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Certified Profile Coach

While working as a Clinical Research Coordinator, I realized that a lot of the patients would have greatly benefited from preventative care. I wanted to be on the front lines of helping people with healthy lifestyle choices. I went back to UW-Stevens Point to earn my Masters certification in Health & Wellness Coaching and my Worksite Wellness certification from the National Wellness Institute. Wellness Coaching is all about helping people one relationship at a time and Profile by Sanford lives by this motto. The morals and research of Profile attracted me to this company. My path in life is to help others overcome wellness challenges. Profile gives me the medically accredited tools and plans to help members through some of the biggest struggles of their lives while also helping them learn how to never go back.

Hobbies: Ice hockey, bird watching, camping, fishing, canoeing, anything outdoors!

Guilty Pleasure: Deep fried ice cream or filet mignon (not mixed together though)

Favorite Crayon Color: Bluebird Blue

Certified Profile Coach

Growing up, I didn't have a consistent eating schedule or know what healthy, balanced eating really looked like. I figured food was food and it was that simple. I played sports, ran around a lot and ate anything I wanted all while remaining fit. Come my junior year of college I had halted all sports but kept my eating habits which resulted in a 50 lb weight gain and me wondering "how the heck did this happen?" I changed my major to Health and Wellness studies, got a coach myself, became consistent and realized that I wasn't alone in the world of "how?" So, my how became my why, and my why became my passion. I love being able to encourage and watch people truly unfold and become the greatest version of themselves. Change is not often linear and we all need that extra push through those bumps in the road.

Hobbies: Powerlifting, my dogs and gardening are my top three and are easily incorporated into my life every single day!

Favorite Crayon Color: If I were a crayon I'd be grey just because it's my favorite color. Groutfits (grey outfits), grey walls, grey bedding. All different shades!

Favorite TV Show: I have to go all the way back to the 90's cartoons. Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, Wild Thornberries, and Rugrats.

Certified Profile Coach

I was working as a nutritionist in a hospital and the thing I enjoyed most about it was educating and interacting with patients. It was great to see people change their lives with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The thing is, in a hospital, if the people take your advice, you typically don't see them back again! I was longing for a career that would let me connect with people and provide greater support in their journey to good health. Coaching with Profile has been an excellent place to make those connections and help and encourage members in their journey.

Interests/Hobbies: Yoga, hiking, camping, traveling, holistic health and the beach

Favorite TV Show: The x-files & three's company (an odd combo, I know)

Dream Job: I'd be a DJ because I love music and they always look like they're happy and having fun.​​​

Certified Profile Coach

I'm a proud employee of Profile and also a happy member! Joining Profile was my "hail-mary" in my "sport" of dieting. I have always struggled to manage my weight - but I could usually keep things under control and lose weight when needed through diet and exercise. Then - sigh - age started playing tricks on me! Though I was eating and exercising the same as always, I started gaining weight - and gaining more weight - it was very upsetting. Nothing worked, and I tried just about every type of diet - not kidding. I was in new territory and I was shocked. I had just about given up, when I discovered the Profile Plan and warily gave it a try. I followed the plan, and between the weekly coaching sessions and the Profile food options - it really did the trick. I am currently at my goal weight and maintaining into my second year. I am delighted to be part of the great staff that helped me - and excited to see others reach their goals.

Hobbies: Playing tennis, playing the guitar, dancing Salsa with my hubby and walking our dog Coco

Favorite Movies: Shirley Valentine & Arsenic and Old Lace

Favorite TV Show: 70's Disco - and anything my daughter sings 🙂