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Ready to take a step towards a healthier you? We want to make the first step easy with SEVEN by Profile, a 7-day, all-inclusive trial to experience the power of Profile by Sanford. Commit to just seven days of safe, effective healthy eating and education to jumpstart your way to better health. 

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Is everything I need for all seven days included?

Over 40 delicious and nutritious Profile foods are available in the kit. A grocery list is also provided to include any additional items needed to help you create all the tasty recipes.
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What food will I be eating?

A typical day includes a shake for breakfast, a protein bar and drink for snack, a healthy lunch, a mid-day protein bar, a protein- and veggie-packed dinner and an evening shake.
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What recipes are included?

Each day calls for a simple lunch meal and a deliciously cooked dinner you will love. Recipes include: Greek Veggie Pizza, Thai Shrimp Salad, Chili Cheese Dip and Veggies…and so much more!
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Can I do this plan more than 7 days?

Absolutely! SEVEN by Profile provides a glimpse of what Profile has to offer. Contact your local Profile store for more information on next steps to continue the program.
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What can I expect for weight loss results?

On average, participants have lost between 3 to 7 pounds during SEVEN!
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Here is what SEVEN by Profile Includes:

Your Kit includes all the recipes and daily education and tools needed to succeed as well as these great products:

Profile SEVEN Kit

14 Healthy Recipes | Safe and Effective |Physician Designed | 50+ Meals and Snacks Included

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. But small steps in the right direction can lead to big results. We have made that first step to losing weight simple with SEVEN by Profile. Start with committing to just seven days of safe and effective healthy eating and education and you will jumpstart your way to a better you.

A Plan Backed by Science

SEVEN by Profile is backed by doctors and researchers at Sanford Health. What makes us different than a cleanse or detox? SEVEN provides you the building blocks for sustained weight loss and healthy lifestyle change.

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Have additional questions about SEVEN?

Email Dr. Stephen Herrmann here.