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Average Rating: 5 stars (based on 15 ratings)

I have been working with Coach Laura for a while now, and she has been really patient and understanding with me to help me work to change my eating habits. She always has excellent suggestions, but, most importantly, meets me where I am in my journey. She is very understanding of my needs. She builds on my strengths and celebrates all of my success. Change is not easy, and it is a slow process, but I am becoming aware of my habits, so I can make the life long changes I need to make to be successful. Also, the protein bars are delicious! I highly recommend them!


Profile has helped me to take control over my own health. It has helped in all areas of wellness. While I am losing weight, I am also dealing with the emotional issues behind them. The coaches meet you where you are, and encourage with love and support. The shakes and food are delicious and the plan is easy to follow! I am so grateful to have found Profile!

Kristi V.

I love the shakes, bars, and drinks – everything tastes great. Best if all is the coaching by the educated and highly trained professionals. I’ve lost 17 pounds. Yoohoo!

Ginny S.

Profile by Sanford has introduced 2 new shakes.
Banana cream pie was delicious, I added 1 tablespoon of P3 peanut powder, almond vanilla unsweetened milk, some ice. It was like an old fashioned milkshake.
The Cake Batter shake was so delicious just as it was. It reminded me of when my mom make a cake and we got to like the beaters.
I’m going to my meeting tomorrow and will purchase a box of each.

Cecil L.

Easy to follow plan, excellent support, and results!

Sherrie Bosse

This program really works and is so easy! The meal replacements are delicious and the coaches are so helpful and encouraging. Highly recommend!!

Karen S.