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Lyn Dwyer

How Lyn Took Back Her Lifestyle

For Lyn Dwyer, losing weight was a family affair.

“I had tried to lose weight before,” she says. “And then I started hearing stories of people who had joined Profile. On top of that, my daughter began working as a certified Profile coach. What can I say? Her enthusiasm was enough to convince me to give it a try.”

Not long after, Lyn joined Profile and started seeing her daughter Melanie as her coach. For some families this could have been a challenge, but for Lyn, her daughter was able to motivate her in new ways.

“Melanie was really an inspiration and a help to me through this process, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my daughter!” Lyn jokes. “Having someone trained in nutrition to guide me and answer my questions has been so valuable. I think it’s incredibly important that coaches are able to structure the program to meet the individual needs of members.”

Ready to Make the Commitment

So why did Profile help Lyn lose more than 50 pounds* while other programs didn’t?

“Other plans didn’t give me the one-on-one guidance and accountability that I needed,” she says. “Plus it was too confusing to keep track of points. With Profile, I enjoyed the food, and I loved having a meal plan and grocery list so there was never a question of what to do next.”

“But the biggest reason,” Lyn shares, “is because I was ready to make the commitment. The program is easy to follow, the coaching gives great accountability, and the results come quickly enough to keep you motivated. But the decision to change has to be yours.”

After a 57-pound loss*, Lyn continues to find inspiration in knowing that her weight loss goals weren’t the only things impacted by Profile. Rather, she made a larger, sustainable impact on her overall health.

“I started seeing results right away*,” Lyn said. “And although that was exciting, my coach made sure I understood that there would be days, maybe even weeks, when I wouldn’t see progress on the scale. During these times, I needed to watch other important things: how my clothes fit, how much energy I had or how much my blood pressure had dropped.*”

“It wasn’t just about the numbers on the scale.”

Today Lyn has completed her first 10K, is more energetic and feels a sense of accomplishment from reaching her weight loss goals*. Plus, her coach/daughter Melanie is still providing helpful advice to maintain her weight.

“The program has taught me so much about nutrition and what my body needs to be at a peak state. I can’t predict the future, but I’m confident I am giving myself the very best shot at a healthy life. When you’re ready to take back your lifestyle, this is the program that has the tools to do it.”