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Sam GervaseSam Gervase
Director of Community Engagement

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa
Education: B.A. in Business Administration (Boston College)
Favorite type of physical activity: Competitive group fitness classes
Motivation to be a Health Coach: Coming from a background in healthcare, I’ve always wanted to work for a company with a mission to help people take ownership of their health. I am inspired by the “ah-ha” moments helping people realize their full potential

Interests: I’ve gotten into competitive volleyball, hiking, road cycling, & I’m all about candle making. I love candles, I but hate spending $20 on a good candle so I started making my own.
Health tip: For building new habits, don’t try and change too many things at once. Recently, rather than trying to change my entire morning routine, I made the smaller commitment to floss. I’ve made flossing a habit & have been significantly more consistent with my oral hygiene!
Favorite part of Central Texas: Trail running in the different state parks

undefinedNina Dukart
Certified Profile Coach

Hometown: Kirkland, Washington
Education: B.A. in Psychology & Sociology (University of Portland), M.S. in Nutrition and Human Performance est. completion in 2021 (Logan University)
Favorite Type of Physical Activity: Orange Theory & running
Motivation to be a Health Coach: I have a background in psychology, and I was always interested in finding a way to blend mental & physical health. Health coaching has given me the opportunity to work with people on both fronts!
Interests: Traveling to new places with great people, cooking with my family, and spending time outdoors are how I love to pass the time!
Health tip: Find a buddy! Everything is more fun when you have a partner by your side.
Favorite Part of Central Texas: The skyline view from the South boardwalk on Lake Bird Lake Trail

undefinedCalie Zirges
Certified Profile Coach

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Education: B.A in Psychology (Texas Tech University), Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
Favorite physical activity: Hiking & yoga
Motivation to be a Health Coach: I I'm thrilled to help and inspire others to reach and maintain their health goals! Everyone's journey to a healthy lifestyle is different which makes coaching such a unique & rewarding opportunity.
Interests: I don’t have much free time, but I love playing ukulele & cooking when I’m not busy with my three kids!
Health tip: Find easy ways to incorporate more activity during the day. For example, park farther away from the entrance when shopping, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or try walking outside during your lunch break. Those extra steps can really add up at the end of the day!
Favorite part of Central Texas: Hiking trails & live music

undefinedDanielle Alex
Certified Profile Coach

Hometown: Broomfield, Colorado
Education: B.A. in Nutrition & Psychology (Colorado State University)
Favorite type of physical activity: Running
Motivation to be a Health Coach: I love helping people bridge the gap between their current lifestyle choices & where they want to be.
Interests: I love to look at the stars on a clear night and enjoy the stillness of the early morning hours.
Health tip: The journey is just as important as the outcome.
Favorite part of Central Texas: Boutiques in small towns outside of Austin

undefinedHannah Garland
Certified Profile Coach

Hometown: Richardson, Texas
Education: Currently working towards B.S. in Nutrition Sciences (Texas State University)
Favorite type of physical activity: Swimming, kayaking, & walking my dogs
Motivation to be a Health Coach: I want to help others redefining their relationship with food & make lasting lifestyle changes!
Interests: Baking, photography, linocut printing, playing guitar, veganism, & psychology are just the top of the list, but I have a diverse range of interests!
Health tip: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."- Michael Pollan
Favorite part of Central Texas: All the live music! (Jazz at the Elephant Room, Bluegrass at Radio Coffee, and Swing Music at the Butterfly Bar)

undefinedRayna Jacobson
Area Operations Manager

Hometown: Perham, Minnesota
Education: B.S. in Exercise Science & Kinesiology (University of North Dakota)
Favorite type of physical activity: Hot yoga & sand volleyball
Motivation to be a Health Coach: I have always wanted to be able to help people improve their quality of life. Sometimes physical barriers such limit us to do the things we are passionate about doing. Being able to help someone regain the excitement and ability to follow their passions is extremely rewarding.
Interests: Playing frisbee with my Australian shepherd & coaching volleyball are two of my favorite ways to spend my limited free time!
Health tip: Find a routine! Every day or every week might look different but find a few things you can commit to doing every single day to help you stay on track
Favorite part of Central Texas: Outdoor restaurant patios