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Tammy Steffen

Tammy’s Story: The Journey of a ‘Profile Mom’

Mother of Profile by Sanford employee Jake Steffen on how she got on the plan, got outside, and got her life back.

It’s Mother’s Day and as you read this, Tammy Steffen is fishing at the Missouri River with her three kids and her husband Myron. Now that her kids Mike, Jake, and Jordan have reached adulthood, spending some quality time outdoors helps the Steffen family reconnect. Moments like this make life special. For Tammy, life wasn’t always this way.

“Before I joined Profile, I was never really interested in outdoor activity,” Tammy recalls. An incident during a family vacation in the Black Hills alerted Tammy that it was time to take action.“We decided to go for a hike and I literally couldn’t do it. I ended up sitting on a bench and waiting for my family to hike up and come back. It felt terrible to miss out because of my health.”

After trying diets, she realized that if she wanted to make a lasting lifestyle change, she couldn’t do it alone. As luck would have it, Tammy’s son, Jake, had just been hired at Profile by Sanford, and after attending Profile Coach Certification, Jake knew that Profile could help her reach her goals. “Jake was very enthusiastic about it, so that made it easy to join,” Tammy stated. “Now that the kids were all grown up and out of the house, I decided it was time to do something for me.”

Once Tammy got started, she was surprised at how easy it was to follow the plan and her weight fell steadily over time. Beyond the weight loss, she is thankful for how it has helped her develop a strong bond with Jake. “Jake and I have never been closer,” Tammy explained. “He’s my #1 cheerleader – he’s been by my side this entire time. At the start he really kept tabs on me, which was a little hard to get to used to, but it’s given us our own special ‘thing’ that we share. Every time I have a conversation over the phone with Jake, Profile eventually comes up one way or another. Anytime I wanted to try a new activity, like running a 5k or doing the Tour de Corn bike race in Mitchell, he’d help me create a training plan. We’ve run races together, which is something I never thought I’d do ten years ago. He’s helped me get my life back and I’m really proud of him and what he’s been able to do since he started at Profile.”

Tammy hit the ground running with Profile and after losing 73 pounds*, she hasn't looked back. Whether she’s going on bicycle rides with Myron or taking a walk down to the river to fish, Tammy’s enjoying her new life as a ‘Profile Mom.’ Once a homebody, these days Tammy can’t keep herself inside.“My family has always loved the outdoors. It’s great being able to finally participate and share in all the moments I missed out on before. I never knew how bad I felt before and I never realized how much better I could actually feel. I love Profile. I love the coaches. I love the food – it tastes great. It’s a permanent part of my life and I’m so thankful for how things have changed.”

As for advice to new members getting started, Tammy stressed the importance of keeping things simple. “Don’t overthink it and obsess over the details and try to be perfect. Listen to your coach and be patient because if you follow the plan, it’ll work*. Enjoy the ride because it’s not just another diet, it’s truly a lifestyle change. I did it and so can you.”