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Toledo's Top Weight Loss Program

Personalized weight loss plans developed by doctors, researchers, and dietitians.
Ben and ashlee lost 120 pounds

What is Profile?

Profile is a premier weight loss and nutrition program in northwest Ohio that was created to be simple, satisfying, and sustainable. Our personalized weight loss plans include ongoing support and flexible meal plans that have helped our 335 active members lose more than 6,500 pounds.  Since opening, Profile Toledo users have lost more than 21,000 pounds!

How to Get Started

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1. Schedule A Free Consultation

Discuss your health and weight loss goals to determine if Profile is a good fit for you. Tell us your dietary needs, preferences, and goals to get a uniquely matched plan just for you.


2. Get a Custom Plan

After meeting with a certified health coach, you’ll be matched with a custom meal plan and can start ordering food. You can choose to meet with your coach either virtually or in-person to track your success and optimize your plan.


3. Start Losing Weight

You're all set! We offer a variety of meal replacements, fresh made meals, and clean eating recipes you'll love. Track progress towards your goals with the help of our tools. Your coach will be with you every step of the way to help you reach your goals.

Ready to Get Started? Schedule Time to Meet With a Coach. 

Meet Our Certified Coaches


Jamie - Manager

Jamie has been with Profile for over three years. She found Profile through a networking group and knew her passion for health and wellness would be a great fit. Her coaching style is all about adapting to the individual member's needs. "Profile is the answer to creating a healthy lifestyle through behavior change. Weight loss is truly 80% nutrition and 20% exercise and the coaches help to hold you accountable and keep the journey positive. I really feel that I am able to be real with people, show tough love and hold the member accountable. Life can be challenging — I am able to be empathetic when the member needs a softer shoulder. The journey is about the member and their needs, so it is important for me to meet the member where they are.”
jamie p

Danette - Assistant Manager

Danette brings a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from Michigan State University to the Profile team here in Toledo and has been with our team for over two years. She is currently the Assistant Manager at the store and working full-time. Her coaching style is uplifting, motivating, inspiring, and understanding. She provides tough love and accountability as well. “I took some time off from work for a few years to stay at home then re-entered the workforce. I joined the team after working in hospitality (front desk at a hotel) and working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for the YMCA after my time at home with my family. I chose Profile because it was a great opportunity to get back into my field of nutrition and help to change lives. I am a people person and enjoy interacting with a diverse group of members.”
danette r

Marnie - Certified Health Coach

Marnie has been with Profile since December 2021 and enjoys working with a great bunch of very talented coaches at our location. She’s a part-time health coach who comes from a background in nutrition. Her coaching style is compassionate, supportive — yet forthright, motivational, and relatable. “I joined the team after retiring from full-time work to do something that I love — supporting others to live healthier lives and reach healthier weights. Jarin had reached out to me on LinkedIn and I followed up. I had actually applied for a position before he ever opened the store, but at that time he was only offering part-time, and I was looking for full-time work. It circled back again, and finally, the time was right. I love the diverse talent and caring personalities that we have on this team. I believe in the research that the program is based on, and of all the weight loss programs I have been involved in, I feel that Profile has the strongest transition program and it is my passion to support our clients in seeing the importance of that part of the Journey for long term success.”

Patti - Certified Health Coach

Patti has been with the Profile team for over a year and joined our coaching staff after being a member herself. She understands the struggles that members may face. She has become a great listener and with her own experience with the program, she’s able to offer suggestions and can relate to how the program works. “I retired and wanted to work something part-time, I had just finished a three-month program with Profile and I had incredible results — 42 pounds lost!!! More importantly, my health was better!! I loved coming in for my coaching sessions and the people that work here were awesome, so for me, it was a "no brainer"!!! I feel so lucky to work with such great people!!”

Julee - Certified Health Coach

Hi, I'm Julee! As a former high school teacher, my coaching style is nurturing and personal. I'm an Earth Mama at heart and live to share the joy that eating that rainbow promises. Savoring the beauty that grows around us fuels our bodies as well as our spirits. My personal mission is to encourage a farm to table lifestyle. Let go of guilt and forbidden food rules and make choices based on what you know is best for your body and mind. A true appreciation for the produce that grows each season includes disconnecting from tech and listening to nature and feeling the grass under your toes. Replacing thoughts of can't have with the empowering realization that bounty surrounds us. The ripest peach of the season is the ultimate reminder that God knew what he/she/they was doing. When I'm not coaching, I'm usually counting the minutes for my hubby to get home to take our rescue dog Ted for his evening stroll and sniff. I also have two beautiful and spirited daughters that make me giggle and think all in the same breath.  They have heard more times than they would prefer: "The present is a gift, unwrap it." I would be honored to teach you how to honor your body with the food that grows around us.
Julee for bio

Ruthanne - Certified Health Coach

Ruthanne has been with Profile for over a year and joined our staff with a background in Medical Assisting and Nutrition Sales and Coaching. Ruthanne has a deep seated passion for wellness; and has lost over 60 pounds herself! Her coaching style is empathetic and relaxed, and she identifies her personality as "mellow and positive". In the coach room, Ruthanne strives to inspire and motivate others, and having struggled with weight throughout her life fuels her passion and to help educate and empower others. "I came to Profile after igniting my career in wellness, and I have found so much joy in connecting with others and inspiring change! My favorite part of what I do is fostering genuine connections with our members and getting to come in to work every day with a smile on my face. They say when you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life; and Profile has made that come true!"
Ruthanne for bio-1-1

Jodi - Certified Health Coach

Coach Jodi joins our team with a Bachelors of Education from the University of Toledo, with a specialization in Kinesiotherapy.  Jodi is an ACE certified Personal trainer and also has experience working as a staff Kinesiotherapist.   She implemented therapeutic exercise programs to clients with orthopedic, sports-related and work-related injuries in an outpatient rehab setting.  She worked as a health coach telephonically advising and educating members on behavior change. Jodi was also a Senior Wellness Coach for Wellness coaches.
Lauryn and coach learning module

Ready to Get Started?

With our ongoing support and flexible meal plans that help maximize results, we have helped members lose over 21,000 pounds to date. Our coaches are readily available and ready to assist you in your weight loss journey. 

Success Stories From Profile Members

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“I have felt phenomenal. I have a more natural energy. I’m Diabetic Type 2 and need to make sure I’m keeping my sugars in line and since being on Balance plan, I’m not having hunger pains at all and stick on the program.”

Robbie Franks, Profile Member.

Here is What are Member are Saying About Profile!

We are a locally rated, 5-star organization and have the most reviews of any weight loss program! See what our members have to say about their journey with Profile.

If you are looking for a program that works, this is it!!! I found the food to be delicious and after the first week of transitioning, never felt hungry during my weight loss journey. I also found the coaching, genetic testing and body scans to make a huge difference for me. Kept me focused and I better understood how the nutrition and program was working for me.

Don C.
Profile Member

Profile Toledo has given me the tools to succeed not only within the program, but to sustain my success. All the coaches are knowledgeable, realistic and motivating. The weekly meetings gave accountability which is what I needed. And the food is delicious! I’m not usually a shake person, but these Profile shakes are amazing! In 6 months, I was able to lose close to 40 pounds through this program.

Katie M.
Profile Member

Wow wow wow is the first words I can think of as I start my review for the Toledo, OH Profile. This works if you follow the plan. The foods are amazingly good and have great variety. The coaching is awesome, and I look forward to it every week. I am so happy to have Profile by my side with encouragement and tools to help me on my weight loss journey.

Melissa M.
Profile Member


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