and knowledgeable.
Phil Ricciardi
My coach at Profile, Kaiti, has continued to guide and support my journey of weight loss. She has made it possible for me to lose 85 lbs in less than 9 months. We’ve still got a little ways to go, but Kaiti will get me to my goal!
Mia Koenig
Absolutely wonderful! Couldn't be better😍 great communication with coach. very helpful and positive in every way!🤗😁😊🍌
Paige James
Tony and Paula operate an exceptional Profile store. They are fully knowledgeable of the program and have an excellent team of coaches ready to support you in your choice to get healthy!
Paige James
Tony and Paula operate an exceptional Profile store. They are fully knowledgeable of the program and have an excellent team of coaches ready to support you in your choice to get healthy!
Eddie J. Campos
Profile by Sanford not only delivers exceptional guidance and support for those of us in need of weight loss advice, but they are superior community partners. Thanks for all you do!
Austin Horton
Very helpful coaches! Large variety of shakes and bars.
Profile has been a major game changer for me, ever since I started in January. I had hit a plateau and was working out regularly every week (4 or 5 days). The part I like the most is the accountability of checking in with my coach, this was a game changer for me. There is no judgment, they will work out what's going on with you and see how you can work on a small goal each week. They can help you get back on track in no time and work with whatever crazy schedule is going on. Sometimes for my weekly appointment I just need that reminder that it's okay. I try to be super mom, professional, teacher and more. Remember we are all human, cheat days, a bad weeks at work, or life in general will happen, that's okay. There is a wide range of shakes and bars to choose from (staple products). Once, you get to add other foods i highly recommend the pasta, pizza and the ice cream. I started this journey because I finally wanted to invest... in myself, and I have not been disappointed at more
Love the program! Great food options that don’t make you feel like you’re on a diet. My coach is AMAZING...Very helpful, and motivating! You get a scale for home that syncs to the app, no more weighing in at your meeting! App is easy to use with many options including as link to message directly to coaches who they respond within minutes!I look forward to meetings each week! I’m confident I WILL reach my healthy goals/lifestyle!Thx Profile by Sanford MINNETONKA TEAM 😃
Rebecca Salisbury
The coaches are great. They really try and list we n so they can help with any obstacles you may have. The shakes are really good and so is the rest of the food. This program really works if you want it to.
Rebecca Schultz
Profile has been a game changer for me. I have been on a number of different plans - Noom, Slimgenics, Jenny, Personal Trainers etc none of which I was able to stick with for one reason (or excuse) or another... And then I found profile. Coach Deb is AMAZING. She's great for holding me accountable, but also finds helpful and creative ways to help me stay motivated even during the toughest times- and believe me, weight loss and lifestyle changes are not an easy feat for me, there are lots of ups and downs. I cannot praise Deb nor the Profile program enough. And as an added bonus- Profile is affordable, sustainable and the meals/meal meal replacements they offer actually taste good.
Nichole Roberts
Profile by Sanford has been life changing for me! After having two children and struggling not only with losing weight but maintaining the weight loss, I found a program that finally works. I have lost 15+ lbs in such a short amount of time by eating and exercising the right way. The coaches at the Toledo location on Secor were there for every step of the way and so encouraging. The shakes and bars are amazing and the plan is so easy to follow. I now crave vegetables and look forward to working out. This was not only a physical change for me but a mental one as well. I cannot thank everyone I came across at Profile enough!
Christopher Green
The team here is great. They genuinely want to see their members succeed and are dedicated in ensuring their members reach their goals. I have been working with the team since February and throughout my experience, the team has been professional and attentive during our weekly coaching sessions. If you are serious about making a positive change in your lifestyle to benefit your health, check them out. You will not be disappointed in your results.
Jason Wright
(Posted by Amanda Wright) Profile was crucial in helping me lose my stubborn baby weight that I couldn’t get rid of all on my own! They became such a big support system for me in finding myself again!
Brittney Dahlin
My experience at Profile Minnetonka with Kalin has been wonderful! My husband and I both have been very successful on the program. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in losing weight and building healthy habits.
Narasimha Das
The coaching and the support is by far the most important, effective, and appreciated part of this program! Everyone is kind, thoughtful, welcoming, and supportive. They hold you accountable while ensuring you feel inspired. I fully recommend the Profile team at Coconut Creek for anyone who needs to lose weight and get healthier!
Jamie Herman
Loving my results after just 3 weeks, finally feeling good again! My coach is a huge help and the shakes and bars are so tastey!
Tony Stout
A friend of mine recommended Profile to me to help me lose weight. The staff has been very kind and professional. Ryan is an excellent coach that will motivate and help you stay on program with the end results in mind.
Rebecca Gilles
Shout out to the team at Profile Nashville! The coaches are professional and encouraging!
Shannon Santos
Profile by Sanford is such a great program. I am a mom of two small kids and needed to get rid of the baby weight. Juggling a busy schedule and always on the run I needed something straight forward and easy to follow! This was it! I have lost almost 40 pounds on the program and feel amazing! The coaches give such helpful suggestions and keep you accountable.
Lou-Ann Rogers
Profile is the best! My counselor, Candace, is helpful, friendly, yet still professional. She has helped me through some tough weeks of quarantine and slower weight loss--always positive, always encouraging. Great program and really fantastic people.
Cory Matyja
Love my coach, the accountability and food tastes great.
Jessica Ehlers
I have been with Profile since Dec 2018 and it has really worked for me. The coaches have been understanding and supportive. They have a variety of products to help make the program work for you. Very happy I found Profile and signed up.
race girl
Big thanks to my amazing husband who did some research and found Profile by Sanford for me. I began my Journey a week ago yesterday 9/14/20. I'm no spring chicken, but the feeling of always being tired, not wanting to participate in everyday life, and having horrible headaches every darn day was exhausting. My coach Ryan is awesome, willing to help whenever I may need it, we were both super psyched on my first week. Now I'm ready for many more!
Evelyn Wandrey
My coach is great about staying in touch and not letting me slide.
Tara Lanin
I have really enjoyed working with many of the Profile coaches at the Mankato Store. Throughout my weight loss journey, I have taken the opportunity to meet with coaches when I need to. When I first started, I met with a coach weekly, but after I felt I was able to be accountable on my own, I only schedule an appointment as I feel the need to. Even if it is just a call or an email check in, a coaches guidance and encouragement is great to have when needed.The products are awesome! I have tried all sorts of protein shakes and supplements throughout my life. I love the taste of Profile shakes the best. They don't have that weird "protein" flavor. Mixing the mocha or salted caramel with my morning coffee is a great way to start my day:)
DawnandBob Lamont
Profile by Sanford in Charlotte has an amazing team that is supporting my husband and I get our health back on track as well as supporting us as we train for a marathon. The staff is incredible and we are grateful to have such knowledge supportive coaches to work with us on this journey.
Ann Syphus
Profile has taught me how to changed the choices I make which has lead to a healthier lifestyle for me. I have tried so many programs but profile works! With my last scan, I’ve lost a foot and a half of inches! That’s incredible for me!The weekly sessions with a coach are key to this program and my success. They’re real people who take the time to understand me, help me process my good weeks along with the weeks when I struggle. Each coach has been good for me in different ways, but Alex is is the best of the best! He knows my triggers, is so good at focusing on the positives, and helps me reset and formulate a game plan for each week.The food is tasty. Love the chili, sloppy joes and waffles. They have excellent recipes that utilize the vegetables from my garden. Their protein shakes are delicious- check out the Salted Carmel with dark chocolate veggie powder— my fav!
Abby John
This is my second round with Profile here in Las Vegas and I love it. The new staff is absolutely great and personable and really help with any questions or concerns. Tricia is my coach and from the first time I spoke with her on the phone before coming back I can just tell this was someone who really wanted me to succeed and not just there to push products. She listens, answers all my questions and is just awesome to have on my weight loss journey.
Krissy Legan
I absolutely love Profile by Sanford and all of the coaches who have taken their time to meet with me every week to discuss my week, my plan, my goals, and to encourage me through this journey!
Jen Campos
Excellent experience! I've been on the program for 8 weeks now and have lost 36.1 lbs so far! The food tastes great, I don't feel hungry all the time like I did before doing Profile, the staff is friendly and supportive, the one-on-one coaching is very helpful and the plan is easy to follow. If you follow the plan, you will have success with weight loss! I'm looking forward to continued success with this program!
Joel Anthony
Great program and easy to follow. The coaches are great too work with and I can keep in touch with them between coaching appointment's if I have any questions. The products are very good and easy to use.
Mary Elizabeth Theodore
I have had an amazing experience with Profile. The coaches are helpful and knowledgeable. I enjoy my meeting each week and always learn new ways to help with my weight loss journey. I highly recommend Profile by Sanford!
Alicia Manley
Profile by Sanford works! Their coaches are amazing and so helpful with tips and work with me providing lots of ideas when I struggle (loosing weight doesn’t happen overnight!). I love the recipes and meal options. I turned my mornings around so easily: instead of high calorie, high carb drive thru coffee, I have a delicious shake that is so filling and no “crash” later. They are delish as a blended drink, hot Beverage or made into pudding, cookies and more! The major weight loss In the first weeks motivates you to make healthy choices and continue loosing weight. I highly recommend Profile and their coaches!
I love meeting with the coaches each week. They help me work through my problems so that I can continue to be successful on my weight loss. And because each coach meets with a variety of people they continuously learn of more ideas I can honestly say, that all the food that I’ve tried there is very good as well.Which is great because it helps keep you on plan
Glenda Jewison
I have really enjoyed working with Megan, my coach. I can't wait for our check-ins so I can share my success with her. She always goes above and beyond and shares something more that helps me attain my goal.
Jim Utermarck
Profile coaching has really helped in my weight loss journey. They give me positive reinforcement right when I need it.Losing weight the Profile weigh is actually pretty easy. I don't ever seem hungry because you are always eating some of their delicious products like shakes or bars or even ice cream.My plan has been very easy to follow, shake in the morning, shake for a snack, shake, veggies and a fat for lunch, a bar for a snack, 5 oz of protein, veggies and a fat for dinner then a shake for a night time snack.This plan actually works really well with my schedule as I can take it with me on the go.My coach helps keep me accountable for the foods I eat. I would recommend him to anyone. He has been extremely positive, really pushing me to get to my goal weight.The beauty of Profile is that you lose weight while you are still eating so you never really feel like you are dieting. Plus the shakes and bars are excellent. (Salted... Carmel might be the best) The plan is easy to follow and once you see how much weight you can lose it seems to be even easier.The Profile in Mankato is "Elite" they are the best! Everyone knows who you are and they generally take an interest in your health and well being. Recommend the Mankato location to as many people as I more
Ramona Richardson
It definitely helps me to meet face to face with someone about my weight loss. Very friendly helpful staff. Know their products too. Very serious about our individual weight loss program.
