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Your Transformation Countdown

Ready to take a step towards a healthier you? We want to make the first step easy with SEVEN by Profile, a 7-day kit to experience the power of Profile by Sanford. Commit to just seven days of safe, effective healthy eating and education to jumpstart your way to better health.

Here's What You Get in your SEVEN Box

7-day meal plan
Shopping list & prep instructions
2 boxes Profile Variety Shakes
1 box Profile Variety Hot Entrées
2 boxes Profile Variety Bars
1 box Profile Mixed Fruit Fiber Drink
1 box Profile Raspberry Lemonade H2Energy Drink
1 package Profile Pizza Crust
1 Profile Blender Bottle
1 Profile Journey Book
1 Profile Favorites Cookbook

Here's What Happens to your Life after SEVEN

Getting healthier isn't just about weight loss. Sure, losing weight can be a vehicle to a happier, more active lifestyle. But at Profile, we like to focus on the non-scale victories #NSV. Things like running a 5k, crawling around on the floor with your kids or grandkids, walking up those flights of stairs without huffing and puffing!

Jumpstart Your Weight Loss with this 7-day Plan from Profile by Sanford

A healthier and more energized YOU is only 7 days away! You can make more progress in a week than you probably think. The SEVEN kit contains all of the tools you need to see success right away and give you the momentum to keep going.

Start with SEVEN

Backed by science and powered by a leading nutritionist, SEVEN includes the food, education, and resources you need to jumpstart your health and wellness journey. Here is what is included in your SEVEN kit:

A week worth of Profile food
Receive a week of Profile food with Seven.
Your Seven kit is packed full of nutritious, delicious Profile foods to try. Enjoy our pizza crust and a variety of our shakes, bars, drinks, entrees, and soups. Make your shakes anywhere with our 20oz Blender Bottle (included in kit).
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Profile Cookbook and Meal Plan
You'll get a Profile Favorites Cookbook with Seven
Also included in your kit is our Profile Favorites Cookbook, a collection of 30 of our most-loved recipes. Get a sense of the yummy meals you can enjoy while following a Profile plan. We really want to take the guesswork out of your week on Seven, so you can see real results. You will also find 14 recipes, a grocery shopping list, and detailed meal prep directions in your kit.
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Daily challenges and tips
With our Seven program we will help you with daily tips
To help you focus on your health for 7 days, your kit includes a Journey Book. You’ll need this to complete your challenges, which we will email daily. We’ll also include daily coach tips.
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SEVEN Success Stories*

Milana and Damien have both used SEVEN from Profile by Sanford to successfully jumpstart their health and weight loss goals. Check out their stories below:

Need more info about SEVEN before making your decision?

We get it. It’s not easy picking a weight loss program. Go ahead and sign up for email info below. We’ll send you some ideas, tips and tricks right to your inbox. All for free.

You Are Going to LOVE these Recipes!

Part of the magic of SEVEN is being able to eat REAL food in your 7-day weight loss plan. This is definitely not your points-tracking, shakes-and-bars eating program. The Profile shakes and bars are delicious, of course, but our members say that eating “grocery store foods” is a big plus in Profile by Sanford. There is no shortage of flavor here with cues taken from Asian, American and Mediterranean cuisines.

Below are a couple of examples of the amazing food you will eat.

Thai Lettuce Wraps
A photo of Thai Lettuce Wraps.
A little bit of crunch and a TON of flavor, the Thai Lettuce Wraps will satisfy your craving for Asian cuisine while keeping you right on track with SEVEN.
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Sloppy Joe with Spaghetti Squash
Alternate text
You WILL NOT believe how good the Profile Sloppy Joe mix is! It's great over spaghetti sauce. The best part is the Sloppy Joe mix comes right in your SEVEN box.
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Greek Pizza
Photo Profile Pizza
Pizza?!?!? Yes! Using the Profile Pizza Crusts included in your SEVEN box you'll learn to craft your own tasty and lower-carb pizzas right at home. Even the kids will love these!
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