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Audio Transcript: 

"For the following activity, you will need some type of food item. Some good options include a piece of protein, or a vegetable. Complete the following activity with an open mind. Create a safe space to explore your awareness as you practice a mindful eating activity. 

Step 1. Pick up your food item, but don't do anything with it yet. 
Step 2. Place it in the palm of your hand and notice the colors and shapes of the food. Feel the weight of it in your hand.
Step 3. Look at the texture of the food item. Describe the texture.
Step 4. Smell the food item. Not any particular smells. 
Step 5. Now slowly take a small bite of the food item, but do not chew it or swallow it. 
Step 6. Notice the feeling and taste of the food in your mouth. How does it feel? Notice the taste and sensations of the food on your tongue. Move it around in your mouth and begin to chew. 
Step 7. Try to notice the moment where you feel like you want to swallow. Slowly swallow the food, focusing on the sensations. Notice any lingering tastes or sensations. 
Step 8. How did that food taste? Describe. Rate your enjoyment of the bite. 
Step 9. Ask yourself, 'Would I like another bite or am I satisfied?'
Step 10. Now take another bite of the food. Place it in your mouth. Repeat these steps on your own."