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Sam and Darcy

Sam and Darcy’s Journey: Battling Together In Sickness and In He

For Sam and Darcy Ross, “in sickness and in health” is more than a traditional vow. From a battle with cancer to a healthy journey resulting in a 235-pound* weight loss, the young couple has weathered many ups and downs together.

“We’ve already gone through a lot,” Sam said. Before their wedding, Darcy was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer which resulted in liver complications. After returning from their honeymoon, they went straight to The Mayo Clinic where Darcy had a shunt put in to help her liver. She spent the next several months sick and often bedridden. “The first six months of our marriage were the darkest part of her health issues.”

Fearful of the future, they turned to food to cope. “We were looking ahead to the future and we used food to self-soothe our stress and fears,” Sam said. “We revolved all of our dates around food and cooking.”

Ready for Change

In 2016, Darcy started feeling better and the couple wanted to get healthier. “We had a long talk about how I wanted us to have a fuller life together,” Sam said. “We both agreed we wanted to control our health in a way we knew we could.” They embarked on their health journey with Profile by Sanford and were encouraged when the weight came off quickly. “We really enjoyed meal prepping and celebrating our achievements together,” he said. “It was exciting and mind blowing.”

Sam started working out and logged more than 30 running miles in one month. Darcy lost 80 pounds during that time, but they hit a snag when they visited an all-inclusive Mexican resort. “We went back to our old habits,” Sam said. “We said it’d only be that week but then it was getting harder and harder to get back on plan. The next thing I knew I had gained and didn’t know what I’d do to dig myself out.”

Darcy was close to a 100-pound loss, but Sam felt frustrated. It was Darcy’s example that helped Sam refocus. They got back on Profile together and started working out again and have now lost a total of 235 pounds together.

Living a Healthier Life

The greatest testament of how Profile has changed their lives came during an Oncologist visit. Sam and Darcy were prepared for bad news, but the doctor only had good news. Darcy’s 115-pound weight loss had stabilized her liver. She was able to change to a medication with fewer side effects and has had fewer hospital visits. “We couldn’t be more grateful,” Sam said, his voice cracking with emotion.

The two have also learned how to have a healthy relationship with food. “We still love food, but now we make Profile-friendly meals that are proportioned correctly,” Sam said. “It’s about getting creative and understanding food.”

For Darcy, Profile helped her release a food addiction. “It’s embarrassing, but I had an emotional reaction when I wasn’t able to have certain items that weren’t on plan,” she said. “But now those things I used to crave don’t even sound that good. My tastes have totally changed.”

Continuing to Support Each Other

Sam said Darcy continues to be his accountability. “I could not imagine doing this by myself,” he said. “We have found a ton of value in the program between the food and coaching to help us learn lifestyle changes and that is worth every penny.”

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