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Be All In with Profile Perform

Profile Perform was developed for those who want to be all in with an active lifestyle. Using pre- and post-workout drinks, Perform is safe and scientifically formulated to help fuel your desire to stay active.

Fuel What’s Inside

Here is how we can support your all in active lifestyle with Profile Perform:

Activate - Pre-Workout Drink
Profile Perform
Activate is our tasty, pre-workout drink mix that provides your body instant, sustained energy. It comes in two delicious flavors: Mixed Berry and Lemon Lime.
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Restore - Post Workout Drink
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Restore is packed with high-quality protein and nutrients to help your body repair muscles, restore energy, and support electrolyte replenishment. Try drinking chocolate or vanilla after your workout.
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Activity Plans
Perform Activity Plans
Many of our coaches have exercise science degrees and they’re passionate about fitness. They would love to create an activity plan that challenges you and gets you results.
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One-On-One Coaching
Profile coach and member
Be all in with a coach who supports and empowers you every step of the way. Work one-on-one with Profile health coach to maximize your nutrition and activity for real results.
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We’ll provide the tools you need for successful, healthy weight loss at a payment option of your choice.

Monthly Payment Plans
Our most flexible payment option. Pay as you go through your weight loss journey on a monthly basis. Get started on our monthly payment option by designing a custom plan with your Profile Coach.
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Annual Payment Plan
Annual Payment Plan
Get a year of one-on-one coaching and nutrition plans for a great value! One upfront payment for a year of support and education. Get started on our annual payment option by designing a custom plan with your Profile Coach.
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