Bold and Boosted!

Just when you thought our shakes couldn't get any better, we did it!
Our new protein shakes have natural, bold flavors you'll love with added nutrients you need.
Plus, they fit into all Profile protocols and phases.

Each New Shake Enhanced With:

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Probiotic Buzz

Probiotics is a major health buzzword, but what’s all the hype about? Probiotics are the “friendly” bacteria in our bodies that support a healthy internal ecosystem and provide numerous health benefits to our gut, which influences our immune system, digestion, metabolism and more.

At Profile, we’ve been actively researching and investing in studies of gut health and probiotics, and because of the health benefits, we felt compelled to incorporate probiotics into our new protein shakes!

Explore the Benefits

Bold Flavors You'll Love

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We're rolling out new shake flavors every month until September!
This month’s two new flavors are savory Salted Caramel and Mocha Latte. They're great on their own and they make the perfect ingredient in several recipes.
Stay tuned for more brand-new flavors next month!