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Profile by Sanford - St. Louis, MO

14127 Clayton Road
St. Louis, MO 63017

(314) 858-5502 Get Directions

Profile by Sanford in St. Louis, MO

Achieve Lasting Weight Loss for Real Life with Profile by Sanford

Making smart choices about nutrition is challenging, and strict, generalized diets don’t work for everyone. If you’ve tried everything and still aren’t seeing the results you want, we may be able to help you supercharge your weight loss journey with solutions that are tailored to your unique needs.

Profile by Sanford is here to give you a weight loss alternative that is effective, sustainable, and simple. Our weight loss program was created by physicians and nutrition experts at Sanford Health. We provide you with a certified coach, a customized plan, and all the support you need to lose at least 15% of your total body weight within the first 12 months.

Lose Weight with Our Customized Nutrition Plans

When you come to us for help, you will benefit from the innovation and advanced treatment available through Sanford Health. We will begin your journey with Profile Precise, which is a test designed to assess how your body metabolizes carbohydrates and take much of the guesswork out of losing weight and getting healthier. This test will allow us to use science and evidence-based methods to formulate a weight loss plan that will help you meet your fitness goals and monitor your progress in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Call (314) 858-5502 today to speak to one of our certified Profile coaches and get started.

Special Offer! First 150 Members Join for $50

With Profile® by Sanford®, you’ll receive customized coaching on putting together the pieces of a healthy lifestyle, courtesy of our Certified Profile Coaches. We’ll help you learn how to choose supportive foods, stay active and move more, and develop healthy habits to manage emotions and stress.

As a Profile member, you will receive:
  • One-On-One

  • Personalized
    Weight Loss Plan

  • Smart Technology
    For Progress Tracking

Personalized Weight Loss Program in St. Louis

The Power of the Profile Plan

With Profile by Sanford - St. Louis, MO, you’re never on this journey alone. What sets Profile by Sanford - St. Louis, MO apart from other wellness programs is access to your personal Coach. Your Coach will take the guesswork out of deciding what to eat and when to introduce more activity into your lifestyle. Worried that your busy schedule won’t allow you to meet with your Coach? Don’t be!

When you're a Profile member, you'll enjoy:

  • Weekly one-on-one coaching
  • Discounts on our Profile products
  • Customized nutrition and activity plans
  • Convenient technology to track your progress

Ready to take the first step on our journey toward better health? Give Profile by Sanford - St. Louis, MO a call at 314.858.5502 now and schedule a free one-on-one meeting with a weight loss plan coach.