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What is Profile?

Profile is here to help you lose weight, obtain a healthy lifestyle and get the full support you need to succeed. With nutrition plans created by doctors, researchers and dietitians, this nutrition and health coaching program helps you lose 3x more weight* by building you a custom meal plan based on your goals, genetics, preferences, health conditions and more.

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Personalized Nutrition Plans

Custom Nutrition Plan

1-On-1 Health Coaching

1-on-1 Health Coaching

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Smart Tracking & Tech

Smart Tracking & Tech

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Our Cottonwood Heights Location

Cottonwood Heights, UT

6913 South 1300 East

Phone Number: (801) 742-8910

Meet Our Certified Coaches

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Laura McLeay
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Laura McLeay
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Laura McLeay
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My name is Laura and I am a health and wellness professional who is passionate about educating, empowering, and engaging others to pursue and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love supporting members through their journey by setting goals, holding them accountable and building lasting relationships. Motivating individuals to be the best versions of themselves and witnessing their transformations is something my team and I get to look forward to every day!
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My name is Laura and I am a health and wellness professional who is passionate about educating, empowering, and engaging others to pursue and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love supporting members through their journey by setting goals, holding them accountable and building lasting relationships. Motivating individuals to be the best versions of themselves and witnessing their transformations is something my team and I get to look forward to every day!
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My name is Laura and I am a health and wellness professional who is passionate about educating, empowering, and engaging others to pursue and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love supporting members through their journey by setting goals, holding them accountable and building lasting relationships. Motivating individuals to be the best versions of themselves and witnessing their transformations is something my team and I get to look forward to every day!
Profile Ratings and Reviews For Cottonwood Heights, UT
Based on 65 reviews
The system works! My coach, Danielle, is amazing! She has been a huge support thru this journey. She listens and provides advice in a kind supportive way. She’s my cheerleader! My life is better for having joined Profile!
Profile has been an incredible tool to help me adopt a healthier lifestyle. Their shakes and bars are my favorite. They have good variety and are tasty. Check out the Salted Carmel and Chocolate Brownie— my favorites! The shakes can also be made into protein balls, pudding and waffles! The best part is that I can maintain the program by purchasing my own groceries as well—eating what I like. The success of the program for me is the weekly one one one coaching. Alex is the man! Simply the best. Every week he listens to my challenges and frustrations then helps me set new goals and make a plan, be successful for the upcoming week. He knows my triggers, understands my goals and motivates me through my ups and downs. I’m 60 years old and when I started Profile I was only interested in losing weight through changing my eating habits, but as I lost, I became more and more interested in exercise. I now bike, walk, and do Pilates multiple times a week. That was so not me….but now it is! I am loving my life. Thank you Profile!!!!
Weight loss is a very hard journey. I've tried all the diets and had minimal success. I knew I needed someone who could help me figure out the best way to eat healthy in a way that I could utilize past the point of successful weight loss. It was very important to me to find someone who could hold me accountable while helping me understand what I was doing wrong as well as provide me with food. If you are looking for guidance, understanding, and want to keep the weight off without restricting yourself to the joys of food Profile is the place! Life is about having fun and eating what you want, but Profile is here to help you learn better habits, moderation, and what will actually work for you!! Its an investment for sure but totally worth it! The coaches here are so nice and are willing to step in and help however they can, that is probably my favorite part because going through this journey alone has never been successful for me. Also, the food is really good, so that tends to help a lot!!
The coaching sessions are wonderful! The one on one coaching will leave you feeling encouraged and ready to face each week as you are on this journey of getting healthy!
Profile has been life changing for me. This program really works. The coaching has been extremely beneficial and Alex at the Cottonwood Heights location is amazing. I highly recommend Profile to anyone.
It’s been over a year now that my husband used the Profile program and lost 45 lbs. He went from 210 lbs down to 165 lbs! It’s really been life changing for him at nearly 50. We have always been very active and work out regularly and consistently. For him, I think what really made the difference was better understanding and sustaining a healthy diet. His coach was great, too! After witnessing his success, we had several friends also try it and were also successful in weight loss. Highly recommend!!! Thank you so much!!!
I have been with Profile for 6 months now, lost about 50lbs and is still consistently losing more. The program is easy to follow and the coaches are very supportive. I am very grateful that this program helped me understand proper nutrition and long-term lifestyle change. I highly recommend this to all who are struggling with weight loss.
I have the best Coach she is very helpful and so much fun!
