Member Stories

  • Amy
    Amy’s Journey: A Transformed Life Because of One Phone Call
    Make the call. It’s an act so simple, so easy, yet Amy Kester knows firsthand it’s easier said than ...
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  • Renee & Michelle
    Renee and Michelle’s Journey: The Key to Each Other’s Success
    It’s easier with a friend by your side. That’s the sentiment shared by Renee Maiz and Michelle ...
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  • Three Members
    Anything’s Possible: Three Members That Prove It!
    These Profile by Sanford members say they have counted many victories—big and small—as they walked ...
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  • Pam Wrucke
    The Wrucke Family’s Journey: In It Together
    Pam Wrucke dreams of food … in a good way. She envisions a day when she is creating healthy meals ...
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  • Sam and Darcy
    Sam and Darcy’s Journey: Battling Together In Sickness and In Health
    For Sam and Darcy Ross, “in sickness and in health” is more than a traditional vow. From a battle ...
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  • Nick and Kara
    Nick and Kara’s Journey: Supporting Each Other Through Weight Loss
    While spending time with high school friends, Kara Skarphol realized something. “We got all dolled ...
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