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Meet Your Omaha Profile Team

Operations Manager & Certified Health Coach

Amber grew up in a small town in Minnesota. Her love for exercise and nutrition started back in high school, where she was involved in gymnastics, softball, and volleyball. After high school, she went on to get her bachelor’s degree at South Dakota State University (GO JACKS!), where she ran her first of many races, including the Brookings Half Marathon. Her active lifestyle led her to Profile by Sanford. “I truly believe in the Profile by Sanford mission, and love sharing my passion for a healthy lifestyle with others!” When Amber isn’t working, she loves to spend time at the lake, gym, running, and with family, friends, and her puppy!

Certified Health Coach

Erica has always had a deep passion for fitness and nutrition, but she was even more moved coming to Profile knowing that she would be able to help people find more confidence in themselves. Her passion for nutrition stemmed during college when she studied Foods & Nutrition along with Exercise Science at Wayne State College. She’s always wanting to learn more about nutrition, so that she can help others in the matter. Exercise is her fuel and one of her main hobbies. Whether she’s running, biking, weight lifting or at her favorite hiking trail, she has a drive to stay active. Her and her husband stay busy with their 4 “children” Chloe the princess dog, Francis the sassy cat, Melo the intellect cat, and our new addition Dexter the puppy pleaser. Cooking and baking is another strong suite of hers. She loves to try new recipes especially those with a healthier spin to them. She loves her job because she gets to be a positive uplifting person in people’s lives. Helping others to see how great they are is what drives her to do what she does.

Certified Health Coach

I am a South Dakota State University Alumni with a B.S in Health Education and minor in Health Science. I am originally from Sioux Falls, SD and feel grateful to call Omaha my new home! My interest in health and nutrition started at a very young age, as I was always apart of sports teams growing up. I enjoyed my college years by staying involved in health clubs, competing on the track team, and being a leader on my cheer squad. I currently work as a certified personal trainer part time In addition to Profile because I am passionate about piecing together nutrition and activity in order to create a lasting lifestyle change!

Certified Health Coach

Victor is a coach at Profile because he loves helping others understand that they can achieve their health and wellness goals. He has a passion for overall healthy living by growing up and playing sports and that helped him pursue his degree in Exercise Science from Mount Marty College. In his spare time, he loves to be hanging out with his dog and go hiking in new trails, working out in the gym, watching soccer, and jamming out to tunes. “What Profile means to me, is the opportunity to sit down with someone and discuss overall healthy lifestyle and setting goals to accomplish that.”

Certified Health Coach

I have been a Profile Coach for 2 years. My interest in nutrition sparked at a young age as I learned firsthand the way food effected my performance in sports. One of my softball coaches in college inspired me to turn that interest into a passion, and I graduated from UNL with a B.S. in dietetics. I have a wonderful husband, beautiful baby, and crazy dog who inspire me to live a healthy lifestyle daily. What I love most about being a Profile Coach is learning about an individual and being able to personalize their journey.

Certified Health Coach

I graduated from Midland University with a bachelor’s degree in Human Performance and Exercise Science. I am also certified as a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach. Profile has given me the chance to share my passion about nutrition, and hope that members will find it as interesting as I do! Building relationships with members is what I love most. When I am not at work, I enjoy being outdoors hunting and spending time on the water and enjoying time with my dogs and new baby.

Certified Health Coach

Chloe has always had a passion for staying active. She studied Exercise Science at Hastings College and played college softball as well. She has strong passions for helping people and living a healthy lifestyle. This stems from playing sports throughout her life and having that drive to push herself to the next level. She is a triplet and has a big family. She loves being around her family, hiking, weight lifting, travelling, slow-pitch, and just simply staying active. She is currently in the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Methodist College and hopes to become a PTA someday!

Cara Castro
Certified Health Coach

As a coach at Profile by Sanford, Cara looks forward to coming to work every day because of the relationships she has built with her members and her staff! It honestly feels like a family here and I couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity to come to work to people whom I can trust and count on for positive vibes. I can't say enough how thrilled I am to be a part of a company that strives for success within each individual and truly cares about the well-being and relationships of their members. I have a passion to improve and understand changed lifestyle behaviors which led me into the degree of Psychology. I obtained my personal training certification and health coach certification alongside. I will be pursuing a master's in Neuroscience starting Fall 2018 and eventually my doctorate in Clinical Neuropsychology. In my spare time, I enjoy strength training workouts, golf, and spending time with my husband, family, friends, and French Bulldog. My husband and I also love to travel any chance we can get. Profile means the coaches are observing, understanding, and listening to every aspect of an individual's life to help improve their member's health and well-being for a better changed lifestyle that is 100% sustainable. I have worked as a personal trainer and seen success within individuals but, the amount of people impacted within Profile is even greater; balancing the emotional, mental, physical activity, and nutritional aspects are all key components in changing an individual for a lifetime... and the profile coaches and staff get to be your accountability, educational tool, and shoulder to lean on throughout this journey!