Joe Plemel
Have been on Profile since March 2020 and have lost 55 lbs. It has been steady weight loss every week when I have followed the plan and the advice of my coach. They have been very professional in all my dealings with them. I have found the plan to be fairly simple and enjoyable to follow. I enjoy the flavor of the shakes and the bars!
Christine Nessler
The Profile plan is very easy to follow and the team sets you up for success right from the beginning. I have most appreciated the coaching in the Sustain phase of my plan. My coach makes me feel supported and keeps me motivated.
Wanda Anthony
Profile by Sanford and Mankato Minnesota is a great program. The staff and coaches are very helpful and the food is delicious. I highly recommend the program
Nicolle Allard
I felt comfortable from the minute I stepped in to the Mankato location. I haven't been part of the program long, but I have already learned so much from working with my coach that I feel very positive about the future and how successful I'm going to be. The plan is easy to follow and the food that they have offers many choices so you don't get bored. I'm so glad that I made this decision for myself.
Dawn Clauson
Profile by Sanford (Mankato, MN) has amazing staff! Their coaching sessions have helped me stay accountable along my weight loss journey. All of the coaches are extremely helpful and take the time to get to know you . I know, as a member, that I can go to the store or email my coach whenever I have a question and they will get back to me right away.As a teacher, the plan is very easy to follow and to stay on track during my busy days. The shakes and bars taste amazing and are easy to bring to work for my snacks. The plan has helped me stay on track and lose quite a bit of weight! Thank you Profile by Sanford (Mankato, MN)
Kari Davis
Profile coaching has helped me stay motivated for the last 2 years. Bre and Josh have been supportive through all of the ups and downs of weight loss-both physical and emotional side to the struggle. And bonus....the food and shakes actually taste great-no chalky gross protein shakes. They are great!
Kaylee Mischke
When I first heard about Profile, I was hesitant to join because a lot of weight loss programs are a waste of money in my opinion. I'm extremely grateful I joined Profile because it's helped me lose 25lbs and counting! Everyone that works at the Mankato location is super friendly, inviting, and encouraging. The 1-on-1 coaching is amazing, and it definitely sets Profile apart from other programs. I've had 2 different coaches, both whom I've loved! My first coach (Brooke) unfortunately moved away, but she helped me transition to a new coach, Megan Svir, who had been just as amazing. The plan is very easy to follow, and they cater it to your specific needs/goals. I would highly recommend Profile and Megan as a coach! The investment is worth it.
Grace Berkeland
I've tried everything that pops up in regards to weight loss. It didn't work. I tried one last time and looked more into Profile. It wasn't just about weight loss, they taught me nutrition and they made me aware through their tips and advice about what I was actually consuming. A habit is hard to break and it takes time but with the staff's communication, accountability, and support is been easier to shed the pounds while still having a life! Thanks everyone at Profile!
Janis Dawson
Extremely informative coaches, encouraging and helpful. The products are delicious and there is great variety from which to choose. I recommend this eating plan to everyone.
Teri Huss-Nelson
I have been with Profile since November 2019. I've had two coaches and both of them have been amazing! I really like the weekly meetings because those have been the main thing that has been different in everything I've done throughout the years with trying to eat healthy and stay that way. The one on one helps me keep accountable and explain the reasons why I either got off track or was able to stay on track. This has been the only program I've done where I've made these changes part off my lifestyle! I love getting more ideas and positive feedback to help me stay in this journey! The food is great too!
David Mapel
Tiffany my coach is outstanding. She knows what l'm going through as a recovering compulsive eater. She cares about my success and she expertly uses the printed learning materials from Profile to further educate me. Also, she freely shares her own challenges to make me feel more understood as a recovering problem eater.😀😀
Judy Loveday
Profile is the easiest weight loss program I have ever tried. I didn’t get hungry, products are delicious and all I had to do was follow the plan and the weight came off.
Jeanny Thorson
I was fortunate to learn about and start with Profile thanks to my company's wellness program. I love my coach, Marscha. She is motivational and is teaching me a lot about food, health, smart choices, and consistency!! Thank you Marscha and Profile.
Ged actax
The program works and love my coach Laura. She really motivates me and keeps me on track.
Curtis Freeman
I have been with profile for a little over a year and by far the best decision to join. I have lost almost a hundred pounds. The coaches are great and friendly and are there to guide, teach and support you along the journey. I have had all coaches along my journey but currently being coached by Ryan. Ryan as well as the others are great and give great support and knowledge to help you reach your goal. One thing that is great is that they teach you how to eat and how much after loosing your weight. It’s a lifestyle change not a diet. These coaches help you sustain a lifestyle not a diet. A wise man told me being overweight is hard, loosing weight is hard and maintaining weight is hard so choose your hard.
Sydney McAllister
Profile has good products and a weight loss program that works. Everyone that I have met is nice and helpful. Would highly recommend Joel as a coach. He is extremely supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable.
Tammy M
I started this program in late May and am so glad that I did. It was easy to follow and I learned how to make better nutrition choices. Everyone at the Clive location is so nice and supportive. The training sessions really help keep you on track. There is also an activity app that gives you customized workouts on demand. The food is great! There are so many options, everyone can find something they like. This is not the least expensive program but it works so if you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off, I highly recommend Profile by Sanford.
K Prasser
Profile came into my life at the right time and the right circumstances. I was told by Michele, my counselor when I was considering, that in this crazy time it would be the one thing in my life that I could control. That was just the encouragement and motivation i needed to make the commitment! Today I’m 2oz past the halfway point to my goal! A loss of 33.6 lbs in just under 4 months! I’m on my way to this being the end of a final journey of weight loss (having done this many, many times) and a great new future with Profile and Michele as my friends!! I am so grateful AND EXCITED!!Karen Prasser
Amanda Bulger
The coaches are supportive and friendly. They approach weight loss holistically by addressing nutrition, exercise and stress management. Profile works because they build an environment on support and accountability.
Michelle Bulin
I slowly put on weight with having babies and just getting older. I finally decided I needed a change and my sister had been having great success with Profile so I decided to give it a try. Results were quick and I didn’t feel like I was starving myself! The coaching, even though I had to do it via phone, was phenomenal. I’m so much healthier. I feel good and look good. I’m so excited there’s a location near me, now! Now I can go in and see my coach face-to-face and buy the products I normally can’t get shipped to me. I highly recommend Profile. It’s so worth the money.
Gina Olson
Great customer service from professionals who genuinely care about helping their members be successful in reaching their goals. They have individualized plans for each person, based on their height, weight, goals, etc.... They even have a "Mom Journey" for women who are trying to get pregnant through postpartum! I wish I had that opportunity when I was at that stage in my life, but excited that it's an option for others. Profile is not just a weight loss/diet program; it is about health and wellness coaching through the ups and downs of life. I really can't say enough good things about the program and the coaches at Profile in Altoona! I feel very fortunate to have started this program and have the coaches in my life. Life changing, for the better!
Angela Mammana
Great coaches and very good products! The program is relatively easy to follow and gives very good results!
Barbara Bouley
The amazing staff is very supportive and helpful in my weight loss journey.
Jana Johns
The coaches at Profile by Sanford are awesome. They truly care for the individual, and encourage you to achieve your goals. The shakes and bars taste great and are very satisfying.
LoLo Rein
I came in about a month ago to try Profile and I have absolutely loved my experience!!! It has helped me make significant changes in not just my health and weight but in the patterns and lifestyle that contribute to them. Their coaches are so delightful to work with and are very patient and compassionate!!! I highly recommend Profile for anyone looking to make long term lifestyle changes!! -Lauren R.
Jesse Stanley
Tasha has been very professional and understanding. She brings a fresh breath of air on a subject (achieving a healthy lifestyle or weight loss for some) that can be very difficult to discuss and tackle. Company has factual success and provides great resources to get you to live your best life. They truly care about you. Your plan is as unique as you!
Grace Taylor
Profile by Stanford has helped me in taking steps towards my fitness goals. My coaches have all been very friendly and personable. My plan is tailored to me specifically. I have been pleasantly surprised by all of the technology used to create a plan (digital scale, tracking app, video meetings). With the help of Profile, I can see myself reaching my goal in a few months.
Carleen Barnes
The coaches at Profile are very friendly and always seem to know exactly what to say and how tough to be on you. They encourage you even if you have a bad day or horrible week. It is only one day or one week and no one is perfect so brush it off and move forward. We are human and life happens but with constant encouragement from great coaches we can all meet our goals for a healthy lifestyle!!!
Andy Kuennen
I have had success with this program and my coach Bryce Carpenter has been awesome to work with! Does a great job of keeping me accountable and helping me with tips along the way. Couldn’t do it without him!
Cullen Stevens
I highly recommend that you start your journey at Profile in Ankeny. With the assistance of my coach, I was able to quickly start hitting my goals. I feel better every day, sleep better (with no snoring), and have crazy energy. Take the first step today....
Heidi Monson
This is a great program of coaching and helps for a better plan for health, fitness and nutrition. The trained staff members really care about my success and questions. When I hit 50 I had a harder time maintaining my weight. My coaches at Profile and the minor lifestyle changes recommended have been successful. The styku body scan gives me an accurate picture of my success and goals. I’d highly recommend Profile by Sanford Utah if you want to get healthy.
Heather Klingensmith
Jarin and the team at Profile by Sanford Toledo are friendly and extremely professional! The store is beautiful and super clean. I would recommend this program to anyone in need of losing weight and actually keeping it off. The accountability is second to none.
Jon Olson
Profile by Sanford in SugarHouse has been a life changer for me. They have helped me meet my fitness goals and maintain them. The staff there is top notch. Very knowledgeable, friendly and always willing to help you with a smile on their face. I love the one on one coaching. They motivate me to stick to my nutrition program. The food products they sell are great. Unlike other nutrition plan food and drink mixes, Profiles product taste great. You can find anything that meets your taste. I’ve worked with Profile for about 2 years now and I am so grateful. Highly recommend meeting with one of their nutritional experts! Don’t hesitate.
stephen wily
I have really enjoyed my experience with coach Rebecca who went above and beyond my expectations and goals. She made it simple and easy for me and aloud myself to feel better as a person and help me to understand my purpose again my health!! Thank you for being practical with me and showing me that my reality Is up to me!!
Tina Orme
I have struggled with weight my entire adult life. My weight was out of control until I found Profile. I am down 37 pounds and going strong. The plan is easy to follow. Staff is amazing.
Diane Soule
I have been a Profile client for 2 years. I find it more of a health plan than a"diet". I love my coach Rebecca, who I drive to even tho 2 other locations are closer to me. She takes a personal interest in my health journey as I have lost 30 lbs, gained back a few at times and then get her help to revise my goals to stay on track. The other coaches are always nice and helpful too.I use many protein bars and shakes, love the bbq sauce and dressings. Love the pasta too.The Draper location is very convenient right off 1-15 and Bangerter. I often plan to go in for coaching and then hit Harmons next door with my food list. They have lots of dietitians choices that fit my Profile plan. I have learned to exercise and make better food choices whether at home or out to eat. Has really helped me create a healthier lifestyle!
