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Certified Profile Coach

Growing up, I didn't have a consistent eating schedule or know what healthy, balanced eating really looked like. I figured food was food and it was that simple. I played sports, ran around a lot and ate anything I wanted all while remaining fit. Come my junior year of college I had halted all sports but kept my eating habits which resulted in a 50 lb weight gain and me wondering "how the heck did this happen?" I changed my major to Health and Wellness studies, got a coach myself, became consistent and realized that I wasn't alone in the world of "how?" So, my how became my why, and my why became my passion. I love being able to encourage and watch people truly unfold and become the greatest version of themselves. Change is not often linear and we all need that extra push through those bumps in the road.

Hobbies: Powerlifting, my dogs and gardening are my top three and are easily incorporated into my life every single day!

Favorite Crayon Color: If I were a crayon I'd be grey just because it's my favorite color. Groutfits (grey outfits), grey walls, grey bedding. All different shades!

Favorite TV Show: I have to go all the way back to the 90's cartoons. Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, Wild Thornberries, and Rugrats.

Jace, Certified Profile CoachJace
Certified Profile Coach

As a kid I watched my parents try every diet in the books, losing weight and then gaining it all back. It wasn’t until college that I started to really look into my dietary choices and make long-term, sustained changes. At this time, I switched majors to Health Promotion and Wellness and started my own weight loss journey, starting at 308 pounds and coming down into the 230’s! Being able to help others reach their goals, creating sustainable behaviors, and healthy relationships with food are why I wanted to become a health coach. Using science backed, doctor and dietician created programs and foods are what drew me to Profile.

Interests/Hobbies: Strength training, anything outdoors, anything nerdy!

Guilty pleasure: Taco Bell and Disney/Pixar movies...preferably at the same time

Favorite TV shows: Parks and Rec, The Office, Letterkenny, Futurama, and a bunch more


Certified Profile Coach

I became a coach so I could help motivate and coach clients to feel confident in their weight loss/ health journey. I hope to make a positive impact on each client I interact with, ultimately helping them to reach their goals and live the best life possible. Having gone through my own weight loss journey in high school (and still to this day), I understand the obstacles and motivation it takes. With a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, my passion for nutrition and cooking food will help me to provide the support needed through your health journey and beyond.

Favorite Hobbies: I enjoy skiing, cooking, hiking, volleyball, traveling, spending time with my sisters, and HIIT / strength training.

Favorite Crayon Color: Sunset Orange is my favorite crayon color because I LOVE a good sunset/ morning sunrise!

Favorite TV Shows: Scandal, You, How to Get Away With Murder, Dexter, While Collar