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Marcia Jackson

Marcia’s Story: Success Can Happen Anywhere

It’s something Marcia Jackson can attest to – Profile by Sanford is ready to help, no matter where you live. Jackson, 71, splits her year between the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota and the warm deserts of Arizona. The change in time zones hasn’t affected her journey because her coach is always available, no matter where Marcia is at the time of her appointments. “I feel like my coach has become almost a pen pal,” she said, laughing. “Sometimes we just chit chat.”

Finding Profile

Jackson was first attracted to the program after witnessing her son and daughter-in-law find success on Profile. They did so well, in fact, that she was suspicious. “I saw their results and worried a bit,” she said. “I asked myself: is this healthy?” After a summer in which she couldn’t exercise and watched wearily as her weight increased, Jackson decided to research the program for herself. What she found was so inspiring that she signed up to be a member and has lost 51 pounds thus far, accounting for almost 18 percent of her body weight.*

Marcia is encouraged by the way her life has changed. She is on very few pain medications now, doesn’t have near as much pain in her joints and has found that basic living is so much easier. “I can bend over, cross my legs, get in and out of vehicles, sleep soundly and I am able to do more without losing my breath,” she said.

A Plan Full of Possibility

It wasn’t her first foray in to trying to turn around her health. “I had tried other things and I couldn’t do it and be comfortable,” she said. “I was so miserable and hungry.” When she made a commitment to her health through Profile, things started to change immediately – without the pain. “I tried it and I gave myself a few weeks to get used to it and I realized it was possible,” she said. “Once you start losing weight, you get motivated to see what the next number is going to be. You feel so good!”

Splitting her year in different states has not been a deterrent because of the connection she has made with her coach. Jackson is a member of Profile Anywhere, a phone-based coaching service for members that frequently travel or live in places where Profile has no physical locations. When she first signed up, she was part of Profile Anywhere because the drive from Spearfish to Rapid City was too far. “This works very well if you’re out in a remote place,” she said.

When she moved to Mesa, Arizona, there was no Profile office their (although there will be soon) and she continued to rely on the consistency of the coaching by phone. “She calls me and we talk for up to a half an hour,” Jackson said. Her coach is encouraging, gives her new ideas, listens to her struggles and reminds her to stay the course. The conversations are as important as eating the right food. “It’s extremely important to me,” she said. “It’s important for people to develop a relationship with their coach. I would not have done nearly as well if I didn’t know I had someone to be responsible to.”

A Bright Future

As Jackson continues to move toward her long-term goal, she still has days that her new health surprises her. “I’m still in disbelief that I’ve lost what I have,” she said. “It is possible if you stick to your plan.” One of the things that she looks forward to doing more of soon is shopping. Having worked in an office before she retired, Jackson was used to wearing nice, business casual clothes. “I’ve always been a larger person and the heavier you get, they just don’t fit like they do a thinner person,” she said. “It would be fun to go and pick out some outfits that are truly fun.”

Jackson knows that she is on a road that will yield fruit the rest of her life. “We travel a lot,” she said. “I look forward to trying new fun things I couldn’t do before.” Jackson said some of the fun of being a Profile member is in trying new things, a piece of advice that she would give to a newcomer. “Keep a variety of flavors and soups and be adventurous in trying new vegetables,” she said. “It’s better to eat at home, but not a must. We dine out a lot and most restaurants have salads and vegetables and meats within your limit.”

The lessons she’s learned as a member are much larger than food and Jackson knows that if she can have success on the plan at 71 years of age while coaching remotely, you can too. “Profile can meet you anywhere,” she said. “And if you follow the plan you’ll meet your goals!”