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Profile by Sanford is proud to partner with one of Westchester County top interval training programs, Alpha Interval Training.

Alpha Interval Training has proven itself to be one the most versatile programs we have seen when it comes to high intensity interval training programs. Their ability to work with every level of fitness and still be able to provide a program which challenges a person’s ability is what makes them one of our “Preferred Partners”.

Profile by Sanford believes in the importance of giving back to the community and we partner with organizations who have that same social commitment. Through their design sense and quality fashion wear, J’aime has dedicated themselves to helping non-profit organizations gain the recognition and support they need.

Profile by Sanford is proud J’aime is one of our “Preferred Partners” and we are happy to promote their quality fashions and social commitment to community health and wellness initiatives.

Profile by Sanford is proud to have partnered with the associates at The Tupler Technique to help educate individuals on diastasis recti, an issue which affects many men, women and children who are overweight, have been pregnant or have had abdominal surgery. Diastasis Recti goes undetected in many people and has been shown to contribute to back pain, abdominal hernias, poor posture and gastro-intestinal issues. Profile by Sanford wants you to recognize the importance of this type of health issue.

T-FIT, owned by Carl Trotto, is one of the premier In-Home Personal Training partners we have had the pleasure to work with to help our members get fit and stay fit. Carl’s personal approach to helping people develop healthier habits through an understanding of their body’s function lines up directly with Profile by Sanford’s concepts of healthy living through positive behavior patterns. We are thrilled to have him as one of our “Preferred Partners”.