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What is Profile?

Profile is here to help you lose weight, obtain a healthy lifestyle and get the full support you need to succeed. With nutrition plans created by doctors, researchers and dietitians, this nutrition and health coaching program helps you lose 3x more weight* by building you a custom meal plan based on your goals, genetics, preferences, health conditions and more.

How Profile Works

Personalized Nutrition Plans

Custom Nutrition Plan

1-On-1 Health Coaching

1-on-1 Health Coaching

A Variety Of Healthy Foods

Healthy Food Options

Smart Tracking & Tech

Smart Tracking & Tech

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Our Ankeny Location

Ankeny, IA

1550 N Ankeny Boulevard

Phone Number: (515) 257-7050

Meet Our Certified Coaches

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Laura McLeay
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Laura McLeay
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Laura McLeay
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My name is Laura and I am a health and wellness professional who is passionate about educating, empowering, and engaging others to pursue and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love supporting members through their journey by setting goals, holding them accountable and building lasting relationships. Motivating individuals to be the best versions of themselves and witnessing their transformations is something my team and I get to look forward to every day!
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My name is Laura and I am a health and wellness professional who is passionate about educating, empowering, and engaging others to pursue and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love supporting members through their journey by setting goals, holding them accountable and building lasting relationships. Motivating individuals to be the best versions of themselves and witnessing their transformations is something my team and I get to look forward to every day!
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My name is Laura and I am a health and wellness professional who is passionate about educating, empowering, and engaging others to pursue and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love supporting members through their journey by setting goals, holding them accountable and building lasting relationships. Motivating individuals to be the best versions of themselves and witnessing their transformations is something my team and I get to look forward to every day!
Profile Ratings and Reviews For Ankeny, IA
Based on 98 reviews
I have a great coach at Profile, Crista. She has been very helpful and empowering on my weight loss journey.
Very friendly and non judgmental. Laid out achievable goals and explained what to expect while starting out in the system. Anxious to try the products!
This program works! My husband and I have lost over 75 lbs and kept it off for over a year. You have to try it!
Profile has done so much to teach me about portion sizes and what living a healthy lifestyle looks like. This has been about more than just weight loss for me, and Tiffany is great! :)
This place is fantastic. The plan works and everyone is so thoughtful.
I feel good when I do the Profile plan. The coaches are knowledgeable. Get started today letting them help you. I totally recommend!
The staff here is friendly and very helpful. Sue Nowatzke is a superb coach! She walks the walk not just the talk👍
My coach is great about staying in touch and not letting me slide.
I highly recommend that you start your journey at Profile in Ankeny. With the assistance of my coach, I was able to quickly start hitting my goals. I feel better every day, sleep better (with no snoring), and have crazy energy. Take the first step today....
I have lost a significant amount of weight so far. Love the shakes and my coach Samantha! Thanks profile.
Profile in Ankeny is a great weight loss program. It's not just losing weight but learning about food choices and making changes in habits. They have a great staff who support and coach you through every step of the journey.
Profile has been an amazing weight loss plan that has changed my life. I’ve lost weight but have also realized what good food choices look like.
Very friendly and got me in quickly. Looking forward to starting the program!
Simple plan with fabulous results! I am on week 19 and have lost 52 pounds. If I can do this program, anyone can. #loveyourself
Love, Love, Love this program. I have been with Profile since Oct. 2019 and feel fabulous. Thank you for a structured journey. #coachlisa
Profile has provided me with the easiest diet to follow. The shakes and bars are delicious and I'm not left feeling hungry all the time. I am most impressed with the support and learning how to make better choices.
It's a good program to start your weight loss journey. They give tools and the skills to start healthy habits. And the health coaches are nice
Profile has the structure I need. The shakes and bars are delicious (unlike other programs I have tried). My coach, Tiffany, is so positive and supportive.
Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I like that it's easy to follow and not a lot of guesswork involved.
easy way to reach my goals! Love all the support and guidance
Week 2 enjoying the plan and the new journey!!
Brenda is a great coach! I can be open and honest about my progress and how Profile fits my life. She is uplifting and encouraging and always reinforces is my journey!
