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Profile Precise DNA Test


A Genetic Test for Weight Loss

Profile Precise is a DNA test that tells you your body’s ability to burn and process carbs and fats. A Profile coach can then create a nutrition plan that works with your metabolism.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Take the Test

A saliva sample is collected via a simple cheek swab. This is done at a Profile store during a coaching appointment. After your saliva test is collected, it will be sent to a lab.

Step 2: Get Your Results

The results of your test will be delivered from the lab to your Profile coach in 6-8 weeks. The lab looks at how much of the AMY1 gene is in your saliva. AMY1 plays a role in the metabolism of carbs.

Step 3: Get Your Precise Plan

A Profile coach will help you understand your results and build your Precise plan.


Understanding Your Results

The Profile Precise results are broken down into three categories:

• C-score 1: Your body burns fat easier than it burns carbs. We’d recommend a meal plan with more fats than carbs.
• C-score 2: Your body burns fats and carbs the same. We’d recommend a moderate fat and carb meal plan.
• C-score 3: Your body burns carbs easier than it burns fats. We’d recommend a meal plan with more carbs than fats.

A Profile coach will use your C-score to create a nutrition plan best suited for your result.

Jason lost 122lbs with Profile Precise

Thanks to his Precise results and a nutrition plan best suited for his metabolism, Jason was able to successfully lose 122lbs.

Let's Get Started!

Interested in joining Profile? We’d love to meet with you! Schedule your free, no obligation health consultation. We’ll match you with a nutrition plan, introduce you to one of our coaches, and help you determine if Profile is a good fit for you.