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A Healthy Life Caring for Others Thanks to Profile: Sean’s Story

ICU Manager Sean Talley is leading a healthy life and down more than 60 pounds* thanks to Profile. Sean shares about his weight loss journey and how obesity can affect your overall health.

Before and after weight loss photo of Sean, Profile member

Today, Sean Talley is the Shock-Trauma ICU Manager at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah, is down more than 60 pounds*, and is leading a healthy life thanks to Profile by Sanford. But in 2008, he ran his own concrete construction business in Las Vegas, worked early morning hours to beat the heat, and survived on energy drinks and the adrenaline of chasing the next great business deal.

How Sean found his career in nursing

In Las Vegas, Sean struggled to find fulfillment. By 2010, his work stalled with the recession, and he felt the itch to do something more. “Every conversation was about money and contracts, and you start to lose enjoyment in what you’re doing. It’s always about the next thing. What I wanted to do was help somebody.”

When his daughter fell sick with RSV and Sean and his wife, Jessica, spent time with her in the ICU at the hospital while she recovered, something clicked. “I was very impressed with the nursing staff. They seemed intelligent and well put together and enjoyed their jobs and were helping people. I remember thinking that if I had a chance to do it again, I’d like to be able to actually help somebody and not just worry about money and what it can do for me.”

It wasn’t long before the couple moved to Utah to be closer to family, and Sean went back to school to earn a nursing degree. He secured a job in the ICU department, worked multiple jobs, and in 17 months had completed both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. “It was super hard,” he said, but worth it.

Finding his want for a healthy life

Sean found success in a career in health care but living a healthy life had taken a backseat. The couple now had three girls, and the long hours took a toll. “I had gotten up to 270 pounds, and I was struggling.”

A physician at the hospital, who had become a mentor and friend, noticed Sean’s health deteriorating and mentioned Profile several times. It wasn’t until Sean ended up in the emergency room one night with hyper-tension that he decided to take it seriously. “My blood pressure was through the roof. They did a scan of my heart, and the doctor said if you don’t do something fast, it’s not going to be good. He said if I could lose 40 to 50 pounds and keep it off, it would change things.”

Sean marked it as a wake-up call and signed up for Profile immediately. He has since lost more than 60 pounds* and continues to work toward additional health goals. His blood pressure has stabilized, his headaches are gone, he works more efficiently, and he has the energy to run and play with his three girls.

“I would like to see them grow up and get old. Life is way too short, and I knew better. Sometimes you can lose your way. That’s why this program is so helpful. It’s not just the food; it’s the people who walk with you. If I could have done this on my own, I would have. It’s a human need to have accountability. They help remind me why I’m doing this.”

Finding a silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic

It’s something that Sean sees firsthand every day in the hospital as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cost people’s health and lives. “When your body is obese, it doesn’t respond well to illness. It’s harder on them than it should be. We’re seeing this in real-time right now.”

If there’s a silver lining to the pandemic, Sean said, it’s that people are reflecting on their lives. “I can see a real awakening and awareness.” And that’s not just for patients, but his co-workers as well. “It’s so much easier in our jobs to work 90 hours, hit the drive-thru, go home and rinse, wash, repeat. But you just don’t feel good. I know how to work out, and I know what nutrition is supposed to be, but application in your life is harder.”

For health care workers, he likens the situation to the airplane analogy that instructs passengers to put on their oxygen mask before helping others. “In our field, it’s your nature to run in and help. But if you’re not taking care of yourself, that only works for so long. You can’t help them if you haven’t helped yourself.”

Living a sustainable healthy life with Profile

The program is a process, not a quick-fix, but well-worth the long-term life investment. He said it’s a sustainable lifestyle because he has learned to implement the habits of health – including sleep and exercise – alongside a healthy diet. “Cheeseburgers aren’t the answer to everything,” he said, laughing.

Sean said he sees incredible value in surrounding yourself with people who will support your goals. His wife has been a great support, and his coaches have propelled him forward. “I’m a pain in the butt,” he said, laughing again. “If they can put up with me, anyone can do this.”

He still works long hours, but the time off is meaningful in ways it never was before. “This isn’t a fad diet. As a family now, we run and hike. Instead of sitting in front of the TV Sunday night, we’re doing something together. Living a healthy life provides an opportunity for you to spend more time with the people you love. It puts things in perspective.”

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