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Amy’s Journey: A Transformed Life Because of One Phone Call

Amy’s Journey: A Transformed Life Because of One Phone Call

Make the call. It’s an act so simple, so easy, yet Amy Kester knows firsthand it’s easier said than done. After her doctor recommended Profile by Sanford, it took Kester almost six months to work up the courage to dial the number. “I finally did, and it changed my life,” she said. Since picking up the phone, Kester has lost 140 pounds* and gained a new lease on life!

Committing to herself

Though doubts nagged her along the way, Kester started Profile with a solid commitment to follow through. She was at 282 pounds and set her goal at 165. She now weighs 137 pounds! “The program is amazing,” she says. “I started seeing the pounds fall off. The big thing was how I felt and how my body reacted to different foods.”

Because of the way she felt and her efficient results, Kester stuck to the program, met faithfully with her coach and met her goal quicker than she imagined. She navigated the temptation of many food-centered celebrations — birthday, anniversary, promotion, graduation – with one mantra her coach taught her. “She shared with me to look at food as fuel for my body instead of entertainment,” Kester said. “I found that so helpful and it stuck with me through this process.”

A transformed perspective on life

Kester’s doctor, kids and husband have all been amazed by her weight loss. Her youngest son was deployed to Iraq during her health journey and the family kept it a secret until he returned. “He looked at my husband and son and I could tell he was looking for me,” she said. “He didn’t even recognize me and then he was freaking out.” It was just one of so many good moments Kester has experienced.

Her health journey has transformed her perspective on life. “I am so much more confident and I’m happier,” she says. “I believe I can do anything. There’s a positivity that radiates off me. The smaller body and new clothes are awesome but feeling good is the greatest satisfaction. It’s that feeling of knowing I am capable of so much more now.”

Victory doesn’t mean that every day has been easy, she admits. “It’s having the self-control to say no,” she said. “At work there is always someone bringing something. You feel like you have to take something so you’re not insulting them, but there’s a simple strategy. It’s okay to say, ‘No thank you, I’m not hungry.’ You don’t have to give an explanation.”

No more hiding

Kester started her journey in secret, hiding her changes from others. “I tried to keep it hush hush,” she said. “I went to my vehicle for lunch. But then it changed and it was like, ‘Nope, this is my life now. This is part of who I am.’”

When she thinks back to the beginning of her journey, she knows it was the people she loves most who helped set her on the path to health. “I’ve always been aware I was overweight and that I was eating wrong and I would just make a joke out of it,” she said. “As my kids got older, it was the looks on their faces. My husband loved me no matter my size, but they were all worried about my health and what could happen.”

Kester knows what it’s like to be at the beginning – unsure of how to start. It’s her battle cry to encourage others to take the leap. “Walk through that door,” she says. “Get started, believe in the program and yourself and you can do it.”

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