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PCOS and Weight Loss

How Profile Can Help

Weight loss with PCOS isn't easy. Here is how we help.

Losing weight with PCOS can be a challenge. Profile by Sanford makes it easier with a custom nutrition plan that works with your PCOS—not against it. Our program is effective, easy to follow, and science-based. You also meet 1-on-1 with a nutrition coach for support and to ensure you see success. Your coach will help you break unhealthy habits and make learning healthy habits easy. When you live a healthy lifestyle and lower your BMI, you can manage your PCOS symptoms and reduce your heart disease and diabetes risk. Take the first step to living a healthy life with your PCOS managed by scheduling a free consultation with us.

How can Profile help with PCOS issues?

Let’s take a deeper look at three specific areas affected by PCOS and how Profile can help you with each.

What makes losing weight with PCOS challenging?
Photo of woman picking out healthy foods.
High blood sugar—which is what happens when your body doesn’t process carbs normally—is what makes losing weight with PCOS so hard. The best way to improve this is through healthy lifestyle change. A Profile coach can create a low-carb nutrition plan that combats high blood sugar as well as help you foster healthy habits that last a lifetime.
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Regular exercise benefits PCOS
Photo of woman enjoying an exercise routine.
Studies show that both cardio and weight-training exercises help women with PCOS lose weight and improve blood sugar levels. Learn how to start working out with the help of a Profile coach. Already exercising? We can help you find a routine you love.
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Get Enough Sleep
Woman enjoying a good night's sleep.
Sleep is important for your overall healthy and for successful weight loss. Yet, sleep troubles are a symptom of PCOS. We have a lot of resources to help you get a good night rest and find strategies that work for you.
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Let’s get you started on your PCOS lifestyle change! Start now by scheduling your free health consultation with a certified health coach. During your consultation, you will be matched with an easy-to-follow, custom nutrition plan based on your preferences, dietary restrictions, medical conditions, and goals.


What foods should I be eating?

Our coaches will guide you on what you should eat and what you should limit. While veggies, fiber, and healthy fats help combat the symptoms of PCOS, other foods (when not enjoyed in moderation) can cause inflammation and decrease blood sugar.

Profile Resources to Help You Get Started


We want to make the first step to getting healthy easy with SEVEN by Profile, a 7-day kit to experience the power of Profile by Sanford. Commit to just seven days of safe, effective healthy eating and education to jumpstart your way to better health.

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Self-Compassion Guide [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Do you tend to be hard on yourself? Maybe your inner monologue says things like, “I’m a failure. I can’t do anything right.” You can easily turn that inner critic into your biggest supporter with our self-compassion guide. Learn how self-compassion can improve your overall health and help you overcome challenges.

Profile Sleep Guide [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Are you getting enough zzz’s at night? If not, it could be impacting your blood sugar. Studies show that lack of sleep impacts PCOS. When it comes to weight loss, getting the right amount of shut eye is just as important as nutrition and exercise.

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Interested in joining Profile? We’d love to meet with you! Schedule your free, no obligation health consultation. We’ll match you with a nutrition plan, introduce you to one of our coaches, and help you determine if Profile is a good fit for you

Success Stories From Our Members*

Hear from some of our members who are proudly living a healthy lifestyle because of Profile. Their lifestyle transformations are truly inspiring. We are so proud of them!