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Joyce Mullins

Joyce’s Journey: It’s Never Too Late

There was a time when Joyce Mullins’ husband had to help her get on and off the tractor to mow down the fields on their 200-acre farm. That was before Mullins embarked on a journey that reshaped her eating habits, helped her lose almost 35 pounds* and regain control of a lifestyle that had led to diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Mullins is a 77-year-old retired teacher who began to develop unhealthy habits after two knee replacements surgeries. “I started gaining weight and was walking with a rolling walker,” she recalled. “I couldn’t stand for long. I was a couch potato with diabetes and it just made me so mad.” Her doctor reminded her that a healthy diet and exercise would improve her health. “But I just never took ownership of it,” she said.

A Drastic Change
Eventually, Mullins took a health class and began to take her situation seriously. “I internalized it and did what they said,” she said. She lost some weight, but it wasn’t until she began her Profile journey that she drastically changed her lifestyle. “Within three days, I was feeling 100 percent better,” she said. “I was amazed. I was diligent with it and I have totally regained my life.”

Mullins is no longer diabetic, and her cholesterol and blood pressure have returned to a healthy range. She said she is a walking testament that it is never too late to make a change. “I had to say to myself: ‘If I don’t do this now, then when?” she said. “We never know how long we’re going to live. What cost do you put on your health? The idea that older women can’t lose weight just simply isn’t true.”

Living Well With Profile
As her journey progressed, Mullins didn’t waste any time getting to the things on her bucket list. After reaching her goal weight, she traveled to Spain with a cousin. Gone for three weeks, she packed enough bars and shakes to last the entire trip. “When I went to restaurants, I ordered a meat, a veggie, a salad and water,” she said. “Once you get used to it, you can eat well on plan.” She also took a cruise and ended up flying through the sky on a zip line. “It was wonderful,” she recounted.

Beyond bucket list items, Joyce has seen a drastic change in her everyday life. “We have ten-foot ceilings and I get up on the ladder and clean,” she said. “I go all day like I used to and I sleep well at night. It’s made me like the energizer bunny.”

Personal Plans, Professional Coaches
Mullins said Profile made the difference in her journey to good health because it is individualized and strengthened by a personalized coaching relationship. Having been an educator for years, Mullins understands the importance of one-on-one mentorship. “The coaching is so supportive and so crucial,” she said. “It’s the one-on-one relationship and the competency of the coaches. They know the nutrition, the metabolism and the foods. You’re dealing with professionals.” The coaches, she added, guide but don’t do all the work. “They helped me take ownership of my efforts and you learn so much,” she said.

Even though she’s had success, that doesn’t mean there has been no weaknesses in her walk. “My weakness is fresh corn on the cob,” she said, adding that getting used to eating vegetables was difficult at first. “It’s important to me that things taste good. I’ve had to learn to try new things and make new things.” One of her new go-to foods is cauliflower crumbles sautéed with onion. “It tastes just like breakfast potatoes,” she said. “It’s just learning new ways to eat.”

Mullins said there is no looking back. “It’s the most thrilling thing ever,” she said. “The power of success is in my hands. I just think this can literally save peoples’ lives. It motivates me to never go back.”