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Karlee’s Story: Employer Helps Her Discover a Healthier Life with Profile

Sanford Health helped Karlee find Profile by Sanford. Now she is down 100 pounds and living a healthy lifestyle she is proud of. Read on to learn how Profile has transformed her life!

Before and After weight loss photo of Karlee, Profile member.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a health journey the sweetest. Like when Karlee Yeager slipped her wedding ring on for the first time in years after losing 70 pounds*. She told herself she would wear it again when she lost enough weight. After a healthy journey with Profile by Sanford, that day finally came, and she has now lost 100 pounds.*

Finding the stamina and energy needed for her job

Karlee worked for Sanford Health for more than three years as a staffing clerk and administrative assistant at the Sanford Roger Maris Cancer Center. She is one of several Sanford employees who have used Profile to discover a healthier life.

Before her health journey, work was challenging for Karlee. She weighed more than 300 pounds, and it was a struggle to be efficient. “I was miserable. There was a lot of running around, and it was hard.” She now works as a registrar for a different hospital and can keep up with the demands and pace of work. “I have more stamina and energy. I’m able to work longer, and I don’t get as tired.”

Being an example for her kiddos

That translates into all areas of her life – especially motherhood. Karlee has two children. Her 13-year-old son has autism and is always on the go. And her daughter wants to follow in mom’s healthy footsteps, even at a young age. “She’s told me, ‘I want to be healthy just like you,’ and that means a lot.”

Hearing about Profile through her work, Karlee decided to try it after thinking about the last time she was healthy. She lost 50 pounds* in high school, and it had changed her life. “I remembered how I felt. I was confident and healthy. I decided I was done feeling the way I did. I decided this was going to work for me.”

Making health a lifelong pursuit

Her journey isn’t complete. Health is a lifelong pursuit, and she is working toward another 50-pound* weight loss goal. She encourages others to commit to health, even if they have tried other things. “If you put your mind to it, it will work. But it has to be for you.”

Not every day is a breeze, she said. “It’s hard when people around you are having a pizza. I took the Profile DNA test, and I have a marker for carbs. I have to watch myself with carbs. But I look at the unhealthy food, and it’s just not worth it to it.”

And on the other side – Karlee has found something invaluable. “I got my self-confidence back. I was down in the dumps before this. I’ve learned the skills to eat healthy, and I’m getting my family healthy too. I’m getting to the best version of myself.”

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