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All-American Burgers

All-American Burgers

All-American Burgers

Number of Servings: 4
Serving Size: one burger


  • 4 3-4 oz. lean ground beef patties or four vegetarian burgers
  • 4 large lettuce leaves (romaine, bib leaf or iceberg)
  • 4 slices of tomato
  • 4 slices of red onion
  • Sliced dill pickles
  • Sugar-free ketchup and mustard


  1. Grill burgers to an internal temperature of 145 degrees (64 C).
  2. Place on top of lettuce leaves along with the tomato, red onion, sliced dill pickle and sugar-free ketchup and mustard.

Profile Exchanges: 3 to 4 oz. of lean protein; 1/2 cup vegetables