Jody Sears
I have been going to Profile for the past year and have absolutely loved it! I lost consistently week after week with fabulous coaching! I just can't express this enough! Thanks Rebecca ~ you are just awesome!! I can't believe how much you know and how you over and over took time to gather follow/up information when I asked questions! And thanks Candace as well - your knowledge of post-menopausal issues and how to work with/through and in spite of them was so helpful!!! I was given so many ideas on keeping my momentum, foods to eat, proportions and maintenance ideas with my health all at the core. The program is easy, simple to follow and is altered with progress whether positive or negative / loosing or maintaining to keep your weight loss consistent. I love the home weigh-in scale and how it records so much information that I was able to go to at any time on my app. The food is delicious .... I was never hungry because... there is so much regular food you can always eat! I always felt encouraged and guided with nothing but positivity throughout the entire journey! I would recommend Profile highly to anyone! I feel like a different person than when I started! Actually, I finally feel like me! That says it all!! Thanks for everything Profile 'Draper' !!!read more
Fred Riding
I started my journey with Profile by Sanford in November of 2019. Throughout the process they have been a wonderful partner, and have helped me to achieve not only my weight loss goals, but have also helped me become a healthier person all around. I have gained the tools that i need to maintain my new healthy lifestyle, and couldn't be more grateful for the people i have worked with. Through the process they have helped keep me accountable, taught me valuable lessons, and guided me to where i am today (currently down around 60 pounds). I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to make a change for the better.
Brianna Kelly
The coaches at this location go above and beyond their job to make sure you are hitting your goals. The program has changed my life and the way feed my body.
Laura Shoun
Very helpful in helping me lose more than 15 lbs (so far!) when I had no success with many other weight loss programs, including noom, Atkins, nucific, and ID life... The shakes and bars are delicious and it is fairly easy to lose weight when we stay on the plan. Leslie is a wonderful coach and the scale keeps me accountable as well. Highly recommend!!
Charlotte Munn
I was nervous about starting because I didn't know what to expect, but with all the knowledgeable coaches I have been able to stay on track for 8 months I started in January of 2020. I'm down about 50lbs and still going strong. I'm so happy I signed up!
Mike Schwartz
I've been on the Profile by Sanford plan for 14 weeks and have lost 45 pounds so far, another 25 to go. The store is exceptionally clean, inviting, well stocked and conveniently located in Nassau Park. JoAnn, the owner, is very friendly, helpful, responsive and accommodating. The food choices are varied and the program is easy to follow and generate consistent results. The program includes weekly one-on-one coaching and my coach, Tina, is beyond amazing. She is knowledgeable, informative, motivating, inspiring, supportive, accessible and a great listener. Not only does she educate and assist but she also analyzes my specific emotional reasons for overeating and helps me to overcome past poor eating habits. I'm convinced with the support I am receiving I will now be able to achieve and maintain my weight goal. On top of all of this, I get a friendly greeting from the store dog, Walter, every visit! I highly recommended the... plan, JoAnn and Tina to help you achieve your lifestyle more
Therese Deroche
Profiles has helped me lose fast and consistently. Having a coach makes you more accountable along with the scale provided. The food is good and I rarely get hungry. It has really taught me portion control and giving me confidence in a weight loss program.
alexandra albaugh
Profile has helped me lose 60 lbs + so far & the coaching at this store is amazing. I couldn’t for a better community to be apart of. Losing this weight has helped me be a better mama to my 3 littles & be able to take care of my disabled daughter so much better, without getting worn out so quickly! Plus the profile food is amazing, definitely doesn’t taste like your typical weight management products. I’ll forever be thankful for this company!
Karen Lance
My coach helps me tailor my plan to my specific situation. I have been successful in losing my weight and now maintaining due to the simple plan and great coaching.
Hollie Martinsen
Profile has been a great life change for me in getting a healthy life style. They have been supportive on my journey during ups and downs. I would recommend this program for anyone wanting to meet your weight goal. I have lost almost 60lbs on this program so far. Thank-you Profile for all you do in this journey.
Art Dinkin
Started the program mid-quarantine based on a friend's recommendation and certainly glad I did! There are countless programs which can help you lose weight, but the Profile by Sanford program is more than just weight loss. This is the complete package.As I now approach my goal weight (12 weeks in), I am most impressed that they teach you how to transition from your reducing weight into maintainable habits custom designed based on your DNA profile to help you stay at your goal weight. But I have also been very impressed with the Activity App (which can provide workout routines on demand), the support I have received from all the coaches, and the "non-scale" measurements all of which support your goals.And have I mentioned that the program has delicious foods and I am never hungry? My teenage son (very athletic) recently tried one of my protein bars and thought it was the best tasting protein bar he has ever ate!It isn't the... least expensive program on the market, but you will not regret paying for quality. In an ironic way, I am glad I had to make a financial commitment. Once I was obligated financially, I was fully committed mentally to sticking with it. In retrospect, it isn't as expensive as I initially thought because my grocery bill went down more than the cost of my weekly Profile food purchases.Highly recommend this program to anyone looking to recommit to their over all health. Losing weight is just one of the many more
Jaimie Hesterberg
Everything is top quality ... from the taste of their foods to the friendliness of the coaches. So glad I walked through the doors!
Ashley Rodriguez
Profile has been life changing for me! I'm down 40lbs and feel amazing! I'm halfway to my goal and Somer has been the absolute best coach. She stays in touch with me every week and goes through my personal wins and struggles. She always encouraging and helps me to find solutions! Thank you Somer!
N. Bedell
Great experience. The one on one coaching is great. Alicia and the staff that I work with are helpful in assisting me pursue my journey to healthy lifestyle.
Terry Watson
I have been with Profile by Sanford for several months. I have lost approximately 16 pounds, more than 20" and gone down from a size 16 to 12 in pant size. Profile showed me that I was over eating and that caused me to gain weight. Today I am more aware of appropriate serving portions. The weekly coaching sessions with Alicia help me to be aware of my food intake, water intake, and daily activities such as exercise. Since being with Profile, I have overcome the bad habit of eating cake every day and stress eating. Thanks to profile I'm a much healthier person! I highly recommend the program. It's easy to follow and it works!
Erica Audette
I've been a member of Profile by Sanford Ann Arbor for three months and I can honestly say its been life changing! I'm down 24.5 lbs, but what is more impressive to me is how I've been able to switch my mindset. They say it takes about 2 months to form a habit, and with the amazing support of my coach, I can definitely say new habits have been formed. Ones that I am confident will stay with me for life. The food tastes great and the plan works!! I highly recommend Profile if you want to become happier and healthier.
Selena Campbell
I am loving this new lifestyle with Profile.. I could not ask for a better coach... LESLIE is an amazing coach and I am thrilled to have her on this journey with me.. I am losing weight and can't wait to see what's ahead.. THANK YOU so much!!!
Roni Allen
Tried many plans before this and I have lost 50lbs. Great food plans and coach Ryan is great!we work on learning on what I am eating and why. Weighing yourself at home with it being recorded at the store to show at your meetings is cool. But the one on one counseling has been the best thing ever for me. Highly recommend this plan. Everyone is very nice at the Edmond location
Bridget Merdan
Profile is a simple but effective weight loss plan. If you stick to the plan it will work and you will loose weight. I was worried I wouldn't like the products taste but compared to most protein bars and shakes Profile products are very good. Everyone seems to find the flavors they like best. (as for samples) The coaches are critical to the plan. They can guide you through challenges, help with tweaks to the plan that fit your needs and likes, and keep you motivated. Lana has been my coach and she is great!
Canan Myers
Highly recommend this program! It was the kickstart I needed to open my eyes to a healthy lifestyle change and not a Yo-Yo diet! It’s easy to follow and sustainable! I’ve lost close to 50lbs and continue to keep it off . What I loved was the support I got during my coaching sessions. Due to my job I’m on the go a lot so I was able to learn healthy habits and to stick to a plan! Thank you Profile by Sanford Toledo team for the best gift health and happiness!!
Jon Schultz
Brennan Roland is a very professional and competent health coach. He understands how nutrition and exercise can help you become significantly healthier with the right plan. It is obvious that Brennan practices what he preaches. He is concerned for his clients and it is obvious he is very passionate about what he does. I have also been impressed with his follow up and attention to detail in all of my interactions with him. Highly recommend working with him.
Kaitlin S
Profile by Sanford is such an amazing program! The coaches go above and beyond to help you reach the end goal. David and Brennan have given me the tools to continue striving every week and push further than I could've ever imagined in changing my lifestyle to become healthier and happier. Profile food is AMAZING and I look forward to eating... all the time! : ) This is by far the greatest system and the coaching are a positive light throughout the process. Only wish is for Profile to create a ranch dressing : ) I highly recommend Profile by Sanford in Clive- staff is extremely helpful, friendly and more than willing to help you achieve your weight loss goals!
Erica Coate
All of the coaches are knowledgeable, easy to work with, and supportive!
Keri Leisen
This program works! The coaches are wonderful and have helped me stay on track. I love my new lifestyle!
Michele Altman
Profile is a game changer for me! Don’t miss a coaching appointment, they help keep your head on the journey. My coaches have been amazing, each one brings a different strength to the table. After just doing two hip replacements and trying so hard to move again, my coach helps me thru the physical and emotional stuff. I am down 57 pounds and would have gave up long ago without Profile! You Rock!!! I am so grateful and blessed.
Danika Green
My mentality and behavior have changed dramatically after starting with Profile. Not easy things to change, especially in the context of mental and/or physical health issues that complicate progress for many of us. But I found the plan easy to start and easy to follow, which allowed me a chance to really get better habits rolling. I have done a lot of research on my own, and agree whole heartedly with Profile’s primary focus on diet for weight loss, with exercise serving as a secondary and supplemental (although still important and helpful) part of losing weight. This philosophy is based in scientific evidence, that I had read about independently, which is very important to me. My coach Joel has been absolutely amazing - great attitude which makes me feel positive, supported, and motivated even when I don’t have the best of days or weeks. It’s great to have that consistent reminder and outside perspective keeping my mentality in... balance throughout the weeks and months. If you are truly ready to commit to getting healthy, Profile is a great way to more
Donna Kasper
LOVE my Profile experience! It is an awesome super clean environment run by Positive people. Profile has enabled me to lose 37 pounds total to date. I had tried EVERYTHING before Profile with not much to report in the results category. Profile takes the GUESSWORK out of losing weight. It's SIMPLE with AMAZING results. Weekly coaching is encouraged but not demanded by the staff. NO weigh-ins. The WIFI scale is something you do in the privacy of your own home. The belly-flattening shakes are very tasty and many flavors are available. The protein bars are excellent and not boring or chalky like some of them can be. As long as you follow the program the WEIGHT WILL COME OFF. They even guarantee it. No reason to wait any longer to get the results you desire for better health, lower weight and the opportunity to become a better YOU. You will succeed, all you need to do is TRY. Call Profile today to schedule a coaching and... introduction to discuss your goals for a healthier YOU. Just remember, YOU CAN DO THIS!!read more
Julie Lake
Julie and I have really enjoyed working with the staff and losing a lot of weight. The selections of shakes and bars are amazing and delicious tasting. The other food options we have tried (pizza crust, marinara sauce, cauliflower toppers, etc) are also fabulous. This has been a wonderful experience and we have lost over 80 pounds combined. Thanks to everyone at Profile in Clive, especially Brennan! Kevin and Julie
Eric McRae
Whether you are needing a dramatic change and want to lose a lot of weight or are needing a way to be held accountable for making healthy choices this is the place to go. I am well supported in the goals that I have created and have become healthier and make healthier choices with continued support from coaches who really care.
