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LuAnn and Daniel Moen

LuAnn and Daniel’s Journey: Losing Weight Side by Side

LuAnn Moen keeps a treadmill in front of her TV. “I watch the news while I’m on it,” said LuAnn, laughing, as she discusses the new, healthier version of herself that she has become. Having the energy to exercise is just one of the results LuAnn has experienced since doing Profile by Sanford alongside her husband, Daniel. Together, the two have lost 180 pounds.*

Choosing Health

LuAnn struggled with her weight for most of her adult life, and making the necessary changes to get to a healthier version of herself has been an issue of mind over matter. “Right from the start the coaches said you have to have a lifestyle change and change your habits,” she said. “You learn to read labels and eat whole foods. It’s amazing.”

The changes have touched every area of their lives. Daniel is now off of blood pressure medicine and LuAnn, who is an avid gardener, can not only tolerate the heat as she works in the garden beds, but can move, bend and work harder. Before her commitment to health, LuAnn’s body ached. “I wasn’t really active. I had mild arthritis. My knees hurt. My back hurt. I’d get home from work and have no energy. Now, we have dinner, go for a walk and then work in the garden side by side.”

Fit Role Models

LuAnn and Daniel’s healthy habits are also setting a positive example for their entire family. They now have the energy to chase their grandchildren. “We go to their sporting events, track meets and dance competitions,” she said. The food served at their get-togethers has also seen a change. Past family gatherings consisted of two dangerous staples: chips and pudding-based salads. Now their gatherings feature heart-healthy vegetables, fresh fruit and salads with lots of greens.

One of the greatest aspects of the program for both of them is the consistent accountability through coaching. “The coaches are amazing,” LuAnn said. “They don’t get down on you, but lift you up. They’re excellent with ideas for recipes and the way to cook. They do a very good job.”

When faced with challenges, like unhealthy foods at work, the coaching they’ve received has been a game-changer. “People are always bringing in food, like zucchini and banana bread,” LuAnn said. “I just don’t go to the break room anymore.” The Moens are also wise about what they keep in arms-length at home. “We told our coaches in the beginning that we will buy Cheetos when they are on sale. We open the bag when we get home and think we’ll only grab a few, and pretty soon half the package is gone,” she said. “We just don’t have food like that in the house now.”

Triumphs Along the Way

There are still moments when LuAnn can’t believe what her new life looks like. Her healthy victories finally became real when her daughter took her shopping. LuAnn typically shops at Goodwill and was headed there to get some new clothes. “But my daughter said, ‘Nope, we’re going to Maurices,’” she recalled. Her daughter pulled a pair of jeans and LuAnn was convinced they wouldn’t fit, but she agreed to try them on anyway. “When I walked out and could see the look on her face, that was the moment for me. They fit and they looked really nice.”

It’s the start of a healthy future, and they are whole-heartedly looking forward to it. However, even though their future is bright, the Moens can’t help but reminisce about the progress they’ve made on their journey. “I look back and see the pictures,” she said. “You don’t realize how big you were until you see the pictures. I don’t ever want to do that again.”