I am extremely happy with Ptofile and my coach Elsa. I have lost thirteen pounds now and I know I can active my goal of fifty or more! I LOVE being able to put clothes on and they are loose! I am over sixty, so I know I will never do a bikini... but a swim suite is now in view!! Elsa NEVER shames me! I think that’s what keeps me on tract, even on “cheat” days! Yep... I pretty much love everything about Profile! I believe in the old saying... keep coming back!!
Coaches are super nice and very helpful. Glad my wife and I started Profile
Profile works for my lifestyle and is helpful to keep me on track!
Amazing program and wonderful coaches! It took me 20 years to find a plan that worked for me. Profile has been the plan that has worked for me. So happy with it! This plan works!
If you are looking for help in losing weight, Profile is the program you are looking for. Since joining about 7 weeks ago, I’ve lost over 21 lbs, many inches, learned how to eat healthy, increase my activity, and made steps to live a long healthy life. I enjoy my weekly one on one meetings with my coach, the shakes, bars, fiber drinks, classes that are offered, and everything about Profile.
Absolutely wonderful coaching, an easy program to follow and LOVE that they have a wifi scale with ALL the details on your weight loss journey!!! Love the app, its easy to keep track of food as well and hold yourself accountable!
I love this plan! I have been able to make it work with my busy schedule and traveling on vacations! The results are fast and so motivating! And the staff is so helpful and really wants to help make it work for YOU.
Love this program! Easy and delicious! Can't say enough about it!
The shakes taste great! Can’t wait to have this lifestyle change! 😊
I've tried numerous weight loss program, but Profile has been by far the most effective. Not only have I lost over 20 lbs in a little over 2 months, but I feel better as well. I've tried other similar programs such as Nutrisystem, but it's so easy to go back to old habits. Profile has educated nutritionists as well as their products, and you don't feel constrained like with other programs. It feels more like a lifestyle/habit upgrade rather than a diet. More long term changes rather than a quick fix.
Love the shakes and bars!
So far, I’m really enjoying the program! Tailored for your unique needs! I find the weekly coach check-ins helpful to drive a accountability! Best weight loss I’ve seen and maintained ever! I’m 3 weeks in and I’m still engaged and steadfastly optimistic!
Love Sarah! She is amazing! The shakes taste great.
Profile is an easy program to follow, and the shakes, smoothies, and bars are great! Having a coach assist you with a plan and meet with you regularly is really helpful!
Just getting started!! Let’s see how this goes!
Great coaches!
This diet works! I have lost 30lbs since January. The shakes and bars taste good and the consistent weight loss week after week keeps me motivated to stay on plan. The one on one coaching it also really helpful and I love that I can weigh at home in the morning to record my progress. It’s a great program and great staff!
I love the program!! I have been on it for a year and have never felt better. I would highly recommend it to anyone that would like to change their lifestyle.
Everyone that I have come in contact with at this location are friendly and helpful. This is the first program I have tried that has 1:1 coaching and therefore a greater sense of accountability. My coach is knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. The food that they have is very good! I truly feel that this is something that I can be successful doing!
Thanks Brett!
This program works! Friendly staff and my coach is great !
My coach Luke has been very encouraging and helpful. Off to a great start! Looking forward to next week! Thanks Profile and Luke
I’ve been in the program since November and have lost 30 lbs. My coach, Sarah, has been very supportive and encouraging! The meal replacements are tasty and easy to manage. I feel better than I have in a long time! Great program - great staff - highly recommend!
I highly recommend this if you're looking for long term change but need a kick in the right direction. This has been a great life change/weight loss experience. All of the coaches are knowledgeable and have their own coaching style, so depending on your needs there is a coach there to help you along the way. The bars, shakes/meal replacements, and their red pepper sauce are great, but my favorite is the mixed fruit drink you get for fiber. Plus they work with you to adapt your meals to the healthiest version... SO MANY VEGETABLES ;) I've done other weight loss programs before, albeit successful at first, my weight never stayed off. I'm still in my reboot stage, but I've lost weight at a steady (and safe) pace and am excited they don't drop you after you hit your goals. I'll be with this program for a while and luckily they're willing to stick with me too!
Staff are super helpful!
Been an awesome experience!! Love the coaches
Profile has been great for my lifestyle change. Weekly coaching sessions are something I need to be accountable and I feel like my coach cares about me and this journey. The meal replacement shakes and bars taste great, there are many options based on your preferences and so many tools available to make this program work.
Staff is great program works
I am very pleased with my weight loss journey. I love seeing results which keeps me motivated. I look forward to my shakes and bars everyday.
The staff were very friendly and the shakes are great so far. They don't even taste like diet food.
I've really enjoyed the results from this program, so far. It has been great to get off carbs/sugar and have more energy!
I have lost over 50 lbsa since Feb 1st and the coaches are really. Great to work with !!
Why diet when you can lose weight safely and steadily with Profile!!