Karlene Briley
I have been very pleased with my experience at Profile by Sanford. The entire staff (coaches, manager) have always treated me with kindness and respect at each visit, even during the quarantine times, they would call for the virtual meetings and I have always felt they were respectful of my time. It makes the effort to drive to Knoxville each week for my meetings worth it.
Heather McRae
Love, love, love Profile by Sanford in Rochester! Coaches and staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. Profile approaches weight loss as a life style change making it more manageable and easier to maintain! We look forward to our coaching sessions every week!
Kim Helms
This program works. Coaches are supportive and guide you through your progress. I actually found it easy to stick with. I have never used a weight loss program prior to Profile. Not only did I have success with weight loss, but I have been able to change the way I eat and make better food choices without feeling hungry.
Jennifer Boggs
Profile has been a life-changer for me. I have lost weight and lowered my cholesterol, but more importantly I have been taught how to easily implement healthy eating habits that I know I can maintain!
Christopher Darrington
A friend of mine dropped 60lbs on this plan and he was the motivation for me to join. Since doing so, I’ve had nothing but success with the Profile plan. The coaches and the process gave me the accountability that I needed and their food, along with supplementing my own food, has helped me drop 35lbs in just over 2 months and I’m less than 10lbs from my goal weight.I’ve learned a lot and it’s helped my family to maintain a healthier eating lifestyle as well. Thank you Profile!
Michelle Morey
I am loving Profile by Sanford - Rochester,mn. They have a great team of coaches that help keep me on track and accountable. They have a good product selection and I am never bored of the flavors.
Christine Gutierrez
The coaching staff seems extremely knowledgeable. I was able to try a sample bar and it tasted really good. I am going to sign up and try this out.
Keisha Aiken
I have been with profile for a year. There whole staff is amazing. I believe profile is what you make it. What I mean by that is if your not consistent there still be consistent. If at times you don’t believe you can do it they will encourage you that you can. It has taken me sometime to get consistent yet my coach always motivated me. Profile is great for someone who is truly looking for a coach to guide them on there weight loss journey or lifestyle change. I have made lifestyle changes that I would have not made on my own or would have gave up without my profile coach Alicia. Even through Covid there communication is great and there’s flexible. If you follow there plan you will see results and there plan obtainable and they give a grocery list to guide you as well. I truly believe anyone who joins Profile has nothing to lose but everything to gain.
Kevin Thomas
The staff and program are top notch. Products taste great and the coaches are very knowledgeable and encouraging. I hghly recommend Profile. This thing works.
Victoria Tokarski
I started Profile back in May 2020 when I realized I needed to change my eating habits when I was feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I hated the way I felt tired all the time. I tried keto by myself but didn’t understand calculating macros and what I could or shouldn’t eat. Nevertheless, I did lose some weight only to regain it all back in a month. I decided to try Profile and have never been happier. Going onto my 4th month, I’ve lost 24 pounds and feel more empowered and energized and motivated. There are different plans to fit you what need and I can honestly say, I haven’t ever been starving. The shakes and bars are super tasty as well as ALL the other food. My mom even started at profile when she noticed all the weight I lost AND she is losing weight too! The coaches are there to support you in your journey and give great advice for when you go out to eat or on vacation! BIG shoutout to coach Kelly and Rachel. They are... awesome!! 🙂read more
Kath 47
Great people with lots of good suggestions and help on how to loose weight. Really appreciate the coach! They are so supportive and help you brainstorm as to what to do next to reach your goals.
Ella Herges
Love working with Katie and Stacey! Great program! Just what I needed to kick start my weight loss journey!
J Wright
Excellent staff. Encouraging and driving accountability. Ryan is an excellent coach. Try this place if you are looking for a re-set of your healthy disciplines!
Leslie McClure
I've been a member with Profile for over 6 months now. It has been a very positive experience. All the coaches are very compassionate and really care about my success. When I run in to struggles they help me problem solve and offer support. I also appreciate that the plan is simple to follow and nutritionally sound.
Jeannette Nichols
The coaching staff really listens and is very encouraging, not only about the program but about what’s going on in my life. Each week we discuss my goals and how I will achieve them.
Rex Miller
I have been working with Profile for over a year now. I couldn’t be happier with the products, coaches and results. I live in the north valley and it is too far for me to meet with coaches in person. I receive phone calls weekly from my coach Linda. She takes a product order and ships it to me right away. It’s as smooth as that!
Thomas Hegge
I usually don't write reviews, but this time I had to. I've tried everything over the years to lose weight - lots of ups and downs. I'd never heard of Profile before, but a friend of mine absolutely raved about the success she had here, so figured I'd give it a shot. Best thing I've ever done. I've worked with a few coaches to mix it up, they're all amazing, the food actually tastes good, and most importantly it works. Now I've got my whole family hooked (my brother has lost 40 lbs too). Love the people at this location!
Wendelyn Perceful
The coaches are super encouraging and helpful in this journey. I really love the Mocha Latte shake and the Cocoa Caramel bar - it doesn't feel like I've given up my biggest challenge (sweets). I lost 40 lbs 2 years ago, and broke my new habits, so I'm back and Sommer was wonderfully encouraging as I get back aboard the weight-loss/healthy lifestyle train.
cecilia pinheiro
I'm enrolled at Sanford Profile Clive for 12 weeks, and I couldn't be more satisfied. I love the shakes, and the coach Brenan Rolland provides good guidance and keeps me in line:-)
FD Walker
I can’t say enough about Coach Silvia Steinfeld and the Profile by Sanford program. This program is easy to follow and the foods taste great. I have followed one other program years ago and there were so many pills to take and the foods were very restricted. Not with this program. I love Silvia and the journey I am experiencing right now. She is so knowledgeable and she is dedicated to her clients. Once you join the program, you will learn so much about your nutrition, exercise, portion control and your self-care. The staff is so supporting and encouraging. They go beyond any other program offered. This is a lifestyle change and so worth it! You will feel healthier, happier and more self-confident than ever before. It is quite the journey!
Steve Larson
I have had nothing but great experiences with Profile by Sanford at the Wait Park Park location. They have provided me with education about healthy nutritional choices. They have given me information about exercise And how to follow through. Thanks to Profile by Sanford I have lost nearly 60 pounds. I have sustained this weight for 3 months and have the confidence that I can maintain Their food or products are obviously nutritious but tasty too! It is no quick fix program. Instead A wholistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. All of the staff are upbeat and personable! I highly recommend Profile by Sanford!!!
James Horton
Ryan is my Profile Coach and he is very good support person. While using his advice and recommendations I have lost 60 lbs. He has encouraged exercise that I can perform and diet supporting my process. Even when I slide off for a week he helps me back on the program for more improvement. I fell I will continue to make progress to attain my goal weight. Thanks again Ryan for all your support and directioning.SINCERELY JAMES HORTON RN ON 10 SSM ST ANTHONY'S
Deb J Gute
Did lose weight but the food is spendy.
Hess Mess
I always had baby weight that no matter what fad diet I did or amount of workouts I participated in, never went away. Seven years after my daughter was born I figured was enough. My sister-in-law went on Profile and was seeing success in her weight loss efforts so I thought I would give it a shot. I am so glad I did. I've lost 18 pounds on the program and am now in the best shape of my life. I can run with my kids and enjoy their activities with them now. It's NOTHING like keto on your own. I had tried that and felt awful... sluggish and constipated. The products from Profile have the right amount of nutrients that you don't have those feelings. Not to mention, I have one on one coaching visits to hold me accountable. This program isn't one that is meant to keep you forever but it's one that you gradually end up incorporating real foods into your diet. I love the products, they taste amazing and nothing like typical protein products.... I would do this all over again because it's a lifestyle and one I plan to more
Rachelle Gammon
I have lost a significant amount of weight so far. Love the shakes and my coach Samantha! Thanks profile.
Dorothy Jennings
Started profile in June and I love it. The coaches are great and really help through the weight loss journey.
Allen Coleman
I highly recommend the Profile by Sanford program.Coach Silvia Steinfeld helped me lose 63 lbs in just 4 short months.I learned about nutrition serving size portion control and a good balance of exercise can make a huge difference in my life.This system just works and the results are amazing.The meals are great and the profile foods are tasty.I couldn't believe how easy and fast my journey was.I look 10 years younger and feel happier and more energetic.The compliments are just pouring in and my self esteem is at a all time high.My clothes fit so much better and I have went from a size 40 to 36 and in shirts from3 xl to large and xl.Check this place out and ask for Silvia she can help you your goals and change your life as well.
sherry hergert
Profile has been wonderful for me. I have been a member for over 2 years. I love the one on one coaching, the inspiration and helpfulness of all of the staff. The meal replacements and snacks are delicious. I feel motivated and satisfied to lead my best life in a healthy way because of the guidance I have received through Profile.
Krissy Kramer
Love this location and the staff. My coach is amazing and the program works! Would highly recommend!
Stephanie Noble
Profile has been a great program for me! I love the one on one coaching. It allows me to ask questions and get weekly support to help me stay motivated. All of the staff is very friendly and welcoming.
Mark Goldner
My wife Lori & I joined back in April 2020 after being frustrated with other diet plans and couldn't lose any weight.After talking with Michelle at the Stow location, we got on the program and it's been great. Lori has over 25 lbs. and and counting. I lost 10 lbs. to get to my ideal weight.Michelle, Jordan & Alisha at the store have been great with advise and suggestions to get us to finally lose the weight.We couldn't be happier with Profile by Sanford!You got to try it!
Alexis Heatrice
Profile by Sanford has been a game changer for me. Profile teaches you a lifestyle change through consistent coaching and training modules. The food tastes great. It's not not like other diet programs. This works if you actually work your plan. I owe a huge amount of gratitude to my coaches. Actually the entire Edmond staff has played a role in my success ,but a few honorable mentions Coach Somer, Sasha, and Ryan have really helped me along my path, celebrated me, held me accountable, and encouraged me. If you're looking to not only lose weight, but to change your life for the better. Come try profile.Also I failed to mention the Facebook community that you can join with unlimited stories, recipes, motivation,and so much more.