I have learned so much over this last year. It's nice to get nutritional information as well as guides on how to increase physical activity and emotional well-being. Having a coach gives you someone to cheer you on while also holding you accountable with your goals.
My Profile experience was awesome! I lost the weight I wanted in about 6 weeks and have been able to maintain my goal weight by maintaining my nutrition plan. The 1:1 coaching was great and the supplements I used were tasty and helpful. I now maintain my own nutrition plan that follows what the Profile coaches developed for me and I feel healthier than ever before as it's a balanced nutrition plan, not a fad. Go Profile by Sanford!
I have loved Profile. I have tried so many times to loose weight and nothing ever worked. This program was easy to follow. I looked for a place that would help me with what food to eat and what portions to have. I liked that I would use some of their foods but I still got to shop and pick the foods I wanted to eat. Kristi, my coach was always encouraging me and helped me with all my questions. She let me take control of how I wanted to loose my weight while helping me follow the program. She is great. I believe through this program I have learned how to eat and maintain my weight. When I first went in I was pretty discouraged and now I feel great. This place is awesome!!!!!
The coaches at Profile at great. They take a genuine interest in my health and well-being. I can share with them my successes and challenges and they adapt my weight loss plan to accommodate my needs. Once a coach gets to know you, they understand the right questions to ask you in order to determine the best path to reaching your weight loss goals.
I LOVE the Profile program, the food & recipes are great, the coaches are incredible, and I’m in such better health than I was a year ago. Thank you Profile!
I love Profile! I lost almost 30 lbs in my first 6 weeks and have never had results like this when I tried anything else. I know the plan works because when I stick to it I get great results. My husband and I have tried several of their recipes and love them all. I never knew that eating healthy could be so delicious! My coach is amazing and always inspires me to do the best I can. I love her enthusiasm and look forward to our sessions each week to talk about my successes and struggles and I feel that she genuinely listens and cares about my journey and wants me to do well. I also really enjoy the member group Facebook page, it’s a great way to stay motivated and get advice from people who know what it’s like to be overweight. I’m so excited to reach my goal and know I can do it with Profile.
Coaches are great! They truly want to help you succeed with your weight loss journey.
They are so nice and welcoming. The location is very clean and quiet. I’m so excited to get the results of my Precise test!
After 4 weeks I feel great! The coaches are awesome and there to help me through any situations that might come up. Can't say enough good things about Profile!
Profile has helped me take my life back and get healthier. I have more energy and have not only lost weight but lost inches. I am down from a size 22 to a 14 and it is all because of my wonderful coaches and the program at Profile.
I lost 10 lbs in one month👍
I can’t say enough good things about Profile. I lost 8 pounds in the first week and a half and I’m still losing weight!
Rebecca explained the system/program to me in depth and assured me that the program could be tweaked to meet my specific needs.
Great so far lost 18 pounds in 3 weeks!
A very medical sound plan with high technical measurements. Love the individual coaching. Have loss over 25 pounds and going.
I absolutely am loving this plan!! Feeling soooo much better and the staff could be any nicer!!! Just so helpful, and have answered any and all questions and if they can’t rigt then they get back with me within a day or 2!! Just the best!!
Every coach is unbelievably awesome! They really do care about the progress of their members! They all have excellent advice to assist with our weight loss progress! I highly recommend everyone to go to Profile by Sanford for your weight loss needs and/or your interests in living a sustainable & healthy lifestyle!
My wife and i have had a great experience with this program. Together we have lost over 50 lbs!! And it was in just a few months. Highly recommended!
Great plan with good food choices and lots of real food added. Coaches are helpful and motivating.
Profile by Sanford is the best diet I’ve ever done (and I’ve done a couple), their food tastes good and I lost 10 pounds in the first month!
Works great, friendly staff!
The food is honestly really good! This plan is so easy and the staff is so helpful. I would recommend this plan to anyone!
Great for anyone who needs a general idea of a good food controling diet
I have loved this place so far. They help hold me accountable and are always very friendly. The food is pretty good as well:) Lord of variety.
Loving my experience here and the individual attention! Super motivating and easy. Down to a smaller pant size in three weeks!! Thank you! I appreciate the thoughtful program and helping me remember good habits. Great team and Emily you are the BEST!
Follow the plan they provide, and you WILL lose weight. Awesome people as well.
My husband and I have been working with Profile by Sanford for a little over a week and have already lost a combined weight of 25 lbs. The food is good. The customer service is awesome. If you want to get healthy this is the place to do it.
I absolutely love this program!! I have lost 17 lbs in three weeks.. The products are amazing and my coach Rebecca has helped me so much!!
I am a big fan of Profile. I use all the products here and incorporate them in my everyday meals and use profile recipes. I would recommend this plan because the profile food is good and they have so many flavors of meal replacements and the plans are pretty easy to stick to. My favorite bar is caramel cocoa and my favorite shake is Banana cream pie!
These gals have been great. I love that they are willing to review what’s working and what’s not for the individual and then make adjustments to the program to help with success!
