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Heather Bumgardner

Heather’s Journey: Happy, Healthy Living

When Heather Bumgardner signed up to be a Profile member, she had much more than a weight loss goal in mind. She had a vision of how the journey would look to her two young daughters. “It was so important to me that my two daughters never saw a miserable mommy who was ‘dieting,’” Bumgardner recalled. “I wanted them to see that it’s okay to make healthy choices and not feel deprived. I am not only creating life-long habits for myself, but for them as well. To me, the happiness, confidence, and knowing I’ve set an example for them is priceless.”

Happiness has been a mindset the 30-year-old has focused on consistently during her health journey. This focus on being happy has led to healthier eating habits, more exercise and a nearly 40-pound weight loss.* “My motto throughout has been, ‘Happy before, happy during, and happy after,’” said Bumgardner. “I never wanted to lose sight of where I came from and the journey to get there.”

Directionless Dieting No More!

Bumgardner first heard about Profile from a friend and decided to try it after feeling frustrated with other programs. With other programs, she never knew what to eat. “I felt like I was making good food choices but, the pounds would continue to accrue,” she said. “I always felt lost, but Profile gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to be successful.”

Instead of bemoaning the process, it had challenged her and empowered her, just like her friend said it would. “She told me a lot about the program and it got me excited about how great the process could be instead of dreading the attempt to lose weight,” she said. “She told me how delicious the products were, how active her coach was in helping her when she had questions, and how she found success so quickly. Once I became a Profile member, I agreed one hundred percent.”

Getting Excited About Activity

Through her Profile journey, Heather has also discovered a love of exercise that she hadn’t anticipated. “I never was a runner and now I have an urge to run,” she said. “It was something that I didn’t enjoy before because it was painful and uncomfortable. Now, I am surprised by what I can do while running and also during my daily exercises. My success with Profile has given me more endurance to have a successful and more importantly, safe workout.”

She has her sights set on more weight loss and pushing herself. “I am excited that Profile Perform will help me in fine tuning my end goal,” she said. “By giving me the energy and supplements needed to lean and tone out my body as I get closer to my goal.”

The Comfort of Coaching

She knows her Profile coach will cheer her on the whole way and having a coach has been a vital component of the Profile program. “They hold you accountable even when you least expect it,” she said. One of the most memorable discussions with her coach was an unscheduled call. “We hadn’t met for a long time and she reached out to see how things were going,” she said. “I was needing her support and didn’t even realize it.”

A coach can encourage and guide in a way that friends and family can’t. “Having a coach for me was that accountability that wasn’t a friend watching over you critiquing what you were eating,” she said. “It was someone who you had shared your goals with who truly just wanted you to meet those goals with no ties outside of the fact that she wants you to succeed.”

Bumgardner has shared her journey with several people, hoping to provide a lifeline to someone else who might have been where she was before she started. “I know how difficult it is to struggle with finding that perfect solution,” she said. “Profile takes the guessing game out of the equation and gives you the formula for success.”

Each person has to own their lifestyle and food choices, Bumgardner added. “There will be days that are hard, days that are tiring, and days you want to throw in the towel but, the only person who can say, ‘I’m going to do it,’ is you,” she said. “If I can do it, you can do it too!”