Taelor Allen
I was referred to Profile by a friend and I am so happy I decided to choose them for my new health journey in May! I wasn’t looking to lose a bunch of weight but needed some guidance with nutrition and to make it more of a lifestyle rather than just a “diet.” My coach, Logan, has been so awesome and encouraging, I truly believe I would not have made it thus far without the weekly video meetings with her! I started in the middle of Covid and I was a little nervous I wouldn’t get the full experience of everything but I can honestly say I feel I am getting the exact same experience I would if everything were normal! I learn something new every week on nutrition and how I can make this work with my “fly by the seat of my pants” lifestyle I live! If you are looking for someone/something to keep you accountable to your goals, choose Profile! I promise you won’t regret it
Michelle Tate
They are awesome! This program has helped me out alot even when I was going through my breast cancer 🎀 they still stepped in. But I thank my coach Logan for guiding me and still helping me "YOU ROCK GIRL"💪💪
Deborah Barr
Profile is an awesome program for anyone who wants to lose weight and get healthy. The individualized coaching has helped me to confront my issues that have hindered my weight loss efforts in the past. Having a meal plan from the start has made it easier to stay on plan. The food products taste good. Every coach at the Edmond, OK office is professional, non-judgemental and supportive. With the help of my coaches, Shaina Y. and Leslie R., I have accomplished losing almost 100 lbs. These ladies are awesome, knowledgeable, supportive and now like family to me. I could not have made it this far without your help!!
Finally found a program that works for me. They listen to my concerns and understand not everyone's body is the same when it comes to weightloss. Coach Katy allows me to part of my plan which helps with my success. Highly recommend!
Michele Maiers
My coach has been supportive throughout my journey and seems genuine in wanting me to be successful. My progress has been slow but steady. My coach continues to encourage me especially in the weeks when results are not what I was hoping for. I look forward to my weekly phone call with my coach!
Taylor Mainous
As a healthcare provider I am enthused to personally endorse Profile. They have an unmatched program designed to set up the individual for sustainable weight loss and lifestyle change. The personal coaching each client receives makes the experience enjoyable and accountable - plus the food is delicious! I give them my highest recommendation.
felecia Ellis
Amazing program that has helped me achieve my weight loss goal...over 30 lbs down in less than 6 months. My health is the best that it has been in years. I have more energy and my strength and endurance has increased as well. Thank you Profile coaches for your support and encouragement on this journey. Could not have done it without you and Mean Green Gym!
Aliza Draine
I love it here! The coaches are very nice and professional. They are also serious about helping you reach your goals.
Katrina Williams
I started working with this company in November of 2019 when I had a consultation. They are so wonderful and supportive of me. I was nervous when I first heard of how the company operates since I had a huge amount of weight to lose and I wasn’t sure if I could maintain what was laid out. However, Kelsey, who ended up as my coach, patiently answered all of questions and helped to reassure me. There was something she said or the way she communicated with me that eased me. I knew I wouldn’t do it for a few months due to life events, but I began my journey on January 18, 2020. Fast forward 6 months almost to the day and I have lost 88 pounds. All the coaches and people I have encountered with this branch of the company has helped to make this possible. They help give me alternate suggestions for things I love to eat so it is healthier, encourage me on bad days, celebrate wins and victories with me both on and off the scales. There are ups... and downs like there are with anything in life, but I know if I have a bad week, I can go in for my appointment and have the understanding and non-judgement I need. They aren’t a company that is just trying to put out number results, but rather people who care about their clients and want to help them be healthier and more successful in their lives. I know people say it all the time and it might sound cliche, but I couldn’t have done it without them. It isn’t just the food, but the people. Different people need different things, but for me, it is probably the best thing I could have done for myself this year. When others are talking about gaining weight due to being quarantined, I can know I am losing weight. If you are still reading and debating it, just go in and talk to them. Trust me, you won’t regret it. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose 20 pounds or 220 pounds they are there for you. Plus, I might not know you, but I believe in you and you can do this. It is work, but it is so worth more
Jennifer Gatlin
I just recently started Profile, and I love it! It is super easy to follow and very convenient for working parents that want to lose weight. The shakes and bars are also delicious. The staff/coaches are very friendly and encouraging.
karen scherer
Profile by Sanford has been a great place to start my journey tobetter health and wellness. I am grateful to my coaches for helping me along this journey. Each week I learn something new and I am enjoying the fitness challenge as well.
Makayla Hager
The coaches are amazing in every way. Very helpful and supportive, and always available to answer any questions!
Linda Vesneski
I started my Profile journey in February just prior to the shut-down and shelter in place due to the COVID 19 pandemic. From the beginning my meetings with my coach, Carolyn Rogers have been filled with encouragement and support. We have continued to meet virtually during this very uncertain time. I have found the program and meal replacements to be very simple to understand and everything is laid out in a way that makes sense. My success with Profile has been motivation to put in the work and adopt a new healthy meal plan to reach my goal weight. In 5 months I have almost reached 80% of my goal and hope to be at my goal weight in 6 months. The overall cost of the program is a reasonable price to pay for a weight loss plan that is backed by science and filled with good food and creative recipes. Jordan, the owner of the Profile Walnut Creek location is available to meet with anyone who is interested in learning more about this... amazing more
Lana Freudenberg
I’m always happy with the professional service and polite, personable and genuine attitudes of all my coaches. I’m thankful for their attention to my needs, questions and concerns and so appreciate their willingness to help me figure things out to be successful !!!
Judi Keller
Mandy is the best coach ever! Motivational, friendly but holds you accountable. She is the reason I keep coming back.
Loni Henkel
My coach Joel is awesome. Never puts you down, constantly inspiring and teaching!!
Laurel Lynn
This is a lifestyle plan I can stick to, even through the ups & downs of Covid and living in 2 different states, I am mostly keeping off the weight I have lost. Somer got me started, and I have appreciated all the coaches who have helped me. I love the products they have that make it easier, and all the ideas for how to use them & not get bored. The coaches are totally supportive, never judgmental or negative. I plan on making it to my goal!
Monica Curtis
Every coach that I have spoken with has been amazing! They really listen and give me so much support. They send me recipes, and ask me how I am doing phusically as well as emotionally. Let's not forget the food! Everything I have tried has been excellent. It tastes amazing and there are some things that make me feel like I am cheating! I am so HAPPY that I made this decision!!!
I started profile at Palm Beach Gardens in January 2020. All of the staff at this location are excellent! They truly do care about your health and weightloss. They are there every step of the way to help you reach your goals and to answer any questions you may have along the way. I have lost almost 75lbs and could not have done it without their help and support. I look forward to meeting with my coach each week and planning for the week ahead. The meal replacements they offer are all so tasty and you will not feel like you are "on a diet" with this program! I love that with this program you also get to eat regular grocery store foods along with the profile foods offered. You will NOT regret doing this program, it has changed my life for the better and I am so grateful to profile Palm Beach Gardens!
Great program! I lost a good deal of weight. They are professional, clean and super supportive. I love the coaching aspect. They are so caring!!
Jc Sims
This has been a great plan for me. I have lost A LOT of weight. Down 5 sizes. My coach, Ryan Padilla, has been so helpful the past year, and answered any questions, provided recipes, helped with special dietary issues. Shopping for clothes brings tears to my eyes every time now, in a good way! 😆 It's easy to follow, the products all taste good. When I started, people asked if I was hungry doing this. No! Follow it, they have it spaced out so you have something throughout the day.
Erin's World
The Lifestyle Coaches are very amazing. And the food is very tasty. Choose This program was the best decision i've every made. Your guaranteed to lose weight.😊😊😊
Jennifer Gniadecki
I absolutely love this store, the system, and the products. I’ve always had the friendliest associates and they’re knowledgeable and kind. It’s hard feeling like the fat girl when you’re going in asking for weight loss help but they are so encouraging. I have been able to lose 60 lbs with profile and I feel great. I still use all the products every day because I used to have really bad stomach problems and the shakes alone have helped so much with that, any time I get a stomach ache I can drink one of the protein shakes and it’s gone within 30 min. I will be a member for life!!!
Tom Friedel
I started meeting with a Profile Coach (Jamie) 30 days ago. We discussed what I wanted to accomplish and Jamie was very helpful to explain how the Profile Plan would be able to help me. I am now 20 lbs lighter with a vision to being substantially and sustainably lighter and healthier for the long term. While everything I’ve eaten on the Plan has been extremely tasty, the coaching is what separates Profile from other programs. Meeting weekly with a certified health coach/nutritionist is what it’s all about. Anyone can lose weight by reducing calories or increasing exercise but it’s the support system that Profile has that I believe will get me to my goals and help me maintain them. I can’t recommend this program enough. I’m super excited to see what can be accomplished in the next 30 days! Thank you Jarin, Jamie, Carissa, and Destinie for all your help and support so far!
Kate Riley
This diet has changed my life. It has changed my families lives, my cousins and my friends. There is no better way to lose weight than this program. Sarah is spectacular at the store. I recommend this for anyone who wants to lose 20 lbs to 100 lbs. DO IT.
Vicki Knoth
After trying numerous diets the past 5 years without success, I found Profile. Profile has been my life saver and changer. I have been on the program for about 5 months. I have lost 39lbs and 32 inches (maybe a few more since we last measured) and lowered my cholesterol by 50 points. The plan is easy, the food is good and all the coaches are amazing. They all truly care about you and are with you every step of the way. I love the coaching part the best. It helps me stay accountable to myself. I still have 11 lbs until I get to my goal weight but all I can say is, I feel like me again and I missed her. Thanks Profile.PS. I lost an additional 10 lbs since this photo was taken.
Melissa Bosi
I have had steady success with Profile. It is the most consistent plan I have ever tried; and I have tried many! Products taste great, excellent tools, and friendly helpful coaches.
Janet Vater
I appreciate the positive feedback and guidance of the coaches. They are always helpful when selecting new products to try and have never failed in steering me in the right direction. I have experienced great results from Profile.
Shannon Ward
Profile Marlboro is incredible and I cannot recommend the profile plan enough! I have been working with my coach Alyson for about a month now and have lost over 10 pounds. The plan is easy to stick to and it WORKS! (as long as you don’t cheat!) as someone who has tried every crash diet in the book, i love profile because I don’t feel deprived, the meals are filling, and i am finally seeing results.
Eddie Rickey
Weight loss is a journey. I started with Profile because if my wife and I’m glad that I did. Having tried weight watchers, Profile is different. My coach is Paulina, and she is really supportive. On every journey there are ups and downs, and my fear starting this was that when I gained, it would be a negative experience.Paulina has never used negative motivation. No guilt trips, no negative comments, rather a caring/coaching attitude. She is encouraging and understanding.Take the 1st step, take the time for yourself, and trust your coach.Paulina is the best!
Juli Vloedman
I really like this plan, it teaches me healthy eating habits. It makes it easier with Profile food combined with groceries. Then they slowly get you eating more groceries than Profie food. Lots of support from coaches. Also get support and encouragement from other members on the Facebook page. The food is tasty and easy to prepare. Lots of recipe ideas are given. Stores are clean and cheerful. Lost over 20 lbs.