I am very happy with my choice of going to Profile by Sanford. Nadia is a great coach, helps me be accountable. Hours and location very convenient. Thank you!
If you are ready for a jumpstart to your weight loss this is the program for you! If it wasn’t for the great staff I wouldn’t be where I am today! Definitely a lifestyle change but well worth the effort! Oh and the food is amazing!
Great staff, very helpful and intelligent!
Everyone is very helpful. Am losing about 4 a week.
Love this place!!!
I have list 31 pounds so far...on my way.
Set your own personal goals and get a plan that supports it. The entire team is there to make you succeed. Great program. Great people.!
I love that the staff is not judge mental! They work with your work-eating routines. The staff is calm and reassuring!
Love getting back into the program and having options for my lifestyle!
The staff are friendly and take time to get to know you personally.
We've had great success with this program.. Our coach Brett is amazing
I LOVE this place! It has changed my life forever. Shout out to Justin- the best coach I could ask for!
Completed my first two weeks. Very impressed with the support and communication with my coach Brett. Highly recommend this program.
LOVE the Profile program and staff. It really works!
Just signed up week ago and have already seen good results. I have more energy and the food they sell isn’t too bad. Lemon bars are very tasty. My coach and other staff members have greeted me with a smile and make me feel comfortable.
My husband and I recently joined. We found our coach, Sarah, to be very professional and friendly. We are looking forward to a successful weightloss journey!
My husband and I recently joined. Our coach Sarah was very professional and friendly. The center in Ankeny is very nice. Looking forward to a successful weightloss journey.
I have a lot more energy and my eating habits have changed drastically! Definitely worth a try!
Great staff! My health improved 100% The plan is easy to follow. I lost weight. I'm so happy I started this. I did have to buy a new wardrobe.
The staff here has really helped motivate me to make a change to my eating habits!
I've met with several coaches.... each one very personable, motivating and full of helpful ideas for my journey. Great customer service! Always a smiling face to greet you when you walk through the door!
Very helpful and knowledgeable. Very willing to work with us and help us figure out our personal plan!! Would recommend to friends.
This is a great program! I’ve lost 25 lbs since February 1st. I’m not hungry at all. If you follow the program it works great!
So far so good. My wife and I joined Profile together after having our first baby and we've both seen consistent results. The coaching is insightful and keeps us focused on our goals. The phone app is easy to use, food tastes great, and pounds are coming off in a healthy way.
This is an awesome place. Try it out if you want to loose some weight.
Started the plan in January and am extremely happy with my success! The plan is easy to follow and the staff very helpful. My coach Justin does an awesome job supporting and encouraging me toward my goal.
The Profile team is very supportive throughout your weight loss journey. That is the big difference between this program and others I have tried. They are there to help you succeed and meet your weight loss goals.
If you are wanting a lifestyle change this is for you. This works and is for the long term. Profile coaches are with you every step of the way. I wouldn't be this far without mine, but everyone there is super helpful. This is an amazing program!!
Can't say enough about how great Profile in Ankeny is. My coach Brett is very knowledgeable and supportive. He helps me stay on track with the program and is always encouraging. The products are great too. Excellent program!
3 weeks and I'm down 10 lbs! My coach is amazing and supportive; I highly recommend this program!
Profile has really worked for me. Brett keeps me on track. Talking to him every week and setting goals helps. I am looking forward to meeting and exceeding my goal!
Profile has been the magic I needed to finally get on the right track with successful weight loss. My coach is very helpful and has helped me so far on my journey. I still have a long 'weigh' to go, but I feel confident in this program to help me attain my goals.
Great place to either start or get back into a healthy lifestyle. The employees are kind, educated, and extremely encouraging. Plus the products are great!
Profile by Sanford has been great for me. Just started in last couple weeks, support is great and supplies are really good... great people to work with and they really care
Following the Profile Plan is the only thing that has really worked to help me lose weight! Highly recommend- Janel is an awesome coach.
Great program! The staff is very friendly and easy to talk with!
I love Profile and the staff at the Ankeny branch are always so kind and encouraging. This program really works and I am happy with my results!
Easy to follow plan! Great coaching/support.
A great weight loss program. This is the first weight loss program where I am seeing real results. If you follow the regimen that is set up, you will see positive results. The staff are all friendly and helpful, and the food is pretty good as well!
Started this program three weeks ago. Having great success. Stopped in last night to get meals for the week and staff as always was super helpful.
Love love love. Easy to follow plans and great support! Losing and loving it!
Started in Feb of this year an have had amazing success. I have tried multiple programs over the last few years an nothing has worked for me. So happy I found Profile!

