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Webinars & Discovery Sessions

Upcoming Webinars

Discovery Sessions

Find out more about Profile by Sanford’s simple, effective and sustainable solution to healthy lifestyle change by attending this discovery session.

Tues. March 23rd 12pm CST
Tues. April 27th 12pm CST
Tues. May 25th 12pm CST

Hacking Health Webinar

The Art of Making and Breaking Habits
Presented by: Nicole Welle
Tuesday, April 13th 12:00pm CST

Have you struggled to make lasting changes & find yourself falling back into your old ways? You can be committed to building healthier habits & breaking bad ones, but you’ll need more than commitment to see long-term success.

Watch Previous Webinars

Reset & Recharge: Going Beyond the Scale for Lasting Lifestyle Change [RECORDING]

We are one month into the new year! How are your health habits changing based on the intentions you set one month ago? Join us for an interactive webinar where we will reveal the Profile Wellness Wheel and go beyond the scale to uncover habits that can change your life and improve your health.

Hacking Health - Overcoming Self-Sabotage [Recording]

Do you make health goals at the beginning of the week and by Wednesday, you’ve already thrown in the towel? Find that you say one thing and then turn around & do the opposite? Join us to learn more about how to define your core values related to health and to better understand how those values can help you make micro-changes to reach your goals.

Interested in Joining Profile?

We’d love to meet with you! Schedule your free, no obligation health consultation. We’ll match you with a nutrition plan, introduce you to one of our coaches, and help you determine if Profile is a good fit for you.

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