Jessica Cseter
I worked with Kelly as my coach. We randomly got paired up and she helped me achieve my goals and was so helpful and caring. I have tried many plans previously but this is the only one that worked for me. Their products are also really good!
Leslie Bright
Profile has changed my life for the better! After 12 weeks I have lost 31 lb and 31 inches. Although I'm excited about the weight lost , I'm more excited about the profile program and how it transformed my thought process, It has every tool to help you change your lifestyle, specific foods , customized plans, to personal coaching. The staff are not just friendly they feel like family! If you want a weight lost plan Profile works if you follow the plan designed for you !
Laura Fox
The Mt Pleasant manager Dyan Kohrmann is so very wise, knowledgeable and fun! The products made by Profile by Sanford are the most delicious in the market and I have enjoyed incorporating them into my lifestyle. It's been priceless finding Dyan and this company which has helped me creating a perfect balance with nutrition and health!
Denise Hesselroth
I've been really happy with my weight loss journey since joining Profile in Maple Grove. My coach, Lana, has been with me all the way and she is sharing my enthusiasm about my 40 pound loss so far. The plan is very thorough and we discuss different things each week. The plan comes with lots of extras like a scale linked to their website so I can weigh myself at home and see a graph of my progress on weight, BMI, BMR, % fat/muscle/bone, etc.. Some of my "non scale victories" include much less heartburn, better sleep, and being able to take long walks which helps reduce the arthritis pain in my knees and ankles. I'm so grateful that I joined Profile because that commitment has helped me avoid the temptations of too much snacking and drinking while I'm staying home during the pandemic. My kids have never seen me in such good shape!
Laurie Trahan
Excellent choice for a healthy weight loss program, complete with outstanding support staff and coaching! I am so grateful I made the call to work with the staff at Profile in Lake Charles. Starting a healthy lifestyle change is hard; the coaching from Profile has made it very easy for me! I am not hungry and that makes it easy to stick to the plan and make healthy choices. Thank you!!!
Sierra Miller
I have the best coach, the food is great and the plan is not too difficult to follow. The weekly meetings help you to stay on track and receive feedback from your one-on-one coach. I have worked with several of the staff and they all are super helpful. The new app is great too! It helps you to track your food and water throughout the day. Also it keeps track of your progress! Profile has helped me lose weight and my journey will continue!
Kris Thole
I appreciate all the honest help I get from my Coaches. I’m not too picky...I’ve had 3 or 4 coaches during my time with Profile...but ALL of them are or have been professional, friendly, helpful and so patient with me. They don’t put me down, they don’t “shake their finger at me” if I’ve not done so great but they always empower me to know that they have confidence in me and how I’m doing in the program. I really like almost all the foods and it really is simple to do. I’m happy with all the things I’ve learned in the last year!
Candy Clark
I have had the best coaching staff to keep me on track and be as excited as I am when I meet a goal. Always ready to give advice when needed and genuinely care how I'm doing on my weight loss journey. I was able to lose 20 pounds easily on my own but always gained it back plus more. With Profile by Sanford I have lost 25 pounds so far and still loosing every week. The food is great. Better than I have had with some other weight loss programs. I highly recommend this program if you need to lose weight.
Deb Smith
Great place! Love the diet! Easy to follow and the coaches are very helpful!
Буба Мара
My experience with Judy has been nothing but pleasure! She is very polite, and understanding. Her way of explaining and encouraging to create a positive eating habits helped me to loose not only weight, but also helped gain confidence in myself that I CAN DO IT! Thanks Judy for all your help, support and guidance.
Krisi Vadnais
Profile has helped me to take control over my own health. It has helped in all areas of wellness. While I am losing weight, I am also dealing with the emotional issues behind them. The coaches meet you where you are, and encourage with love and support. The shakes and food are delicious and the plan is easy to follow! I am so grateful to have found Profile!
Bryan Music
Through a systematic and proven approach to weight loss combined with top quality professional support with extensive knowledge and experience, Profile has set me on a path of successful life and pattern change. It’s improved the quality of my life, my health, my personality, and my confidence. Results of steady weight loss with determination of reaching a goal of a needed 75 lbs of reduction. I cannot begin to thank this company and staff enough for the team we’ve created to help me achieve. Michael rules!
Nancy Brennan
I am very grateful that I kept with Profile. Although I haven’t lost weight quickly, I’ve lost steadily! Down 15 pounds now. My counselor at Profile has been patient, encouraging and has helped me to learn several skills that will stay with me. I feel like I am in much better health thanks to this program. Thanks Kjersti and Profile!
Melissa Harshman
So many wonderful things happening at Profile. My life has changed so much in the past two years while with Profile. My coach has shown me the way to eat healthy and exercise. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of their help. If you are stuck and need help they are always there for you!!
Alexander Family
Hayden has been a great help with getting me started on profile. I have been doing profile by Sanford plan now for 2weeks and I’m already losing weight. I’m learning so much. Profile by Sanford is the really deal! Hayden is very helpful and is make this a easy lifestyle change for me. If you are thinking about joining you should sign up today!
Debbie C
My friend posted a photo of her weight loss and I asked about it. She told me about Profiles by Sanford. Next I was nervous starting Profile by Sanford but now at my 6 week in, I can say it has started to change my way of thinking about food. I have lost 16 pounds since the beginning of May. I am still at the first part of my journey but seeing I can do it! Especially with my Amazing Coach Kelly! She is so up beat and makes me feel good about each step reached in my accomplishments in my journey. She gives me great ideas and also let's me be me!
Taylor Maggiorani
Love Profile by Sanford! Never felt better and I’m losing weight fast!
scott shander
Over the years I tried a variety of diet programs with varied success. Rarely had I reached my goal and if that was achieved, it was unnatural and difficult to sustain. So when I considered Profile by Sanford (Horsham PA), I was mildly skeptical to say the least.Fast forward to 19 weeks later, I've exceeded my goal by 2 pounds and have been able to lose weight consistently each week including this past week, after achieving my overall weight goal. Working with Juliana as my coach has been a breath of fresh air. She is open, clear, accessable and carries an extremely positive attitude.The diet itself begins with mostly "Profile Food". Over time, more and more "non Profile Food" are introduced. Currently, I am the only "profile Food" I am having is a shake mixed with my coffee in the morning and a power bar between lunch and dinner. Everything else is my own food. I've even had a drink (alcohol) this past weekend.When I elected to... sign up with Profile I was suspicious based on the cost. Now 19 weeks later and reducing my weight by 55 pounds, I swear by the program and the initial cash outlay was one of the best investments I've ever made. Assuming you are really committed to lose and sustain the weight loss, then Profile by Stanford (especially Horsham PA) is the best weightloss program available on the market today!read more
Carolyn Duffy
Coaching on a weight loss journey makes the difference for me. I like the accountability, and Profile coaches are particularly good at helping me help myself and with their guidance, I’ve made some interesting discoveries which have aided me in making progress toward my goals.
Joelle Urke
I was not having any progress with losing weight and my coach took time to listen and sort out whats happening in my life. She never gave up on me and keep being supportive even when I was gaining weight. I look forward to my coaching meeting each week. Excited to share the scale is moving the correct way and I am on my way to my first goal.
Jennifer franch
My experience at Profile has been wonderful. My coach, Judy, has been a great source of support for me. Due to her practical tips, encouragement and willingness to share her own weight loss successes and struggles, I feel less alone and more prepared to take on the daily challenges that come with weight loss and maintenance.
Jessa Dukelow
I have been on the Profile by Sanford plan for less than a month, and am amazed by the results. The coaches here are very accessible for assistance, and guide you through understanding how we lose weight, while reminding clients WHY we want to lose the weight, if the going gets tough. This isn’t about a quick fix, but rather a lifestyle change that will help you lose weight and keep it off. It has opened my eyes to the power of nutritious foods, while making the process even easier with their packaged foods for assistance. If you’re committed to changing your LIFE (with a neat side effect of losing weight), call the coaches here today.
Juanita Dauk
A very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Staff is very caring and concerned about your needs. Lana is an amazing coach!
megan manderfield
Great place to work! I love the opportunity to interact with and help so many individuals on their weight loss journey. Profile's program truly works and helps with healthy weight loss you can maintain. 🙂
I joined Profile Sanford, San José at the beginning of this year. It was the best decision I made for my health. Coach Luisa is the best. Very supportive and really cares about you as a person and your weight loss journey. Excellent customer service. I’ve also been at Campbell location and good service with Laurie as well.
Profile is wonderful in helping people achieve their weight loss goals. Their coaches are amazing. I feel the pricing is very fair for the service they offer. I give them a 5 stars.
Lynee Montgomery
Love the Profile plan and all the coaches!! 😃
Alex Schuler
Profile really works! I lost all my baby weight and then some in just a few months. Judy is an amazing coach! She is so supportive, and she holds me accountable to my goals. Profile is a great option for busy moms.
Jackie Morris
Profile in Ankeny is a great weight loss program. It's not just losing weight but learning about food choices and making changes in habits. They have a great staff who support and coach you through every step of the journey.
Ann Ward
I really like Profile! I have lost 30 pounds. I love all the shakes and bars! I have learned so much on this plan, better food choices, I have given up soda and sweets. Well a sweet every now and then! I have learned to do my coffee with a lot less creamer, which was a biggie for me! I have had the best coaches! They never yell or make me feel bad if I mess up and/or eat something I shouldn’t while on reboot/reduce. Each coach was different but all great. Before profile my knees hurt, I had trouble getting up and down now I don’t and I had to take prolesec for heartburn but was able to give that up! I still have some weight to get off to get to adapt but if I can do this program anyone can! Just take the step and just do it, you won’t regret it!
The nutritional coaching I have received at Profile has helped me lose 80+ pounds. The coaches are friendly, knowledgeable, and highly supportive.
Ben Bourgeois
Profile works! It helped me stick to my weight loss goals. The accountability of having a coach and detailed plan was extremely valuable.
Mardel Sherk
Been with Profile for a few years now and had my share of ups n downs with my weight. Had as number of different coaches as well. When I had a great coach I did awesome then when I had a coach that I didnt connect with affected my weight gain, I choose my coaches and UNFORTUNATELY under circumstances they left company and I had to seek out another coach. As of right now I am starting all over again and it's a lil tougher. I have a great coach that is very encouraging and gives new ideas to workouts with keeping active, food calories, and keeping me on track. If you don't have coach that you meet weekly I I personally think it's harder to stay on track, coaches are there for you every step of the way...THANK YOU.
Mary Ledoux
Both my hubby and I started this journey on Mother's day (Great Mother's Day present for me!!) We had been on a similar program but in a group sesion. I honestly thought I would not like the 1 on 1 sessions, but I find them informative and I actually prefer the individual attention. When they say it's geared toward you, it is geared towards the individual. Both my husband and I are on the plan, and we have slightly different plans. I love the shakes and bars and their is a variety to choose from. Their website is awesome, where you get to interact with other Profile members and share ideas and post things you have done. I am looking forward to to continuing this journey with my husband and our coach Malorie guiding us!
