Member Stories

  • Sarah Frederick
    Sarah’s Journey: Bettering Herself and Beating Breast Cancer
    When Sarah Frederick was diagnosed with breast cancer at 35, her perspective on life shifted ...
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  • Jennie Hoefer
    Jennie’s Journey: A Different Direction, A New Life
    After years of struggling with her weight, Jennie Hoefer’s life has changed considerably. “I ...
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  • Jocelyn Crist
    Jocelyn’s Journey: From Tragedy to Advocacy
    When Jocelyn Crist lost a close friend to diabetes, it was a sobering reminder of life’s fragility. ...
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  • Marcia Jackson
    Marcia’s Story: Success Can Happen Anywhere
    It’s something Marcia Jackson can attest to – Profile by Sanford is ready to help, no matter where ...
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  • Michael Gallion
    Michael’s Journey: A Father, An Example, An Advocate
    Michael Gallion used to suffer from the mid-afternoon crash. Overweight and working busy, long days ...
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  • Chelsea DeBoer
    Chelsea’s Story: Living Her Best Life
    It’s a little nerve-wracking to see yourself on TV, especially when it’s on a regular show with a ...
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