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Coaching Helped Change His Life

Coaching Helped Change His Life

Being diagnosed with sleep apnea left Clay Scofield with three options; surgery, CPAP or lose weight. After countless failed attempts at dieting and exercising on his own, he decided it was time to try something different. His girlfriend recommended he try Profile by Sanford. He made the decision to join and never looked back.

In October of 2015 Clay began Profile and started attending weekly coaching meetings. His Profile coaches provided him with high-quality education, motivational support, goal setting and instilled him with the life skills that are required to maintain weight loss and live a healthy lifestyle. Despite early challenges, Clay found that the support and motivation from his coaches helped him remain committed and on track to achieving his goals. His immediate results were displayed in more ways than just the scale. Improved sleep, increased energy and a better outlook on life were major motivators to his eventual weight loss of 128 lbs.

Although his weight loss (128 pounds*) is a significant number, he is more pleased with the new and improved life he is now living! He is confident in his abilities, knowledge and understanding of how to maintain his weight loss and live a healthy and balanced life. We commend Clay on his accomplishments, knowing the determination, hard work and dedication that is required to achieve such remarkable results.

One main component of Profile that sets it apart from other weight management programs is individualized coaching. Our coaches come from different academic backgrounds, have diverse hobbies and passions related to health and well-being, and utilize different coaching styles. Despite all of these differences, our coaches share one common purpose: they are trained and certified to partner with you to maximize your personal potential at any given juncture of your health journey.