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Abbie’s Story

Abbie’s Story: Focused On The Future

Abbie Gruseth always considered herself an “eater of convenience.” The 31-year-old works two jobs, so her diet mainly consisted of pulling into the nearest drive-thru on her way from one job to another. Convenient? Yes. Healthy? Not even close.

“Once I hit 30, I knew it was time to make a conscious decision to live better for myself,” Abbie says. “That’s when I joined Profile.”

Thanks to her position at the corporate office at Sanford, and also her primary care physician at Sanford, Abbie was familiar with the program.

“My doctor was actually on Profile, and had lost weight,” Abbie recalls. “During my checkup, she recommended that I try it, too.”

No judgment zone

In October 2014, Abbie signed up for Profile and was impressed with the plan and the results from the start*.

“My coaches were well-informed and explained things well,” she says. “They understood that ultimately, this wasn’t about the numbers on the scale, but more about living healthier.”

Abbie appreciated the coaches’ non-judgmental support and focus on providing solutions for success.

“I had a plan designed just for me and what my specific challenges were,” she says. “They helped me figure out a way to stay on track – even with my busy work schedule. And any setbacks were addressed, and we found another way to work through it. It was refreshing.”

The rights tools for the job

Abbie’s taste buds also appreciated the variety of meal options available through Profile.

“I’m a picky eater, and there were plenty of options I liked,” she says. “Profile works really hard to make products that people will want to eat.

Abbie’s bad habit of hitting the drive-thru was replaced with healthier habits that helped lead to her weight loss success. She used the tools given to her and began planning ahead, so she always had a nutritional meal or snack option available.

The technological tools provided by Profile also helped keep Abbie on track. Profile memberships include a Smart Scale and a Bridge. In addition to weight, the scale allows Abbie to track her hydration levels, body fat percentage, bone density and more. And the Bridge automatically uploads Abbie’s information to her Profile account for easy tracking.

“I’m a bit of a ‘techy’, so I loved having these tools readily available to me from my smartphone and computer,” Abbie says. “It’s a convenient way for me to see my progress.”

Lessons for life

Now, 50 pounds lighter*, Abbie is committed to her new way of living. She has more energy, sleeps better and feels more confident than ever before.

“While I love to see a lower number on the scale, in the end this is about living healthy,” she says. “The coaches at Profile get that. They taught me how to not only start living healthier, but how to maintain it.”

Profile is designed to create long-term change. The coaches work with you to lose weight in a responsible, phased approach while offering education and guidance. Like Abbie, you can establish healthy habits, learn about portion control and find ways to deal with stress and other emotions that can lead to relapse.

“Once I decided to take this step and join Profile, I was committed,” she says. “I was ready to do this for myself. And when you think about it that way, why wouldn’t you give it a try? This is about how you want to live the rest of your life, and I’m excited for what my future will bring.”