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Let’s get you started on your lifestyle change! Start now by scheduling your free health consultation with a certified health coach. During your consultation, you will be matched with an easy-to-follow, custom nutrition plan based on your preferences, dietary restrictions, medical conditions, and goals.

What a Profile Membership Includes:

  • A personalized weight loss plan
  • Journey mapping education for healthy habits and lifestyle changes that last
  • 3D body scans to visually see your progress
  • Our Journey App where you can measure your progress, access resources, and track your meals and activity
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 nutrition coaching
  • Delicious, nutritious food to fuel your body

More From Profile

Below are some free resources that will help you jumpstart or keep going on your health journey.

Handy Portion Size Guide [DOWNLOADABLE]

Our popular portion guide is a great example of Profile's education resources. The guide explains what a portion size is vs. a serving size. It also includes practical methods for measuring portions.

SEVEN by Profile *Special Offer*

We want to make the first step to getting healthy easy with SEVEN by Profile, a 7-day kit to experience the power of Profile by Sanford. Commit to just seven days of safe, effective healthy eating and education to jumpstart your way to better health.

Get $25 off your SEVEN kit with promo code SEVEN25.