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Profile's Coaching+ Plan

Members on our Coaching+ plan receive a personalized, nutritionally balanced, whole foods meal plan built around their lifestyle and taste preferences. No meal replacements required! It is our most flexible weight loss option that provides a personalized meal plan created entirely with whole foods. This means there are zero requirements for purchasing Profile food outside your everyday grocery store routine.

Coaching+ Features

1-on-1 health coaching (virtual and in-person options)
Custom meal plan
Access to Profile Journey App
Exclusive support group access
Medical condition compatible plans
Access to hundreds of recipes and Profile foods
Weight Loss Guarantee*

A Day in the Life

Enjoy a variety of Profile and grocery foods throughout your health journey.


Omelet w/ Spinach + Feta + Tomatoes + English Muffin

Snack #1

Greek Yogurt + Fresh Berries


Taco Salad w/ Brown Rice + Mixed Greens + Veggies + Avocado

Snack #2

Hard Boiled Egg w/ Berries + Cheese Stick


Lemon Baked Salmon w/ Quinoa Salad + Cooked Asparagus

Snack #3

Mini Key Lime Cheesecake

What Our Members Are Saying


The plan is easy. Simplicity with my busy lifestyle is why Profile Plan works for me.


It fits my lifestyle. With other things, I’d get 30 days in and be sick of it. There’s still freshness with this.


I really like how easy it was for me. The plan is there. You don’t have to think about it.


Profile Plan FAQs

At Profile, we measure success on and off the scale. You and your coach can focus on a variety of results from health to energy, or other “non-scale victories” or use weight as a way to monitor progress. When it comes to weight loss, typically our members will see approx. 1-2 lbs a week depending on their goals.

Our short quiz will match you with the perfect plan. We use demographic information, current behaviors and your health goals to determine which plan is best for you. Take our quiz now.

When you purchase the Profile Basic Plan, you will be sent an email that provides you with your login information and allows you to set-up your account. Individuals who have not yet purchased a membership will not be able to access the Profile Journey App.

You and your coach will partner together to focus on knowledge, skills, and behaviors to help you be successful in the long-term. To start off, you will meet with a coach weekly where you will focus on your personalized nutrition plan, activity to fit your lifestyle, and education to support you along your journey. Your coach is your guide! You also have the option to try out different coaches and stick with the one that best fits or continue to meet with a variety of coaches! These coaching appointments are important as you navigate challenges and reinforce new skills. Each appointment will focus on your progress, needs, and challenges, and include an education topic along with goal setting for the week.

Our meal plans have a mixture of grocery food and Profile food to help our members reach their goals! The membership cost does not include the Profile food cost. To see the best results and get the most value from your program, you will purchase Profile foods either in-store or online. We have over 100 different food options ranging from great-tasting protein shakes, bars and snacks, to fresh prepared, convenient meals

Did You Know: Purchasing Profile food costs less per week than the average American's weekly food budget. *
*Based on Bureau of Labor Statistic Data 2019

Not Sure What Plan is Best For You?

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