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Safe Weight Loss Designed by Medical Professionals

Balance is a safe weight loss plan rooted in evidence and research. This plan was created by top researchers, dietitians, and physicians for those who have special medical considerations, including diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease and kidney disease.

Our Promise: You’ll Lose 15% or More

We promise you will lose 15% of your body weight, or more, in the first year, guaranteed! Subject to our terms and conditions.* Join Profile members across all 50 states who are transforming their lives with this one-of-a-kind promise.

Take Control of Your Health with Balance

Explore the key features of the Balance weight loss plan. This plan is a great fit for individuals with specific medical conditions and individuals who are looking to incorporate more grocery foods into their nutrition plan.

It’s a non-keto plan
Healthy assortment of fruits and vegetables
If you have a medical condition that makes ketosis not an option, our Balance plan is an effective way to lose weight safely.
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A Meal Plan With Variety
Profile by Sanford shakes, snacks and bars
When you follow a Balance meal plan, you’ll enjoy a variety of healthy grocery foods complimented by Profile foods. A coach will work with you to ensure your calorie intake is meeting your needs for safe weight loss.
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Healthy lifestyle education delivered by a coach
Profile by Sanford coach meets with a member
You’ll work one-on-one with a health coach to learn new lifestyle habits that will make your weight loss last.
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Getting Started with Balance
Profile by Sanford Success Kit
When you start the balance plan, you will work with a health coach to create a custom nutrition plan. To help you get started, the Balance plan includes our Success Kit! •Smart Body Scale + Wireless Bridge •Food Scale •Profile Blender Bottle •Profile Camelback •Profile Cookbook
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Real Stories Real Results*

Hear from Profile members about how they gained control of their health following a Balance weight loss and nutrition plan.

Meet Your Coach

Fill out the form below and a coach will reach out to you to schedule your free coaching session.


We’ll provide the tools you need for successful, healthy weight loss at a payment option of your choice.

Monthly Payment Option
Mother walking with her children
Our most flexible payment option. Pay as you go through your weight loss journey on a monthly basis. Get started on our monthly payment option by designing a custom plan with your Profile Coach.
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Annual Payment Option
Profile by Sanford woman working out on treadmill in a gym.
Get a year of one-on-one coaching and nutrition plans for a great value! One upfront payment for a year of support and education. Get started on our annual payment option by designing a custom plan with your Profile Coach.
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Have Questions?

Visit our FAQs page for answers to commonly asked questions or go to Contact Us to reach out. We would love to help!