Carrie Austin
I have been struggling losing weight for years. When the scale reflected an all time high, I knew I needed to make drastic changes. I had done a lot of other fad diets and plans, but I needed something that held me accountable. Profile will provide you with a smart scale that will transmit your results directly to your coach. How’s that for accountability? It was EXACTLY what I needed to keep me on track. I joined Profile by Sanford about 2.5 weeks ago and am down 10 pounds today! And even better, I feel fantastic! I highly recommend Profile and am so excited to continue to lose weight and become a healthier me!
John Markulis
I was never able to lose weight on other diets but this was the first program I was able to lose weight effectively and consistently. The health coaches are amazing and do an amazing job keeping you motivated while understanding the struggles of weight loss. I highly recommend joining - the price is worth it and you will be so happy with the return.
Julia Harrington
I’ve loved working with Taylor at Profile. She’s been a great resource and very encouraging on my weight loss journey! I love how Profile focuses on overall health and education along with meal plans.
Jenn Tegnell
This is the only place that’s worked for me! I understand why I gained all of the weight I did and because of my amazing coach (and friend) Suzanne, I know of the great healthy options I can use instead of the carby sugary ones I used to eat! Thanks so much! I’ve lost 11 pounds so far!
Hannah Seehafer
I love ProfilebySanfordHealth. They have be so helpful and understanding throughout my weight loss journey. They have always helped me through any problems that arise whether it be temptations around special meals, planning for weekends away from home, or how to readjust my thinking and outlook on the plan. Signing up for me was so worth it and every morning looking at the results in the mirror is priceless!
Jeremy Lyon
Julie and Jeremie are great coaches, and Arturo is super friendly. My wife and I have had a great experience here and the plan really works! The coaching is what sets this type of diet apart from the others, and Julie and Jeremie are awesome - friendly, helpful, and encouraging.
Mark Withrow
My coach Laura Kirk is always encouraging and is continuously coming up with ideas for me to meet my goal.I am within 10 lbs of my 85 lbs Weight loss goal.Thank you Profile and their excellent coaches.
Molly Moore
I have had great success so far with Profile. I have lost 15 pounds in 2 months. The plan is easy to follow and the one on one health coaching helps me stay accountable for my new lifestyle. Coach Laura has really helped me with my success. I look forward to seeing what my future with Profile has in store!
Dana Horrell
I started working last week with my coach, Stephanie. I felt she was really interested in helping me and to find an individualized plan to match my exact dietary (and mental) needs. Lots of stress lately with COVID19 and it feels good to focus on improving my health. I'm glad I asked for help.
Julie Woods
Profile is great! The shakes and bars are the best weight loss ones I've tried. And I love the Sloppy Joe soup! Everyone there is so friendly and eager to help you reach your goals. The plan is easy to follow and the accountability is so helpful.
Liesl Schmirler
Profile by Sanford is incredible. I decided to try out their coaching while participating in a challenge at Orange Theory Fitness, little did I know how much it would truly help me. I am well past the OTF challenge and continuing on my Profile journey. The programs are super easy to follow, help you feel your best, and achieve your goals! The coaches are the best part! My coach Judy Brenner has been that encouraging voice weekly, helping me when at times where I feel I might be falling off track. I highly recommend Profile by Sanford if you want to look and feel your best, on the inside AND outside!
Ashley Tosh
We all hear about how weight-loss programs aren’t “diets”, they are “lifestyle changes” but how many times can you say that is true? I have been with Profile for almost two months now and not only am I five pounds away from my goal weight but my entire life has changed because of it! My biggest goal before starting the program was to break my unhealthy relationship with food and Profile has helped me do just that. It doesn’t matter if you are 150 pounds or 500 pounds, if there is any ounce in you that is ready to make a change, give this program a chance. You will not be disappointed!A special thank you to my dear friend for recommending Profile to me and to my coach who is my biggest cheerleader!
Julie K
I am extremely happy with my coach, Judy, and the Profile by Sanford program. This is literally the first diet program I have ever been on and didn't know what to expect. Judy has helped me, given me excellent suggestions, encouraged me and been very understanding. I look forward to working with her throughout my weight loss journey and then using her experience when I get to the maintenance phase, which I almost am. The facility is inviting, clean and I like the way the products are arranged. Thank you again Judy and Profile!
Elizabeth Brown
The plan is easy to follow and healthy. The people are great and I feel comfortable talking about my weight battle. The coaches are awesome.See for yourself as I highly recommend Profiles by Sanford in Memphis
alex fortunato
Started Profile alittle over 5 weeks ago, was excited to try "another" diet. I have struggled years with weight loss, Saw Profile on Facebook and thought id give it a try, Zac, is my Coach who i check in with every week, He listens to any of my issues that i might be going through, We talk about the week, if the plan is working or not working. Zac is so easy to talk with He is there for me whenever i need to talk or ask a question.I had a loss of 7 lbs the first week.!!! I WAS SO EXCITED.The PLan is easy to follow, I love the Shakes, a variety of Flavors,the bars are also delicious, the chocolate Carmel is my Favorite, If you follow the plan ,excersise You will be successful!! ,I wasnt perfect some weeks, But I know with the help from Zac and Profile i will reach my Goal and end the dieting Nightmare Ive been going through for years,
Holly hollingsworth
Great place rosa is a very great coach.
I have been with Profile by Sanford (Roscoe Village) since July 2019. I was well over 200 lbs and miserable. I have lost over 30 lbs. The program works!!! It’s easy, food is delicious, and wonderful staff. The true secret to my success is my coach Judy. Judy has been with me every step of my weight loss. She is so informative and supportive. My sessions are uplifting, fun, and extremely motivating. Having a coach is really the best!! She helps keep me on track and I now understand what I did wrong in the past. Judy armed with my weight, measurements, etc. sets up a plan designed just for me. We discuss ways to improve my plan or whether a move to another step is necessary as I progress. I actually look forward to my sessions with Coach Judy. Also, the Profile staff (Roscoe Village)are Wonderful! Very friendly and always available for questions and products even during the pandemic. This program is designed to grow with you. It has... become a whole new healthier way of life for me!! Thank you a Judy!! Thank you Profile!read more
Samuel Karp
I have used profile in the past and had an idea of what I was getting into. After make my call, I connected with Laurie and she has been amazing! She continues to coach me through the program, give me ideas and is very attentive to questions and concerns! She's awesome! And in less than three weeks, I am down over 15 pounds! Super excited to be working with her! Give it a shot! You won't regret it!
Shelia Sturgis
I have been a client since Jan 2020. The results have been amazing. In less than two months I have lost 25lbs and still losing. My coach Rose Ada is such a cheerleader for me. She keeps me on track and is always available to discuss my progress and give me helpful advice to stay on task. I have tried so many different programs and nothing has worked for me but Profile is more than a weight loss program. It delves into the reasons for your bad habits and change your mindset about food and excersise. It really does work if you put in the effort, as with anything you want to accomplish.
Peggy Selders
The support I receive from the coaches is awesome! It's a positive atmosphere at Profile and I love the products. I'm in the middle of my journey and know that I can reach my goal with this program. Thanks Profile in Fairview you are the best!
Kathy Apel
This has been the first lifestyle change I’ve made that I know I can succeed with. I’ve tried many diets but this program makes the most sense. It’s easy to follow and the staff is amazing. Rebecca has been so motivational and supportive. My daughter has lost weight on this program and I’m well on my way. My husband joined today and we will succeed together!
Grace Gonzales
I have had such a positive experience incorporating this program to to my life. I feel so much more healthier and it has helped me learn how to eat healthy and not feel deprived. It’s convenient, affordable and the coaches are amazing. Thank you!
Elizabeth Bergstrom
Profile by Sanford Cedar Park is fantastic. The coaches are knowledgable, motivating and very supportive. I would not have been as successful without Lacey and Sarah. Thank you!
Alice Jefferson
I am over 60 yrs/o and had gained over 20 lbs over several years. I was beginning to have blood pressure elevations For which my doctor wanted me to start taking medicine. I had never considered my weight “bad enough” for a weight loss program. However, my gym partnered with Profile during a weight loss challenge. I am so grateful they did!! My weight is exactly where I want it to be. As a new Vegan I really appreciate the counseling. I have had 2 wonderful counselors who have helped me look closely at my intake, trying to help me insure that I have a healthy diet, this is weekly. I am so very, very grateful that I was able to start on this journey with Profile! Left to my own devices I’m pretty certain I would continue to gain weight and medical diagnoses! Oh, I’m down 3-4 pant sizes over 4-5 months!
Tammy Scodary
This diet is amazing. I have been on many diets before, and they all fail. This diet is so easy. You are never hungry or crave food. It’s simple to stay focus and not want to eat all the bad foods you use to crave. You stay full all day. And not a lot of preparing food or shopping. I would recommend this diet to anyone who wants to lose weight. You won’t fail this time. I promise you. I have already lost 15 pounds in a few weeks. I recommend trying this diet. You won’t be sorry. 10 stars for me.
Harold Ingersoll
I had a 30 lb weight loss goal for the last five years. I tried several diets which helped but I just couldn't lose the last 10lbs. I joined Profile in September through a special they offered through my employer and 4 months later reached my goal and have kept the weight off. The program works if you do what they tell you to do.
Debra Goodlunis
The coaches at the Fort Myers store are the best. Malorie is very supportive and always has the answers I need. Kaylie is great as back up support if Malorie isn't available. I read stories on FB sites regarding other locations and I think that the Fort Myers coaches and store are excellent.
Craig Jergenson
I have been on program for 4 months now and very close to overall goal. While I have wandered from time to time. The weekly coaching and encouragement has helped a great deal! I enjoy the foods as well and have helped in my weight loss!
Anne Nozzolio
I am so thankful I joined Profile Sanford. The coaches are so supportive and encouraging. They help solve any program issues and provide helpful information when needed. I’ve been very successful since I began. I’ve lost 26 lbs. so far and never feel hungry or deprived. I have more energy, feel good about myself and have become more healthy. Most importantly, the Profile program has helped me prepare for some needed upcoming surgery.
Joanna Jauregui
Program is easy to follow, products taste great, & coaches are great motivators, helpful, & truely want us to be successful!
Titan Property Services LLC
Highly recommend! Profile, has truly been phenomenal. Outstanding customer service and a personalized touch that you can appreciate!Currently down 35 lbs and I know I’ll reach my goal weight, with the help of Profile and their meal plan.It’s been refreshing to work with such a great team on my weight loss journey. From Jarin, to each and every coach, you can tell that they put forth the extra effort to make sure you succeed!Especially, during this pandemic - kudos to the ENTIRE staff for going above and beyond to meet the needs of each customer.If you’re tired of your current diet or weight loss plan, give Profile a call. Do it for yourself, and for your family. You won’t regret it!- Zach Dazell
Pat Sonnek
My coach has helped me a lot along this bumpy weight loss road.
