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Chelsea’s Story: Living Her Best Life

It's a little nerve-wracking to see yourself on TV, especially when it' on a regular show with a loyal legion of fans. It was something 26-year-old Chelsea DeBoer faced when she agreed to appear on MTV's Teen Mom 2 almost a decade ago.

Chelsea DeBoer Teen Mom Profile by Sanford with two of her kids

It’s a little nerve-wracking to see yourself on TV, especially when it’s on a regular show with a loyal legion of fans. It was something 26-year-old Chelsea DeBoer faced when she agreed to appear on MTV’s Teen Mom 2 almost a decade ago. The reality TV show chronicles the lives of young women as they navigate motherhood. DeBoer, formerly Chelsea Houska, appeared on the show during the pregnancy of her first daughter.

“I had my daughter very young and I felt fine,” she said, but it was during her second pregnancy two years ago that DeBoer realized she needed to change her health habits. “I wasn’t caring about what I ate or trying to eat healthy and I ended up gaining a lot of weight, which resulted in me having a rough time toward the end of pregnancy,” she said. “After I gave birth, I just was not feeling great about where I was and I wished I had taken better care of myself during my pregnancy.”

Finding the Profile Plan

While preparing for her wedding, Chelsea witnessed her friends finding success on the Profile Plan and decided to check out the program for herself. She became a Profile member, took the healthy eating plan in stride and met faithfully with her coach. It paid off and she lost 50 pounds* in time for her wedding. “I was feeling great, had more energy than ever and couldn’t have been happier,” she said. “I felt amazing in my wedding dress and proud that I had done that for myself.”

The program, she has shared, is straight-forward. “Once you get through the first couple weeks, it’s easy,” she said. She started cooking new things and found herself gravitating toward healthier choices automatically. “Now it’s instilled in my choices,” she said. “It’s not like I choose a bowl of pasta now. I always choose the healthier option. It’s habit.”

Working through a process that not only teaches healthy eating, but provides lifestyle changes, helps people keep the weight off permanently, she said. “Having one-on-one coaching, if you want it, is a big thing,” she said. “It’s not just the weight loss, it’s going through the stages and keeping it off.”

Proactively Planning Through Pregnancy

Now expecting her third child with her new husband. Chelsea is on the MOM protocol program through Profile, which is helping her stay accountable and healthy during her pregnancy. “This time I feel amazing,” she said. “I’m healthy and it’s just an enjoyable pregnancy. My doctor was so happy I was doing it.”

With her second baby girl due in the fall, Chelsea is looking toward a future where she continues raising a healthy family. “Soon I’m going to have two kids under the age of two and I want to feel good and have energy,” she said. “It’s affected the way I feel about myself. Being on Profile affects my mood. If I want to go out and do things – I just feel good.”

Spreading the Love

Teen Mom 2 is currently filming its 9th season and although she still wants to look her best, Chelsea has grown comfortable with being in front of the camera. After she lost the weight, the response from people who watched the show was overwhelming. They wanted to know what she was doing. “Everyone was shocked at how well and fast it worked,” she said.

For people who watch her on the show and see her as a role model, her message is clear.

“I definitely don’t want to come across as ‘you had a baby, you need to lose weight,’” she said. “This is an option for people. It’s making healthy choices. It’s a lifestyle change, and it’s something I’m proud to be a part of.”

Every woman’s journey to motherhood is an exciting and unique time. Learn more about how the Profile MOM program is the most comprehensive program with unmatched support and education for a healthy pregnancy. Interested in finding a custom weight loss plan? Take our quick quiz to find that best plan for you.