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A Special Offer for Interstates Employees!

Interstates and Profile by Sanford

We are pleased to continue making Profile by Sanford available to our team. Team members that elect to join Profile will receive a Profile Success Kit, compliments of Interstates.

What I’ll receive in my Profile by Sanford Success Kit:

Profile by Sanford Starter Kit



Member Experience

We create a personalized nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching program designed to help members lose weight – and keep it off! We team you up with your own health coach who has the skills that best match your needs.


Team up with a real-life coach who will educate, motivate, and support you through every step of your weight loss journey. Our coaches come from a variety of wellness backgrounds, and they must receive and maintain Profile health coach certification.


Developed by medical experts, your step-by-step nutrition plan is designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. Along the way, you’ll learn how to make nutritious choices and how you can enjoy food that fuels your body.


Our foods are designed to give you the nutrition you need with a taste you’ll love. We offer a variety of options to suit your personal tastes and weight loss plan. We also have a vast library of recipes that you can make!