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Lost 173 lbs, got off her blood pressure medication & dropped 10 pant sizes!


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Lost 122 lbs, has more energy than ever & no longer has to buy 3-4 XL clothing.


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Lost 65 lbs, went for  & now wears medium tops instead of 2XL.


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Lost 65 lbs, lowered his BMI from 35 to below 25 & went from a 2XL shirt to medium!


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Why You'll Love Profile


9.3% Avg. Weight Lost*

Did you know that working alongside a health coach leads to 3x more weight loss and overall success?!*

Real Coaches, Not Bots

No one wants to work with a bot. Get real health advice and support from our certified coaches virtually or in-person.

Never Feel Hungry

A sustainable lifestyle change doesn’t start with starving yourself. Our food is both nutritious and tasty, plus it mitigates cravings by making sure you stay full.

Never Get Bored of Your Plan

As your body changes, so does your plan! Our phased plans are optimized weekly to make sure you are never bored or stagnant.

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So I have to share my success and excitement. In 11 weeks I have lost 30 pounds. I FEEL GREAT!!!! I have so much more energy and am developing a healthy relationship with food. I have tried other things previously, but nothing worked like this program has!


Profile Member

I have lost 100+ pounds on Profile! It works because their shakes and protein bars are the best tasting. The coaching encourages and teaches you how to have nutritionally balanced meals. I can’t say enough good things about this program and the coaches are the best.


Profile Member

I lost consistently week after week with fabulous coaching!  The program is easy, simple to follow and is altered with progress.  I would recommend Profile highly to anyone! I feel like a different person than when I started! Actually, I finally feel like me! That says it all!!        


Profile Member

Profile has definitely changed my life. I share my experience weekly with friends and family. The shakes and bars are awesome and the coach's have taught me so much and I continue to learn something new every time I meet with them. It has truly been an incredible experience.


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