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Member Stories

  • Curt and Deattia MacDonald
    Curt & Deattia's Journey: Leaning On Each Other
    "It’s really been a family journey. We wouldn’t have done it without them."
    Read Curt and Deattia's Story
  • Dawn Waack
    Dawn’s Journey: A Nurse, A Farmer, A Cancer Survivor
    Learning to live with it, and live well, has caused me to take a serious look at my overall health, ...
    Read Dawn's Story
  • Don
    Don's Game-Changing Weight Loss
    “Following the plan was surprisingly not a problem,” he admits. “It’s easy when you see the results. ...
    Read Don's Story
  • Elena Rodriguez
    Elena’s Journey: From Skeptic To Supporter
    It literally turned my whole world inside out, in a good way!
    Read Elena's Story
  • Emily
    Emily's Story: A Lifestyle Change
    "The world now sees the real Emily, how I feel on the inside is now how I look on the outside."
    Read Emily's Story
  • Emily Haywood
    Emily’s Journey: Committed To Making A Change
    It helps so much to have the support of not only your coach, but the whole store. Every time I walk ...
    Read Emily's Story

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