My experience with Profile has been fantastic. I started my Profile Plan 70 days ago and have already lost 41 pounds. I did not think I would ever be able to lose this amount weight. My coach Emily at Cottonwood Heights location has been awesome. Profile by Sanford should be your place to start if you are serious about weight loss. Ask them about their corporate plan, I joined as part of my office, it was great to have the support of my peers.
Amazing coaches, they are so helpful and give great advice and never make you feel ashamed, which is great when you're losing weight.
Emily is so nice and helpful. I have loved profile!
Since joining Profile, I’ve been able to reach my body goals faster than before and I’ve learned so much about nutrition. My goal was to become leaner and also have adequate and appropriate macros with working out 5-6 times/ week. I’m on their performance plan and have been very happy with the results. I’ve met with three different consultants there and they’ve all been so knowledgeable and friendly. I mostly use regular grocery foods but I also like their products a lot and have switched to only using their bars and pre/post workout.
Profile helped me to gain confidence in healthy eating and balance with food. Emily has been a wonderful coach! I would recommend using this program to lose weight and have support on your journey!
Profile by Sanford Cottonwood Heights is a great company! I’m impressed with the staff and their professionalism. My experience with their services has been nothing but positive.
I have had a wonderful experience with Profile! I’ve been using their program for about 6 months - for half of a pregnancy and now while nursing. I feel like I know a pretty good amount about proper nutrition, but I needed more accountability to stay on track (especially while battling pregnancy cravings and aversions). I had a healthy pregnancy, put on a healthy amount of weight, and never felt hungry. I have worked with Emily (at Cottonwood Heights) and would recommend her to anyone! Simply put, she is amazing! She is knowledgeable, supportive, and motivating - while still leaving room for me to be human and never feel bad when i get off track. She listens to me and has helped me find a nutrition plan that works for my preferences and wants. I think Profile is wonderful and I’d recommend it to any pregnant or nursing Moms!
I have worked with the friendly professionals at Profile for about 6 months. The diet is effective and relatively easy to comply with and the support has been excellent! Very grateful to the Profile team at Cottonwood!
Fantastic system and great support staff. 2 months into it, already down 25lbs and feel fantastic. Merchandise is high quality and tastes awesome. My coach Emily is wonderful, very supportive and great at follow-ups. If you’re serious about getting back in shape, this is the place that will help you make it happen.
Helpful staff and great location. I have had excellent results so far on the plan. Down 20+pounds in less than 2 months.
Loving working with you guys! I’m down 35 lbs in six weeks! The coaches are SO kind and motivating. Thanks for all your work to help me be healthier. Thanks to our work, I’m finally only obese! Shout out to Kaylie and Rebecca!
The staff here is awesome!!
This location has been awesome!!! All the coaches are helpful and supportive in all the rights ways.
Starting out, friendly staff
Profile by Sanford is fantastic!! The coaches are great!! This is the best plan ever!!
I highly recommend Profile by Sanford for anyone looking to shed a few pounds or for those looking to lose more than that. I can not say enough good things about this program. First let me start by saying I have been a fad/yo-yo dieter for years. I've had some successes, but definitely more failures. In July of 2018 I'd finally had enough. I wanted something that was not only going to help me lose the weight, but I wanted to keep it off. I needed to learn how to eat differently and finally end my love/hate relationship with food. You guys, I found it here! This will be my final chapter in my weight loss journey. I've been on the plan for 7 weeks now and have lost 23 lbs. That's 13.8% of my total body weight. I'm 5 lbs away from my goal weight and I don't want to stop! I want to stay on this diet said no one EVER, until today. The program is simple and it works if you’re comitted to following it. The food is fantastic. The online and in-store support are even better. You never once feel alone through the process. The online member community is always posting new recipe ideas that are amazing. The coaches at the Cottonwood Heights location are absolutely the best. Every single coach here is so motivating, encouraging and comitted to your success. If you've been on the fence or are wanting to start your final chapter in your weight loss journey, I hope you'll take the plunge. It has been absolutely worth it.
I’ve lost 25 pounds in five weeks. My doctor recommended it because it worked for him and it’s working well for me.
Great program that brings fantastic results. Kaylie is an awesome coach to work with.
Profile is the Best down 15 pounds now!
The staff are very helpful in making sure I feel comfortable with my plan. It is nice to have a professional help me plan out my calories so I’m not guessing.
Fantastic customer service. I'm enjoying my experience. Best shakes and food I've ever had. 👍
Amazing! Everyone is very informed and kind!
Lost 12 pounds in the first month and still losing! I love the coaches they give amazing advice! So worth it!
Last 10 pounds in first 10 days, happy with structure and meal plans. Do not need to think or prepare much ahead of time, just follow the process. easy to follow diet. Great customer service. Always nice and avaible to answer questions
I've been super happy with my experience here. The plan is personalized for me and the staff is experienced and very motivating. I done something like this before, however, this plan teaches me how to live without their supplements.
I LOVE this program and the coaches at Cottonwood are amazing! I've worked with two different coaches and they both gave great advice. I would highly recommend them.
Love the food and the educated Coaches. I use the Profile Perform line to maintain and I really like it!!