Wayne Sandbulte
Always a pleasure to discuss my eating and exercising with my Profile fitness coach
Becky Haase
Profile has been an amazing weight loss plan that has changed my life. I’ve lost weight but have also realized what good food choices look like.
Eric Snyder
Profile has helped me understand the true value of what you put into your body as fuel. The coaching is phenomenal and personal to your needs and they also have the ability to know how your specific body metabolizes food. I lost 13 lbs already and know it’s the right way and can not wait to learn more from this incredible team! Also the food and shakes taste amazing to start you on your journey!
Camilia Smith
This program has changed the way I look at food. My whole approach is way different. The coaches are super cool and helpful. The shakes and bars amazingly very good. Best program I have ever been apart of.
Justin Gross
Everyone I know that uses Profile has lost weight and looks great!
Sharon Mack
Love the excellent coaching (Rose) - I am constantly inspired and encouraged! The plan is so easy to follow, convenient and I am able to stick with the plan because of the regular meal times and snacks. Losing weight every week and not starving, having energy and enjoying my meals!
I have met the owners , they are wonderful people. Genuinely kind people that care about your health. Coach Jeremy is one of the best health coaches I've ever met, i cannot say much more than that!! 🙂
Jessica Lilja
I first learned about Profile by Sanford via a nutrition seminar at my local Orange Theory studio back in January of this year. I had been wanting to make a change in my eating habits but just couldn’t seem to get into a rhythm or know how to start by myself. So I met with Nellie for my nutrition consultation at the Roscoe Village location. I liked the concept of the program that Nellie described and what my program would look like. I’m not gonna lie though, I had my doubts about sticking with the program and that it would work but being the competitive, driven person that I am I wanted to challenge myself, and the program to see if it actually works. I ended up starting the program in February with the intent of losing 15-20 pounds but more importantly to learn to get in the habit of eating healthy. As of today I have lost almost 13 pounds and I have gotten into a good habit of making good food choices and owning my choices! I can... honestly say that I would not be this healthy without Nellie’s nutrition expertise, guidance and our weekly virtual coaching sessions. I always look forward to chatting with Nellie every week to review how my previous week went and talk about nutrition. Thank you, Nellie and Profile!read more
Diane Boldt
I love this program. I consistently show progress every week. I feel better, eat better, and most important feel satisfied. To my coaches Sue and Brooke, thank you for all your amazing support. Kaari, thank you for all your assistance and support. You are all AWESOME!!!
Kelsey Brinatte
The Profile team is some of the nicest and most supportive people you could want to have your back! I began the program in December and have lost 40 pounds since. The plan is easy to follow and the coaches are always sooo helpful with questions and concerns.Also, during Covid19 they are magnificent with filling orders and they make everything so easy and convenient. I can honestly say that this is the greatest program I've been a part of! I can't wait to see where this takes me even further down the road of my journey.Thank you, Profile! Keep up the fantastic work!
Elizabeth Moran
I don’t even know where to start with how life-changing Profile Stanford helped me transition into healthier eating habits. I am extremely happy & grateful for all the support and motivation.My coach Nellie went above and beyond to help me stay focused and empowered me to believe in myself.My takeaways are:🙌🏼DO IT!🙌🏼Invest in yourself!🙌🏼Positive changes will happen with Profile Stanford.
Tom McGaffey
My coach is awesome!! Kaitlin is very motivational, she explains things very well, and helps me stay on plan.Her extensive knowledge has helped me understand how the plan works, how different foods beyond the plan help.I have lost almost 60 lbs, am the lightest I've weighed in 10 years and I'm so glad I joined the Profile program.
CJ Esbenson
Bobbi is fantastic! so is the program!!! Have achieved my goal weight ahead of schedule!! Loved the program! love the caring! thanks so much!!
Jessica Hertling
Best store and coaches ever! Always welcoming, helpful and so knowledgeable. Profile works!
Kathi Schaff
I have been a Profile client for a little over 10 months. I had a weight loss goal, hit it, and have maintained it. I love the products and everyone at the Maple Grove MN location is very knowledgeable and professional.
Ashley Hopkins
I am loving this program! I have been on the program for about 6 weeks and I am down 21 lbs and over 12”. The program is so easy to follow, and the weekly coaching calls really keep me accountable! Rebecca and Candace are great coaches, and they are truly passionate about helping people reach their goals!
Jason Rutledge
I love Profile. The coaches (my coach) is always there to help and I love the shakes, the bars...all of it. Marinara Sauce is the best! Every time I need something they always have it and the people there are super nice.
Lori Blevins
The results are real. This program works. The weekly coaching sessions are such an added bonus to maintain accountability and motivation. Everyone in the Augusta location is friendly and helpful, too.
kaitlyn mcguinn
Profile has helped motivate me to be healthy and to try new things that I wouldn’t have tried before! I love having a coach to make sure I stay on track and enjoy my weight loss journey with me! Thank you!
Taylor Marie
I’ve seen so many people achieve so much success at Profile. One in particular, my uncle who this week has hit 100 pounds weight loss. 👏👏👏
April Sette
I can't thank this program enough. - 20lb Holding COVID Strong. I am not a calorie counter and have tried several ways to loose my baby weight he is now 20. 🙂 The biggest AWESOMENESS is my COVID Story. I was gaining traction with losing weight! Down 20lbs since Oct 2019! My aha moment was in January when my amazing Coach Tina - xoxo gave me best advice on my mindset - way of thinking about food. Then COVID happened and I was back to battle with stress eating. Thank GOD for my weekly coach session and weekly focus goals! I am happy to say that I actually lost 1lb this week! I will take it. It's been super challenging and Tina has been there for me the whole way and making me realize what I am accomplishing - not what I haven't done. REGARDLESS it's all a mind game with ourselves and I am so grateful that I have someone to discuss it with so I don't go backwards during the worst imaginable days, hours and minutes of our... lives. I feel great today and I know that if I don't feel great tomorrow I have someone I can reach out to for nudge to get me through. THANK YOU SANFORD PROFILE OF PRINCETON! xoxoxox #covidstrongread more
Danielle Clements
I have tried every plan under the sun and this has been by far the easiest.The shakes and bars taste great and I’m blown away by how fast I saw results and how much energy I have.Having a coach there to answer questions and help one on one is also a huge bonus.
Kelsey Owens
I’ve struggled with weight loss for years, nothing seemed to keep me motivated or on track. Since starting with Profile I have lost 40 pounds and they have completely changed my mindset from losing weight to creating a healthy lifestyle. All of the coaches at the Woodbury branch are amazing to work with. They listen to what you need help with and are always finding new creative ways to keep you motivated and on track with you goals. Profile has changed my life!
Drew P
The Roscoe Village team is great, and the plan was easy to follow. I was able to eat balanced meals and still lost over 20 lbs. Before Profile, I was trying to lose weight on my own and plateued - Profile got me back on track. Very happy with my results.
Sara Stangel
Nellie at the Roscoe Village Profile has been amazing! Her coaching, along with the yummy food, has helped me lose almost 30 lbs in 4 months. Coaching was especially critical during the holiday months when there were temptations everywhere!
Heather Stewart
After having kids I was struggling to lose the weight. The coaches have been really supportive and helped me through my challenges. I have become more aware of the foods I am eating and learning how to make healthier choices. I have gotten new tools to help along the way to keep me on track of my new healthy lifestyle. I have even started venturing out into trying new foods I never would have before.
Ann Goodart
Haley is an awesome coach. She is flexible and always willing to help out when I have a challenge. I'm so excited to find something that actually works!
meggan nadler
Every staff member at the Woodbury location has been nothing short of amazing. They have helped me through some personal struggles without judgement and truly care about my overall well being. They are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone on a weight loss journey.
Debe Blackett
Excellent support from the coaches - shakes, bars,'s all there for your success!
Jenna Hilb
Profile's coaches provide a level of non-judgemental and supportive accountability that I think everyone needs in order to achieve their health and wellness goals successfully. This is the only weight loss program I know of that pairs an easy to follow nutrition plan with personalized 1-on-1 coaching and it really works!
Deidra Tenold
Love everyone at Profile of Rapid City! The coaches are great and I look forward to every meeting. The weight loss is great but you get so much more out of it than just that. It’s a lifestyle change!
sara ripley
The store is nice and inviting, I like how you can see all the food they offer. I have really enjoyed the one on one couching I get every week. I don't feel like a customer, I feel like a member. The coach really cares about my weight loss and is always prepared to help me, and my needs. I feel is very personalized just for me. I enjoy all the tips I get. I definitely recommend Profile by Sanford.
Kayla Sigette
Amazing program! Love the wide variety of Profile foods and the knowledge and accountability that I receive from all of the coaches!
Kayla Sigette
Love Profile! The educational coaching sessions, great tasting Profile foods and the three phased program is the ticket for not only weight loss but long term maintenance!
Kayla Sigette
Great team! Wonderful program! Love how the Profile coaches have helped me make a long-lasting healthy lifestyle change.
Dennis Kellen
Elina is a tremendous coach who has helped me with losing almost 20 lbs. Her insight in identifying behavior changes and teaching me how to make the right choices has been very beneficial. The weekly virtual meetings are valuable in discussing my goals, progress and assisting with lifestyle changes. High recommend Profile to everybody trying to lose weight.
Barbara R Hess
The food is great! And the recipes available are really good & easy to make. You can even experiment on your own. The coaches all are very nice and understand your feelings about eating. They are upbeat and friendly and allow you to express how you are doing. Thanks, Coaches— I look forward to my meeting every week!Bobbie H (Barbara if you are mad at me😄)
Anne Holland
Great group of people . Kayla is an awesome coach
Ryan Kalinowski
Profile by Sanford is a wonderful program! The coaches are wonderful, and very supportive throughout your journey. This is a lifestyle change, and the guidance they give along the way is incredible. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their health and wellness. Thank you Profile by Sanford and the Colorado Springs Team! I couldn’t do this without you!
Chris Holden
I have been a member since 2/17/20 and have lost almost 30 pounds in a little over 6 weeks. I've also already lost 4 inches off my waist and even reduced medications because of improved blood test results. The plan combines standard grocery items with Profile food products. It is easy to follow and the results are evident. I would be lying if I didn't say I was equally skeptical and nervous after my first one to one session, but now I have totally bought in to the system and am thrilled with the results. Jackie, my coach and co-owner with her brothers, always offers great advice and encouragement to keep me motivated.
Kate Creative Media
Profile’s custom plan is SUPER easy to follow and it works! Plus, the bars and shakes taste great. The coaches explain every phase clearly so you know what to expect next. I’m almost at my goal weight, and feel amazing!
Debra Burkhart
Love these coaches! Juliana is the best... I look forward to every session I have with her and learn something every week. She's also awesome at giving me different recipes to help me with my lack of creativity when cooking. Thank you Horsham Coaches for all you do for me.