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Journey App | Profile 3D Body Scan | Smart Scale

Profile Journey App

The new Journey App provides members the convenience of their plan in their hand. Giving you the power to schedule coaching appointments, set reminders, track progress and more, it helps take the stress and overthinking out of weight loss. With Profile, you have coaching in your corner. With the Journey app, you have it when and where you need it.

Profile 3D Body Scan

Body measurements can give you a better idea of how your body is changing. Profile 3D Body Scan is a new, high-tech way to capture body measurements. Read on to learn more about this body scanner and how it could be beneficial to your weight loss journey.

Profile Smart Scale

The Profile Smart Scale measures your weight, BMI, body fat, bone mass and more - then shares it automatically with your coach. This isn't just a scale - it's an accountability partner.

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Key features of Journey App

Sync to your SmartBody Scale
Using the Profile by Sanford Journey App
Sync to your SmartBody Scale to track daily weight loss progress and monitor goals. You will be able to measure your progress over time.
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Take out the guesswork
Use the Profile by Sanford Journey App to take control of your nutrition plan.
Make grocery lists, plus plan, track, and save your favorite meals.
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Exercise Tracking
Activity goals
Set activity goals with your coach and track daily progress.
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Education and Advice
Education and advice through the Profile Journey App
Complete short lessons, read helpful blogs, and get tips and advice from coaches. Available exactly when you need it.
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Quick, simple and easy.
Photo of a man using the Profile by Sanford 3D body scan.
The process is quick and non-invasive. The scan itself takes under 35 seconds. You will stand on a platform that will take your measurements with a smart camera. All privately with no one else watching. The camera will automatically recognize you’re ready and a voice assistant will provide you instructions.

The platform will then rotate 365 degrees. Once done, you will gather your things and come out to chat with the coach. The scanner will put together a detailed report in under 2 minutes. That report can be emailed to you.
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Accurate, motivating and comprehensive.
Photo of a women using the Profile by Sanford 3D body scan
A 3D body scan is the most accurate way to capture your progress. Not only does it capture your weight as a scale would, but it can tell you things like how many of those pounds are muscle versus fat. The old school tape measurer is still a good way to capture body measurements, but the 3D scanner not only captures more measurements it also provides those measurements with less than 1% error.
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Learn to measure
Profile by Sanford Portion Control Guide
Whether you’re looking to lose weight or striving to live a healthy lifestyle, eating the right amount at your meals is just as important as eating the right foods. In this free guide, you will learn the difference between a portion size vs. a serving size. Knowing this will give you the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods in a way that also meets your needs.
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