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Phasing into Lasting Change

You’re almost to your goal weight! Our Adapt plan was created to ensure a smooth transition into sustaining a healthy lifestyle. During Adapt, you will work with your health coach to zero in on your successes and challenges for lasting weight loss.

Our Promise: You'll Lose 15% or More

We promise you will lose 15% of your body weight, or more, in the first year, guaranteed! Subject to our terms and conditions*. Join Profile members across all 50 states who are transforming their lives with this one-of-a-kind promise.

About the Adapt Plan

Here is how Adapt can support you in getting to lasting weight loss:

Healthy lifestyle assurance through one-on-one coaching.
Lasting Change with Profile adapt Plan
Your health coach wants to ensure your changes will last. This is why your coach will revisit your goals and reasons for getting healthy. They will also review important education topics, such as label reading and portion sizes, to make sure you feel comfortable using them on a daily basis.
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A moderately structured nutrition plan.
prepare nutritious meals with Profile
The Adapt plan comes with more freedom. You will start making your own nutrition choices so you can apply the lessons you’ve learned. Of course, your coach is always there if you have questions or need advice.
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A review of your activity plan.
Review customized activity plans
An important part of your new healthy lifestyle is activity. Your coach will review your activity plan and goals with you. If you have any questions or need to try something new, Adapt is a great time to do so. Your coach can support you with a variety of available activity plans.
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Meal plans based on your metabolism.
Understand your metabolism with DNA testing
Our Precise DNA kit individualizes your Adapt plan even more. With a simple swab of your cheek, we can ensure that you’re following a meal plan that works with your metabolism so you can maintain your weight loss.*
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Membership Plans

We’ll provide the tools you need for successful, healthy weight loss at a payment option of your choice.

Monthly Payment Option
Monthly Payment Options
Our most flexible payment option. Pay as you go through your weight loss journey on a monthly basis. Get started on our monthly payment option by designing a custom plan with your Profile Coach.
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Annual Payment Option
Physician talking with Sanford Profile coach.
Get a year of one-on-one coaching and nutrition plans for a great value! One upfront payment for a year of support and education. Get started on our annual payment option by designing a custom plan with your Profile Coach.
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