Member Stories

  • Jason Bailey
    Jason’s Story: Powering His Weight Loss With Genetics
    Jason Bailey is an educator by trade, so it’s no surprise that he wanted his health journey to ...
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  • LuAnn and Daniel’s Moen
    LuAnn and Daniel’s Journey: Losing Weight Side by Side
    LuAnn Moen keeps a treadmill in front of her TV. “I watch the news while I’m on it,” said LuAnn, ...
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  • Nikki Milburn
    Nikki’s Journey: Losing Weight and Gaining A Career
    Nikki Milburn’s health journey is just getting started. She achieved weight loss and found a passion ...
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  • Elena Rodriguez
    Elena’s Journey: From Skeptic To Supporter
    Elena Rodriguez was so skeptical that Profile could help her reclaim her health that she refused to ...
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  • Dawn Waack
    Dawn’s Journey: A Nurse, A Farmer, A Cancer Survivor
    Dawn’s Journey: A Nurse, A Farmer, A Cancer Survivor Dawn Waack has battled breast cancer for so ...
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  • Sarah Frederick
    Sarah’s Journey: Bettering Herself and Beating Breast Cancer
    When Sarah Frederick was diagnosed with breast cancer at 35, her perspective on life shifted ...
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