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Farmer’s Market Beef & Rice Salad

Farmer's Market Beef & Rice Salad

Farmer's Market Beef & Rice Salad

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Yield: 4 servings



1/2 Cup Profile Balsamic Dressing


1 sirloin steak, cut 3/4 inch thick (1 pound)

• 1 Tablespoon olive oil

• 2 cups asparagus pieces (2-inch pieces)

• 1 medium yellow squash, cut lengthwise in

half, then crosswise into 1/4- inch thick slices

• 1 package cauliflower rice

• 1 cup diced, seeded tomatoes

• 1/4 cup fresh basil, thinly sliced


1. Combine marinade and beef

steak and 1/4 cup marinade in food-safe plastic bag; turn

steak to coat. Close bag securely and marinate in

refrigerator 6 hours or as long as overnight. Reserve

remaining marinade in refrigerator for dressing.

2. Remove steak from marinade; discard marinade. Place steak

on rack in broiler pan or on hot grill and cook for 11 to 13

minutes for medium rare (145°F) doneness, turning once.

Remove; keep warm.

3. Prepare cauliflower rice per package instructions.

4. Heat oil in large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat until

hot. Add asparagus and squash; cook and stir 7 to 8

minutes or until tender. Toss with rice, tomatoes, basil, salt

and reserved marinade in large bowl.

5. Carve steak into thin slices. Serve over rice salad.

Profile Exchange: 4oz. lean protein, 2 cups vegetables, 1 fat