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Lost 173 lbs, got off her blood pressure medication & dropped 10 pant sizes!


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Lost 122 lbs, has more energy than ever & no longer has to buy 3-4 XL clothing.


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Lost 65 lbs, went for  & now wears medium tops instead of 2XL.


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Lost 65 lbs, lowered his BMI from 35 to below 25 & went from a 2XL shirt to medium!


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Why You'll Love Profile


9.3% Avg. Weight Lost*

Did you know that working alongside a health coach leads to 3x more weight loss and overall success?!*

Real Coaches, Not Bots

No one wants to work with a bot. Get real health advice and support from our certified coaches virtually or in-person.

Never Feel Hungry

A sustainable lifestyle change doesn’t start with starving yourself. Our food is both nutritious and tasty, plus it mitigates cravings by making sure you stay full.

Never Get Bored of Your Plan

As your body changes, so does your plan! Our phased plans are optimized weekly to make sure you are never bored or stagnant.

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So I have to share my success and excitement. In 11 weeks I have lost 30 pounds. I FEEL GREAT!!!! I have so much more energy and am developing a healthy relationship with food. I have tried other things previously, but nothing worked like this program has!


Profile Member

I have lost 100+ pounds on Profile! It works because their shakes and protein bars are the best tasting. The coaching encourages and teaches you how to have nutritionally balanced meals. I can’t say enough good things about this program and the coaches are the best.


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I lost consistently week after week with fabulous coaching!  The program is easy, simple to follow and is altered with progress.  I would recommend Profile highly to anyone! I feel like a different person than when I started! Actually, I finally feel like me! That says it all!!        


Profile Member

Profile has definitely changed my life. I share my experience weekly with friends and family. The shakes and bars are awesome and the coach's have taught me so much and I continue to learn something new every time I meet with them. It has truly been an incredible experience.


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